Vitamix A3500 vs E320 – Which Blender is Best?

The Vitamix A3500 and E320 are two of the blenders that are the most similar to one another and offer comparable features for almost the same price.

We recommended you choose the A3500 model over E320. Here are the results.

Vitamix A3500 vs E320

Vitamix A3500 vs E320 – Which One is Better?

The Vitamix A3500 is a clear winner as it comes with all the premium features you need to smoothly blend all the toughest ingredients. The Vitamix A3500 comes with a 10-year long warranty, 5 preset modes, and runs quietly. Moreover, it has a touchscreen panel to monitor and control the unit.

Vitamix A3500 vs E320 – Comparison Table:

ModelVitamix A3500
Vitamix A3500 vs E320
Vitamix E320
Vitamix 750 vs E320
Motor2.2 HP2.2 HP 
Wattage1440 W1440 W
Pitcher Size64 Ounce64 Ounce
Blade MaterialStainless steel bladesLaser-cut stainless-steel blades
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
On/Off ToggleYesYes
Pulse ControlYesYes
Preset ModesYes, 5No
Self-Cleaning & TimerYesNo
AccessoriesMotor base, low profile container, S2 low profile tamper, and CookbookCups, Storage Lid, Blade base, Blade
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Noise ProductionQuietSlight noisy
Weight14.92 Pounds13 Pounds
Color Variants6 Colors2 Colors
Control TypeTouchscreen, Physical buttons, and dialerPhysical buttons and dialer
Noise Level84 dB98 dB
Best FeaturesTouchscreen interface, Manually fine-tune the texture of recipe, Wireless Connectivity, programmable timer, and self-detecting containersBPA-free container, Laser Cut blades, and Metal drive system
Warranty10 Years7 Years
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Vitamix A3500 vs E320 – Similarities

Motor Output

Motor output is one of the first similarities between the Vitamix A3500 and E320 that you will notice. Both blenders come with a 2.2 peak horsepower motor output which is more than enough to blend the hardest ingredients smoothly.

Power Consumption

Apart from the motor output, both the blenders also consume the same amount of power. They both consume around 1440 watts of power which is fine looking at the motor output.

Pitcher Size

When it comes to the pitcher size of these blenders, then both offer the same size pitcher, which is around 64 ounces. You will be able to blend medium food batches with ease.

Speed Settings

The speed settings of both of these blenders are almost the same as they both offer a total of 10 different speed settings. Moreover, both have a pulse function that you can use to manually fine-tune the blending.

Self-Cleaning & Programmable Timer

The best part about both of these Vitamix blenders is that they both offer self-cleaning functionality. All you need is warm water to start the self-cleaning of the blenders. Moreover, both offer timers that can be used for self-cleaning.

The Vitamix A3500 has a slight upper hand in terms of the timer, as the timer setting can be changed according to your needs and preferences. However, the E320 doesn’t have a timer customization feature, and you will get 30 and 60 seconds timer presets, which you can use in self-cleaning of the blender.

Dishwasher Safe

You don’t need to wash the Vitamix A3500 or E320 with your bare hands because they are both dishwasher-safe blenders. Instead, you can quickly clean them by putting them in a dishwasher.

Vitamix A3500 vs E320 – Difference


The Vitamix A3500 and E320 come under different lineups. The A3500 is built under the Ascent series, which is for premium segment blenders and also comes at a slightly high price. On the other hand, the E320 is a budget blender, so it comes under the Legacy lineup.

Blade Material

Considering the blade materials of A3500 and E320, there is a slight difference in the technology but no difference in performance.

The Vitamix A3500 comes with standard stainless-steel blades. While the Vitamix E320 comes with high-quality laser-cut stainless-steel blades, which are built to last longer.

Preset Modes

Apart from everything else, there is a huge difference in terms of preset modes of Vitamix A3500 Vs. E320. The Vitamix A3500 is a premium range blender. Hence it comes with a total of 5 preset modes, which allows you to prepare smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, and more.

On the other hand, the Vitamix E320 doesn’t have any type of preset mode, which is a major drawback of this blender.

Control Panel

When it comes to the control panel, then the Vitamix A3500 comes with a touchscreen panel along with physical buttons and a stylish dialer that can be used to change different settings as per your needs.

On the flip side, the Vitamix E320 comes with a regular control panel in which physical switches and a dialer are included. The Vitamix A3500 is slightly easy to use in comparison to Vitamix E320.


When it comes to the accessories department, then the E320 comes with Cups, Storage Lid, Blade base, and Blade out of the box. In contrast, the Vitamix A3500 offers a Motor base, a low profile container, an S2 low profile tamper, and Cookbook.

Noise Levels

You might be concerned about the noise level while buying a blender. The Vitamix A3500 could be a better option for you as it is quieter with 84 dB of noise levels in comparison to the 98 dB noise level of E320.


When it comes to compactness and transportation, the E320 has a slight upper hand as it weighs only 13 pounds in comparison to the 14.98 pounds Vitamix A3500.

Color Options

If color options matter to you, then the Vitamix A3500 could be a better choice as it offers 6 different colors in comparison to E320’s 2 color options.


There is a marginal difference when it comes to the warranty. The Vitamix A3500 offers a 10-year long warranty. In comparison, the E320 comes with a 7 years warranty.

Vitamix A3500 vs E320 – Pros and Cons

Vitamix A3500
Vitamix A3500 vs E320
Vitamix E320
Vitamix 750 vs E320
● 10 Years warranty
● 6 color options
● Quiet operation
● Touchscreen control
● Lightweight and compact
● Laser-cut stainless-steel blades
● Dishwasher safe
● 7 Years warranty
● Slightly heavy
● No Touchscreen
● Only 2 colors
● Noisy
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you blend baby food in these blenders?

Yes, you can easily blend baby food batches with these blenders.

Are Vitamix A3500 and E320 made in China?

No, both of these blenders are completely made in the USA.

What is the material of the container?

The container is made of BPA-free Tritan co-polyester plastic.


To sum up, the Vitamix A3500 is a better option and offers better value for money. However, it is slightly pricy in comparison to the E320. And if you cannot extend your budget, then the E320 would be a better deal for you.

The Vitamix A3500 is better because it offers a touchscreen panel, low noise levels, a 10-year-long brand warranty, and 6 color options to fit in your modern kitchen.

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