Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190 – Which One is Best?

Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190 – How to Choose the Best Modem?

Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190

Choosing a cable modem is getting more profitable every day as you can easily save hundreds of dollars every month with a single investment. Buying a modem for long term benefits is great, so here’s a comparison between the Motorola MB7621 and Arris SB6190 cable modem to help you choose between the two.

We compared them based on speed, performance and connectivity options, so stay tuned and read the guide below.

Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190 – Comparison Table:

Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190
Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190
Ethernet TypeGigabyteGigabyte
ChipsetBroadcomIntel Puma
Speed900 Mbps800 Mbps
Transmission TechnologyCableCable
Built-In RouterNoNo
Wi-Fi LimitNoNo
ISPTime Warner Cable, Xfinity, Charter, Spectrum, CosCox, Spectrum, Xfinity, etc.
Gigabyte Ports11
WAN Ports11
Telephone PortsNoNo
UseVideo gaming, streamingVideo gaming, streaming
HD StreamingYesYes
DOCSIS Version33
ProtocolIPv4, IPv6IPv4, IPv6
Channels24 x Downstream, 8 x Upstream32 x Downstream, 8 x Upstream
Digital TunerYesNot Specified
RAM128 MBNo (Passthrough/ Bridge Modem)
Flash16Not Specified
LED IndicatorYesYes
Reset ButtonYesYes
Front LEDsPower, Downstream, Upstream, Upstream and LANPower, Receive, Send, online
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Supported DeviceDesktopDesktop
Environment FriendlyYesYes
In BoxModem, Manual, Warranty card, Power Adaptor, Coax Wrench, Ethernet Cable, VelcroModem, Power Supply, Ethernet Cable, License & Warranty, Quick Start Guide
Weight1.12 ounces1.00 lbs
Dimensions (Inches)7.25 x 2.25 x 7.887.15 x 4.5 x 6.11
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Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190 – What’s the same?

ISP Compatibility

The first thing we compare in Motorola MB7621 and Arris SB6190 is ISP compatibility with different networks. The results are very similar as both devices support major ISPs in the US to make the switching process as easy as possible. Some smaller networks like ATT, Verizon, Century Link, DSL, or Fiber ISPs are not supported by either device, which you should consider before buying.


Both devices are packed with impressive security to keep your home network safe from malicious websites and someone trying to steal your data online. Hackers cannot take control because the modem has a suitable surveillance system and the latest IPv6 settings that prevent data loss and help in the detection of intruders on the network.

DOCSIS Protocols

Each device is equipped with the DOCSIS 3.0 protocol so you can get even more speed with a coaxial cable from your ISP plugged into the back of the modem. This version of DOCSIS is used by most other routers to provide a more stable and efficient connection across your home network.


This device can be connected to almost any type of router for quick and easy setup that requires no technical assistance in connection. For high-speed Internet, you can establish an Ethernet connection in seconds by connecting your ISP’s phone line to a modem to start sending and receiving signals instantly.

Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190 – What’s so different?


Motorola wins the speed comparison between the Motorola MB7621 and Arris SB6190 as it delivers 100Mbps more speed than other modems. With the first modem, you will be able to play heavier games and stream online without delay as there will be fewer latency changes on your internet.


Motorola comes with a Broadcom chipset while the Arris is equipped with an Intel Puma processor to manage all your cable ISP networks with ease. One thing to remember is that people have found many problems with firmware updates and latencies on Intel, making the Motorola cable modem a better choice for most people.


The upstream and downstream channels come with slight deviations in the Motorola MB7621 and Arris SB6190 cable modems. The Arris SB6190 offers 32 channels in the chain while the Motorola only offers 24, which is decent too. So, downloading content on Arris will be faster because of the top-tear package that comes built into the device.

Design & Build

Motorola has a sleek and elegant design that you can keep at home without worrying about aesthetics. The device is greyed out and offers four LED displays to check all settings at a glance. Arris comes with a black case that doesn’t look too fancy, but it’s not too ugly. Arris also has LED indicators that show important settings on the front of the modem with air vents on the side to help keep the device cool.


Power supply units are available for both devices in the modem’s power box. The Motorola uses 19V mains while the Arris only uses 12V with the adapter, which has made it more efficient over the years. The performance difference isn’t that big as both devices attempt to manage the connection with the ISP without adding to your utility bill.

Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190 – Pros & Cons

Motorola MB7621
Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190
Arris SB6190
Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190
● Support most cable operators
● Fast and reliable internet speed
● Overall secure service
● Makes no noise
● Better chipset
● Offer quick and easy connections
● 32 Downstream channels
● More power-efficient
● Does not heat
● Supports most of the routers
● Consume more power
● Offers fewer channels
● Firmware issues in past
● Less speed
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Motorola MB7621 vs Arris SB6190 – Which one’s the best?

After comparing Motorola MB7621 and Arris SB6190, the first device is better in more than one way. Motorola may use more power, but the modem will give you faster speeds and a more secure connection so you can surf the Internet without worries. The device also makes no noise during operation to keep the work area undisturbed with a better chipset which will cause fewer problems over time.

General FAQs

Q. Does it support MAC filtering?

Yes, MAC filtering is built into the device, so you don’t need to configure anything.

Q. How do I use Verizon Gigabytes?

Each of the above devices will only work with wired ISPs, so ATT, Verizon, Century Link, and others are not supported.

Q. Does the modem support Wi-Fi 6?

The modem doesn’t have Wi-Fi, but you can connect to a Wi-Fi 6 router for the fastest speeds.

Q. Does this work with TV?

As long as the TV-Box supports DOCSIS 3.0, you shouldn’t have any problems connecting it.


Choose Motorola MB7621 for your next modem, because the device comes with a more reliable company and better hardware and connection options. Motorola also provides you with a two-year warranty that covers all defects so that the device can be replaced if a problem arises. The internet also runs nice and fast on MB7621 to always keep you connected to the online world.

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