AO Smith Z8 vs X8 – Which Water Purifier is Best?

AO Smith Z8 vs X8 – How to Choose the Best One?

AO Smith Z8 vs X8

From air to water, everything is polluted these days and can seriously harm your body if you don’t take the necessary precautions. AO Smith is an American brand that sells filters and water heaters worldwide with the same goal to protect people from dirt and pollutants in water.

The AO Smith Z8 and X8 remain some of the most popular devices on the market today with great reviews. To make it easier for you to choose between these two water purifiers, we have created this detailed guide. Here are the things we found:

AO Smith Z8 vs X8 – Comparison Table:

ProductAO Smith Z8
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AO Smith X8
AO Smith Z8 vs X8
TypeElectric Water PurifierElectric Water Purifier
MaterialABS PlasticABS Plastic
SafetyFood safe & Non-Toxic MaterialFood safe & Non-Toxic Material
Capacity9.8 Liters9 Liters
Purification TechnologyRO & SCMTRO & SCMT
Total Stages88
Membrane TypeRORO
Power60 W48 W
Heating Element Wattage500 WNot Applicable
Input Voltage150-300V / 50Hz150-300V / 50Hz
Energy Rating5 Star5 Star
Night AssistYesNo
Pump TypeDiaphragmDiaphragm
Pump Power24V24V
Pressure Range7-30 PSI7-30 PSI
RecoveryUp to 55%Up to 55%
Warm Water Temperature45°CNot Applicable
Hot Water Temperature80°CNot Applicable
Emergency Cutout Temperature90°CNot Applicable
Input Water Temperature5°C to 45°C5°C to 45°C
Flow Rate15 Liters/hrs.15 Liters/hrs.
Baby SafeYesYes
Hot Water ButtonYesNo
Natural Taste with added mineralsYesYes
MountingWall + Table TopWall + Table Top
Water SourceBorewell, Tanker, or Multiple SourcesBorewell, Tanker, or Multiple Sources
Weight10.8 Kgs9.5 Kgs
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions482 x 369 x 326 mm490 x 329 x 315 mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

AO Smith Z8 vs X8 – What’s the same?

Type & Filtration

AO Smith Z8 and the X8 are electric water filters that use RO and SCMT purification technologies to make tap water or groundwater drinkable again. Both devices feature an 8-stage filter system that removes viruses, bacteria, dust, lead and other toxic particles from drinking water.


Both water filters are made of food-grade ABS plastic, which is perfectly safe to use for both adults and children. The plastic used in this filter is not water-soluble like other cheap devices on the market to keep the whole process hygienic and clean.

Pressure Range

You can install this water purifier in any home or a tall building as it is designed to adapt to pressure. Both units maintain a pressure of 7-30 PSI, so you don’t need to add any other accessories before installing the water purifier as they both have a built-in pressure control system.

AO Smith Z8 vs X8 – What’s so different?


Each AO Smith water filter has a unique design that changes everything from the outside. The AO Smith Z8 has a black finish with a silver top, while the second device has a white frame. Also, the Z8 is equipped with a significantly wider display and two water jets make the overall design look better, which the X8 simply can’t match.


There is a slight difference between the AO Smith Z8 and X8 water purifiers. The Z8 comes with a capacity of under 9.8 litres, while the X8 only offers 9 litres of water storage tank. This lets you filter and stores more water in Z8, making it better for large families who need more fresh and filtered water every day.

Power & Hot water

Although the AO Smith X8 is an older version, you get a more economical range of performance with this device. The Z8 uses more energy because it is equipped with a heating coil that constantly regulates the water temperature, increasing energy consumption.


The AO Smith X8 is 1.3 kilograms lighter than the Z8 water filter. So, installing the X8 is a lot easier because you have to lift less weight to mount it on the wall. The water filter can also be placed on the table, but we don’t recommend this unless you want to deal with water stains on furniture.

Night Assist

The Night Assistant was first launched by AO Smith, which uses a small LED light to help you drink water at night. The lights turn on automatically at night, so you don’t have to look for a light switch in the kitchen before drinking water. This night light is only available on the AO Smith Z8, so people who have a habit of getting up at night to drink water can choose this device.

AO Smith Z8 vs X8 – Pros & Cons

AO Smith Z8
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AO Smith X8
AO Smith Z8 vs X8
● Better design & build quality
● More water holding capacity
● Night light
● High water saving
● 8 Steps filtration
● Preserves minerals after filtration
● Takes less space & weighs less
● Low power consumption
● Long filter life
● Available at a higher price
● Takes more power
● No water heater
● Less capacity
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AO Smith Z8 vs X8 – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the two AO Smith water filters from head to toe, we can safely say that the Z8 is the better unit. Not only you get an impressive filtration system that removes viruses, bacteria, dirt, lead, and other harmful particles from the water, but it also keeps the temperature constant. Yes, the water filter comes with a built-in heater that keeps the water warm all the time, which makes it much better than other devices.

General FAQs

Q. What is the life of filers?

On average, filters can last 2 years.

Q. Is their overflow safety?

Yes, the water filter stops automatically when the tank is full.

Q. Is it safe for children?

Yes, both devices are safe for children to reduce hot water spills on the skin and body parts.

Q. When do filters and membranes need to be replaced?

There is a built-in indicator that tells you when to change the filter.

Q. Where can I buy filters?

You can purchase from any online retailer or the official AO Smith website.


People who need the best water heater between the AO Smith Z8 and X8 can choose the first device. The Z8 water filter looks great on the outside and can be mounted on any wall in your kitchen to save space. Plus, you get a child-safe design and a one-click water heating system making it worth the extra price.

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