Are Laptop Chargers Universal? (Explained)

Yes, there are few laptop chargers available in the market that are universal.

The Universal Laptop Charger allows you to charge laptops without worrying about port compatibility. However, not all universal laptop chargers will charge your laptop.

Are Laptop Chargers Universal

What is a Universal Laptop Charger?

A universal laptop charger is an electronic device that can charge several different brands and models of laptops at the same time. Depending on the battery size and capacity, some of these laptops may charge at varying speeds.

A universal laptop charger typically contains numerous DC plugs and connector pins, allowing it to be compatible with other laptops. There are numerous types of universal chargers available on the market. However, not all of them will work with your laptop.

Some chargers are compact in size and shape, while others are heavy and may not be suitable for you. Also, the fact that they are heavy does not imply that they are bad; rather, they are preferred for powerful gaming laptops. They have a heavyweight structure to provide more power output.

Lightweight universal laptop chargers, on the other hand, are perfect for compact laptops and are primarily and exclusively designed for notebooks and business laptops.

Can We Use a Universal Charger to Charge the Laptop?

Yes, you may charge your laptop with a universal charger. However, you should use take precautions when doing so.

The voltage rating is the main reason why it is not recommended to use a universal charger.

The voltage rating indicates the amount of energy delivered from the power source to your laptop’s battery. If your universal charger does not have the power to handle the voltage rating, it may cause damage to your laptop.

You should also make sure that the voltage rating on your universal charger matches the type of battery used by your laptop. You can check the power rating under the battery or inside the battery compartment to determine what type of battery is inside, and then check the label or packaging of your universal charger to see what voltage rating it has.

If those two digits match, you’re good to go. If they don’t match, you should probably use a conventional charger for the time being until you can find one that does match both numbers.

How to Choose the Right Universal Charger for your Laptop?

While a universal charger is not recommended for powering a laptop, if it meets the power requirements of your laptop, you can use it.

Here’s how to find the best universal charger for your laptop and charge it safely. The following are some crucial considerations to consider when purchasing a Universal Charger for your laptop:

Power Output

You have to ensure that the universal charger has the same power output as your laptop charger. Most laptops come with an AC charger with varying power output. You have to ensure that you get the universal charger with the same output.

Charging Port

Another significant consideration when selecting a universal charger is the port type. Most chargers offer either USB or AC charging ports, but not both; if you have to want to charge your laptop with a universal charger, make sure the charger is compatible with your laptop’s port.


In general, look at the wattage rating of your universal charger to ensure that it is compatible with your laptop. Try to use specific wattage charger that must be supported with the laptop. Higher or lower wattage charger damage laptop battery and entire system also.

Do All Laptops Use the Same Universal Chargers?

No, not all laptops use the same universal charger. The watt output of a charger decides whether it is compatible with your laptop. Your laptop’s watt output should match that of the charger, or you risk damaging your machine and/or battery.

If you’re curious about your laptop’s watt output, it’s usually listed on the charger or in the user manual.

The Special Thing About Universal Charger

Universal laptop chargers are especially useful for persons who have many laptops that support same watts, such as those who work in an office.

It can be tough to keep track of all of the numerous chargers required by each laptop, and they frequently become lost or misplaced over time.

The universal charger solves this problem by providing a single charging station and eliminating the need to worry about compatibility concerns or losing chargers behind documents on your desk.

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