Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus – Which One is Best?

Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus – How to Choose the Best One?

Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus

To get clean water at home, people need a good water purifier, which is installed in the kitchen to providing a constant source of water without impurities. Eureka Forbes is a large company well known in the Indian market for manufacturing efficient and high-quality water purifiers.

Aquaguard Amaze and Smart Plus come from the same brand with almost the same characteristics, making the decision difficult for an average buyer. Luckily, we’ve created this comparison guide to tackle any of your problems. So, here’s what we found…

Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus – Comparison Table:

ProductAquaguard Amaze
Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus
Aquaguard Smart Plus
Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus
Generic NameWater PurifierWater Purifier
TypeElectrical & StorageElectrical & Storage
Capacity7 Liters6 Liters
MaterialABS PlasticABS Plastic
SafetyFood GradeFood Grade
Filtration TechnologyRO + UV + MTDSRO + UV + MTDS
Filtration15-36 LPHNot Specified
Filter Life6000 Liters6000 Liters
Power Consumption40 W45 W
Operating Voltage230±10 V150-270 V
Auto StartYesYes
Auto Shut-OffYesYes
Overflow ProtectionYesYes
Purification Stages56
Purification ModulesSediment Filter, Chemi Block, RO Membrane, UV Disinfection Chamber, Post CarbonI-Filter, Chemi Block, Membrane Life Enhancer, RO Cartridge Filtration, Taste Enhancer Cartridge, and UV Disinfection Chamber
Membrane TypeThin Film CompositeThin Film Composite
TDS2000 mg/l2000 mg/l
Input Water Temperature10-40°C10-40°C
InstallationWall Mount / Table TopWall Mount / Table Top
Indicator TypeLEDLED
Source of WaterMultiple SourcesMultiple Sources
Weight5.9 Kg5.6 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
In BoxWater Purifier, Installation Kit, User ManualWater Purifier, Installation Kit, User Manual
Dimension300x238x430 mm460x318x205 mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus – What’s the same?

Type & Use

Although the two Aquaguard Amaze and Smart Plus have different names, they have the same task, namely cleaning dirty water. Both devices are electric to filter your water very quickly, so you don’t have to weigh in for a long time just to drink clean and safe water at home. Anyone who cares about their health can use this device to minimize future problems that spread from drinking unfiltered water.

Material & Warranty

Both Eureka Forbes water purifiers are made of food-grade plastic that doesn’t mix with water to keep you healthy and strong. The ABS plastic used in this water purifier is also very strong and lasts in your home for decades with minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Auto Start, Off & Overflow

Each water filter comes with these three advanced features to make your life more comfortable by managing all tasks independently. If the water drops below a certain level, the automatic start is turned on and the tank is filled so you never run out of clean drinking water. The auto-off function closes the circuit when the water tank is full, so no water by an overflow problem.

Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus – What’s so different?


Although the Aquaguard Amaze and Smart Plus have the same brand, the designs are very different from each other. The Amaze water purifier has an improved design that is all black but looks more ergonomic than any modern kitchen gadget. The Smart Plus may not have the best design, but people prefer it for its simple frame and easy setup.


Aquaguard Amaze is available with a capacity of 7 litres while other devices only have 6 litres of water-storing tank at bottom of the purifier. So people who need more capacity to satisfy a large family can choose the first device and not suffer from any shortage in the future.


The Amaze water purifier is significantly more efficient than the Smart plus, as the copper motor in this model uses only 40 watts of average power, while other devices use 5 watts more. This may seem like a small difference in power, but over time you can save a lot of money on electricity, especially in a country like India where electricity costs are getting higher and higher every day.


Aquaguard Smart Plus is available with 6 Purification levels, while Amaze only has 5 in total. Keep in mind that more steps don’t necessarily mean more purification, as both devices have the same limits on destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful contaminants from the water.


Both water purifiers are equipped with different types of membranes to remove contaminants from water using their unique processes. Both types of membranes are capable of removing micropollutants from water, but RO is mainly used in the filter industry, which makes the Smart Plus slightly better than the Amaze.

Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus – Pros & Cons

Aquaguard Amaze
Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus
Aquaguard Smart plus
Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus
● 7 Liters of capacity
● Long-lasting cartridges
● Compact in size
● Comes with the best frame & design
● Energy-saving more
● Free installation service
● More affordable option
● Easy to mount
● Equipped with many LED indicators
● Overflow protection
● Higher in price
● The membrane could have been better
● Uses more electricity
● Less water storing capacity
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Aquaguard Amaze vs Smart Plus – Which one’s the best?

Aquaguard Amaze is the best water purifier out of the two devices for anyone living in India who needs a good automatic water filter kit. Not only the water purifiers look good on the outside, but also come with a one-year warranty covering all defects to offer consumers the best value for the price possible. Plus, it’s lighter and easier to install with an overflow protection system that lets you never lose water.

General FAQs

Q. Is there a free installation service?

Yes, Eureka Forbes offers you free installation on both devices.

Q. Is it suitable for groundwater?

Yes, the purifiers can clean any water source in minutes.

Q. How long will it take before my water tank is full?

The water purifier filters out all the water within half an hour.

Q. Can I install it on the second floor?

Both water filters can withstand high building pressure, so you can easily install them on any floor in your home.


After comparing the Aquaguard Amaze with the Smart Plus, we can safely say that the first device is much better in many ways. Paying a small amount will get you a more economical water purifier that is lighter and can retain more water after filtration. The Amaze water filter also offers a long filter life and an impressive 5-step purification process to get the cleanest water possible in minutes.

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