Ninja OL701 vs OL601- How to Choose the Best?

Ninja OL701 vs OL601- Which One is Best for You?

Ninja OL701 vs OL601

Buying an electric pressure cooker even from a popular brand like Ninja is still confusing for most people because they don’t know what to look for. Today we’re comparing the Ninja OL701 vs OL601 to help you make a quick decision that you won’t regret after your purchase.

We have tried to cover all the details of both devices and make personal recommendations based on facts. Here’s everything you need to know about these two devices:

Ninja OL701 vs OL601- Comparison Table:

ProductNinja OL701
Ninja OL701 vs OL601
Ninja OL601
Ninja OL701 vs OL601
Product TypeElectric Pressure CookerElectric Pressure Cooker
ColorSilver & BlackSilver & Black
MaterialStainless Steel + PlasticStainless Steel + Plastic
Total Layers33
Cooking Modes33
Auto-Stay WarmYesYes
Ceramic CoatingNonstickNonstick
Power1760 watts1760 watts
Input Voltage120 V120 V
Sous VideYesYes
Whole Chicken CapacityUp to 7 lbsUp to 7 lbs
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Air FryingYesYes
Smart ThermometerYesNo
Smart Cook SystemYesNo
Pressure Release3 TypesSingle
ControlsDial + ButtonsDial + Buttons
Slow cookingYesYes
RackDual & ReversibleDual & Reversible
Plastic TypeBPA Free & Food SafeBPA Free & Food Safe
Weight25.6 pounds25.1 pounds
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Cord Length36 inches36 inches
Dimensions (LxWxH)15.39 x 14.21 x 14.25 inches15.39 x 14.21 x 14.25 inches
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Ninja OL701 vs OL601- What’s the same?

Type & Design

Each device is an electric pressure cooker with the same external design. The entire body is available with a subtle black and silver finish, making the body easy to clean and maintain over the years. Both come with three cooking modules which you can control with the smart lid slider available at the top of the screen.

SmartLid Slider

Both the pressure cooker comes with SmartLid slider functions that help to unlock 3 different cooking modes and 14 cooking functions without changing the lid.


To keep your food juicy and dry, both devices feature Crispy-Steam technology to help retain moisture in your food and enhance the overall taste. Thanks to this technology, the device works quickly and you don’t have to wait long in the kitchen to cook food for your family and friends.

Capacity & Reversible Rack

Each automatic pressure cooker has a capacity of 8 quarts, which can easily feed a large family because all the ingredients are prepared at once. Reversible grilles are also available for both cookers, dividing the entire space into three compartments with two layers of mesh.

Functions & Programs

Surprisingly, both pressure cookers have the same number of programs and functions, which makes the cooking process easier for beginners. All functions are very easy to use and can be activated with the push of a button and depending on the food, the pressure cooker will cook everything automatically.

Power & Cord Length

With the same heating system and energy management, each device consumes a maximum power of 1760 watts, which is relatively less than other devices on the market. Plus, both pressure cookers come with a cord length of 36 inches that is more than enough to plug at any corner in your kitchen.


With dials and buttons, the Ninja OL701 and OL601 are easier to use for the average user. Every setting you have on the pressure cooker gets a dedicated button without messing up the whole display. This makes cooking, air frying, or baking ideal for people using a pressure cooker for the first time.


If we compare the overall ceramic coating on the Ninja OL701 and OL601, both are the same and made of the same material. Both devices use a non-stick coating to prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface, making the cleaning process easier for the average consumer.

Ninja OL701 vs OL601- What’s so different?


Both pressure cookers have the same exterior design, but you get different display settings in each device. The Ninja OL701 is equipped with an external temperature probe that displays the set and lives temperature inside the screen. While the second device only shows the target temperature with time on the right side of the screen making the other one better.

Foodi Smart Thermometer

As mentioned, the smart food thermometer is only available in the Ninja OL701 pressure cooker to help you monitor the live temperature. This feature will automatically turn off the pressure cooker when the food is cooked and ready to eat to make your life more comfortable by automating simple tasks.

Smart Cook System

The intelligent cooking system is the specialty of the OL701 pressure cooker and no other appliance is available with it. This feature unlocks the true benefits of pressure cooking with each program to create the perfect meal. Smart Cooking uses the lid to cook food faster while preserving the overall taste.

Pressure Release

The Ninja OL601 comes with a simple pressure relief system, while the rest of the units have a three-way upgrade. You can release pressure naturally, quickly, or with delay to keep the food warm in the pressure cooker while your whole family gets ready to eat.

Ninja OL701 vs OL601- Pros & Cons

Ninja OL701
Ninja OL701 vs OL601
Ninja OL601
Ninja OL701 vs OL601
● Capacity to feed large families
● Turns off automatically
● Multiple Features & Programs
● Premium nonstick coating
● Long cable length
● Strong build quality
● Two-level storage rack
● Multiple cooking modes
● One year of warranty
● Advance recipe book
● Higher in price
● No thermometer
● Single pressure release system
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Ninja OL701 vs OL601- Which one’s the best?

In terms of overall performance, the Ninja OL701 is the best pressure cooker of the two models. You get great features like auto-off, temperature monitoring, and smart ways to improve the taste of food. In addition, the long cable length and multiple cooking modes make this device truly the best for any customer who needs a pressure cooker to easily cook and eat healthy food at home.

General FAQs

Q. Can I remove the instant cooking pot?

Yes, instant pots and other accessories will come out.

Q. Can I deep fry?

No, but you can air fry and reduce the amount of oil and fat in the food.

Q. How much time to cook rice?

Yes, on the highest setting you can cook rice in under a minute.


After extensively comparing the Ninja OL701 vs OL601, we found that the first model is the best electric pressure cooker out there. But you also have to pay a higher price to get the premium features available in it. The Ninja OL601 can also meet your needs if you are on a lower budget but still need a high-quality pressure cooker in the market.

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