Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory – Which One is the Best?

Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory – How to Choose the Best Water Purifier?

Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory

We must choose the best water purifier to remove pollutants from ordinary water and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. Aquaguard Aura and Ivory share the same brand name ‘Eureka Forbes’, but choosing between the two isn’t easy.

Luckily, we’ve done an in-depth comparison between the two water filters to help everyone make the right decision. So read on to find out which water purifier is best for your home.

Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory – Comparison Table:

ProductAquaguard Aura
Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory
Aquaguard Ivory
Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory
BrandEureka ForbesEureka Forbes
Generic NameWater PurifierWater Purifier
TypeElectric & StorageElectric & Storage
Capacity (Approx.)7 Liters7 Liters
SafetyFood SafeFood Safe
Filtration TechnologyUV + UFRO + UV
Purification Stages87
Power Consumption20 W35 W
Operating Voltage230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz
UV Lamp Power11 Watts0.65 Watts
InstallationWall mount / TabletopWall mount / Tabletop
TDS Range1-200 mg/l1-2000 mg/l
Flow Rate550-650 ml/minute200 ml/min
Input Water Pressure0.3 to 2.0 kg/cm²0.3 to 3.0 kg/cm²
Input Water Temperature10-40°C10-40°C
Input Water Chlorine (Max)0.2 mg/liters0.2 mg/liters
Input Water Iron (Max)0.3 mg/liters0.3 mg/liters
Input Water Turbidity (Max)10 NTU5 NTU
Auto StartYesYes
Overflow ProtectionYesYes
Source of WaterGround, Tap, or Multiple SourcesGround, Tap, or Multiple Sources
Weight5.3 Kg6.2 kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
In BoxWater Purifier, User Manual, Installation KitWater Purifier, User Manual, Installation Kit
Dimensions316x251x462 mm316x251x462 mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory – What’s the same?

Type & Capacity

Aquaguard Aura and Ivory are electric water purifiers with storage tanks installed in both units to keep water accessible at all times in the house. You get a capacity of seven litres in both devices as they both use the same tank of the same size. The capacity is large enough to satisfy a small to medium-sized family by continuously filling the tank automatically.

Design & Build

Except for the colour, the two devices feature the same size and design so they look the same from the outside. The materials, water taps and buttons of both devices are in the same place without any difference. Both are made of food-grade plastic which is safe for storing water and drinks.


Both water purifiers are from the same Eureka Forbes brand, which allows any user who purchases their device in India and gets free installation on all Aquaguards. All parts come to your home in small packages that you can install yourself, but waiting for a professional to install your water purifier is the best solution. You also have the option of keeping the device on a table if you can’t find the perfect place for the water purifier that can be easily attached later with a small set of accessories.

Overflow Protection

You get an auto on/off feature in both Eureka Forbes devices to help you minimize water loss by operating the device on its own. You can leave the water purifier on at any time and it will no longer consume electricity due to the auto power-off function. It saves hassle, time and money for every customer with a great built-in feature.

Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory – What’s so different?


When comparing the Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory, we found that the secondary filter of each water purifier is different. The primary filter of both water purifiers is UV, but the second filter of Aura is UF and Ivory is RO filter. The UF filter is more powerful because it can filter water at the micro-level, making the Aura a better filtering tool.


Ivory by Eureka Forbes can withstand higher water pressures, so the device can be installed in tall buildings without leakage problems. The Aura Water Purifier has a slightly lower pressure capacity, which can be problematic for people living above three floors.


Ivory has lower turbidity, which means it can filter out fewer fine particles suspended in the water, making the Aura purifier more powerful at removing things at the micro level that you can’t see with the naked eyes.

Power & Weight

Aura uses less energy so you can save electricity at the end of each month with a more efficient water filter pump. Aura’s overall weight is also lighter than the Ivory’s, simplifying the installation process on the kitchen wall mount that doesn’t require any extra help.

UV Lamp

Aura comes with an 11-watt UV lamp that can precisely remove viruses, bacteria and other contaminants from water. Ivory uses a 0.65-watt UV lamp, which is much less powerful and can greatly reduce the filtration rate.

Flow Rate

With fewer purification stages, Ivory was faster than Aura water purifier. Aura takes longer to filter the same amount of water due to the extra filter step which doubles the purification time but you get more purified water in Aura water purifier.

Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory – Pros & Cons

Aquaguard Aura
Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory
Aquaguard Ivory
Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory
● Better filtration with 8 stages
● More powerful UV lamp
● Saves water and electricity
● Easier to install
● Attractive design
● Faster in comparison
● Can handle more pressure
● High TDS control
● RO filtration unit
● Strong build quality
● Less TDS water support
● Takes more time
● Take more electricity
● Less filtration power
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Aquaguard Aura vs Ivory – Which one’s the best?

In our opinion, the Aquaguard Aura by Eureka Forbes is the better water purifier between the two devices. It gives you more filtration power with 8 stage filtration and a powerful UV lamp to remove impurities at the micro-level. Aura also saves electricity and has 7 litres of storage space that can adjust the water level independently.

General FAQs

Q. Can I change the indicators?

Yes, if you have a damaged part, you can buy the indicator online.

Q. Do we have hot water?

No, both devices only purify plain water with no heating system.

Q. Will I get a mounting bracket?

The installation kit contains everything you need to install the filter.

Q. How much does a filter replacement cost?

You will have to spend 3-4 thousand on filters.

Q. Does the purified water taste good?

Yes, the purifier leaves salt in the water to maintain the natural taste.


Not only Aquaguard Aura and Ivory water purifiers look the same but also come with features similar to each other. But everyone should choose the first water purifier because it’s safer by purifying water from any source with better technology. So, keep your family protected from germs, bacteria, lead and other pollutants present in tap water and buy the Aura water purifier today. Few Related Aquaguard Water Purifier

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