AO Smith Z9 vs Kent Grand Plus – Which One is Best?

AO Smith Z9 vs Kent Grand Plus – How to Choose the Best?

AO Smith Z9 vs KENT Grand Plus

Usually, people do not know how to compare two water purifiers and choose the best device according to their daily needs. The AO Smith Z9 and Kent Grand Plus are great devices, but which one is the best?

To help you out, we’ve put together this detailed guide that covers both devices from head to toe so you can make a better choice. There is also a summary below to help you find the answer right away. So, here’s what you need to know:

AO Smith Z9 vs Kent Grand Plus – Comparison Table:

ProductAO Smith Z9
AO Smith Z9 vs KENT Grand Plus
Kent Grand Plus
AO Smith Z9 vs KENT Grand Plus
TypeElectric Water PurifierElectric Water Purifier
BrandAO SmithKent
ColourWhite & BlackWhite
MaterialABS PlasticABS Plastic
Capacity9.8 Liters9 Liters
SafetyFood-safe & Non-toxicFood-safe & Non-toxic
Duty CycleNot Specified100 Liters/Day
MountingWall Mount / Table Wall Mount / Table 
Purification Rate15 Liters/hour20 Liters/hour
Purification TechnologyRO + SCMTRO + UV
Pump TypeDiaphragm PumpBooster Pump
Membrane TypeRORO
Input Voltage150-300 V, 50 Hz100-250 V, 50-60 Hz
Power60 W60 W
Pressure Rating7-30 psi4.3-42.7 psi
Pump Voltage24 VNot Specified
UV LampNoYes
Hot WaterYesNo
Night AssistYesNo
Auto FillYesYes
Overflow ProtectionYesYes
Child LockYesNo
Water Dispensing TypeTouchManual Tap
Removable Drip TrayYesNot Applicable
Filter CartridgesPre-Filter, Sediment, Carbon Block, and Post CarbonSediment, Carbon Block, UF, and Post Carbon
Weight10.8 Kg8.4 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions (HxDxW)482x369x326 mm540x400x230 mm
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AO Smith Z9 vs Kent Grand Plus – What’s the same?

Type & Material

Although the two water purifiers are from different brands, they are driven by electricity powered motors and not for gravity like some brands on the market. Both devices are made of food-grade ABS plastic to save your drinking water later or store for a long time.

Power & Warranty

Surprisingly, both devices consume a total of 60 watts of power, helping you to keep your electricity bill as low as possible. They also have a one-year warranty on each brand, covering filters and membranes to protect you from product defects.

Auto Fill & Overflow Protection

Both filters help users conserve water with an overflow protection system that stops the water flow when the water tank is full. You also get an auto-refill feature to start the water purifier when the tank is low on water to keep it full, which you can drink at any time.

AO Smith Z9 vs Kent Grand Plus – What’s so different?


The AO Smith water purifier is a better design that looks great with the black and white colour combination paired with a blue and green pattern. The Kent has a simple and minimalistic design with a transparent top and a white storage tank underneath.


When comparing the capacity of the AO Smith Z9 and Kent Grand Plus, we found that the two devices have different capacities of water tanks. The AO Smith Z9 has 0.8 litres more space in the water tank to store more water each time the device is turned on.

Heater & Display

The AO Smith Z9 water purifier comes with a heating coil that gives you instant hot water at the touch of a button in the digital display. The Z9’s digital display also shows the current water temperature and has a touch surface that you can use to manage the device settings. Kent is available with a simple tap only, no display or heating coil.


Each device has a unique purification technology that helps you purify water with high precision but Kent is faster. AO Smith uses RO and SCMT systems to purify water in 8 different states at the micro-level. And the Kent Grand Plus uses an RO and UV system that also removes viruses, bacteria and other contaminants from the water.

Night Assist & Drip Tray

The night assist feature of the water purifier was launched by AO Smith to help you find your device at night with an all-time glowing LED. In addition, a drain tray is attached to the bottom of the water purifier to help you clean it properly, which you can remove from the frame during maintenance.


Pre-filters are only available with the AO Smith Z9, which helps you remove large particles to extend the life of other filters and reduce filter replacement costs. Similarly, UF filters are only available from the Kent Grand Plus, which specializes in cleaning dirty water from germs and making it more drinkable.

Pressure Range

The Kent Grand Plus pressure range is higher than the AO Smith Z9 water purifier. This makes the Kent more suitable for tall buildings as it will be able to handle more pressure from water tanks placed on top of high rises.

Water Dispenser

In all Kent water purifiers, you get a small tap to dispense water from the tank but the AO Smith Z9 comes with a special faucet. AO Smith gives you two water dispensers, one for hot water and one for cold water. Unlike regular faucets, they work by pressing a button on the screen where you can choose between hot and cold settings.

AO Smith Z9 vs Kent Grand Plus – Pros & Cons

AO Smith Z9
AO Smith Z9 vs KENT Grand Plus
Kent Grand Plus
AO Smith Z9 vs KENT Grand Plus
● Almost, 10 litres of capacity
● Night Light & Child Lock
● Removable Drip Tray
● Touch controls
● Instant hot water
● Purifies more water
● UV Lamp for micro-filtration
● High duty cycle
● Energy-efficient design
● Overflow protection
● Heavier in weight
● Expensive than other
● Less capacity
● No display
● No water heating system
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AO Smith Z9 vs Kent Grand Plus – Which one’s the best?

The AO Smith Z9 is certainly the best of the two water purifiers. It not only has a better design but is also equipped with a heating coil to provide hot water in the winter season. The device also has a digital display, touch screen, night light, child lock, and many other things at a slightly higher price, making it work for every user looking to buy branded water purifiers in India.

General FAQs

Q. How long does it take to get a full tank?

After filling the tank for the first time, the water purifier automatically regulates the flow of water so you will never find an empty tank at home.

Q. Can I use groundwater?

Yes, ground, tap and water from any source can be filtered by both devices without leaving any contaminants behind.

Q. Is there no taste?

No, both purifiers preserve the taste of water by adding salt to its pure natural flavour.

Q. Can I do the installation myself?

Air purifiers come in several parts and you will need expert help to get the installation right.

Q. Is TDS 700 suitable for water purifiers?

Yes, both of these water purifiers can filter TDS 700 water, but will surely shorten the life of your filter.

Q. Do I get a free installation?

The AO Smith Z9 comes with free installation, but Kent users will need to hire a professional to install the device at home.


After comparing the AO Smith Z9 with the Kent Grand Plus water purifier, we have a clear winner. If you’re on a flexible budget, the AO Smith Z9 is a great water purifier with some of the most advanced features to help you protect yourself from contaminants mixed with tap water and enjoy a comfortable life in your home.

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