SodaStream Jet vs One Touch – Which Soda Maker is Best?

SodaStream Jet vs One Touch – How to Choose?

SodaStream Jet vs One Touch

If you enjoy the fizz of sparkling water, you should invest in a sparkling water maker for your home. There are numerous sparkling water manufacturers on the market, and guess what? They are not expensive.

SodaStream is one of the companies that produce high-quality sparkling water makers at reasonable prices. Two of their most affordable sparkling water makers are the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream One Touch. Below is a comparison of SodaStream Jet vs One Touch to help you decide which is best for you.

SodaStream Jet vs One Touch – Comparison Table:

ProductSodaStream Jet
SodaStream Jet vs One Touch
SodaStream One Touch
SodaStream Jet vs One Touch
Available ColorsBlackBlack and White
CO2 Cylinder Compatibility60 Liters60 Liters
Compatible BottlesClassic 1 Liter and Half-literSlim 1 Liter and Half-Liter
Carbonating Bottle MaterialBPA-free plasticBPA-free plastic
Bottle Connection TypeTwist and Lock Bottle InsertionSnap Lock
LED Fizz IndicatorNoYes
Electricity RequiredNoYes
Automatic CarbonationManual Pump ActionAutomatic One Touch
Product Dimensions (W x H x D)7.76 x 7.76 x 16.93 inches6 x 10.83. x 17.32 inches
Weight6.15 pounds7.05 pounds
Dishwasher SafeNoNo
What’s IncludedSodaStream Jet Machine, one reusable bottle, and 60 liters of Co2 cylinderSodaStream One Touch machine, 60 liters of CO2 cylinder, and a reusable carbonating bottle
Warranty Period2 years3 years
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

SodaStream Jet vs One Touch – Similarities

Cylinder Compatibility

The SodaStream Jet and SodaStream One Touch sparkling water maker both have the support for a CO2 cylinder. Both machines can mount 60 liters of the cylinder, which will easily last for a few months, even if you use the machine to get sparkling water frequently.

Carbonating Bottles

Both soda makers are equipped with BPA-free plastic carbonating bottles. The Carbonating Bottle is the essential part of both the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream One Touch Sparkling Water Maker. In fact, you will find that the carbonating bottles look similar in function, shape, and size.

Dishwasher Safe

When it comes to washing the bottles, then the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream One Touch sparkling water makers are not dishwasher safe, which means you will have to wash the bottles manually with your hands.


Both the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream One Touch come with basic attachments. You will not get any extra attachments out of the box except the main unit, which is the machine, a 60 liters of CO2 cylinder, and reusable bottles.

SodaStream Jet vs One Touch – Differences

Available Colors

As there are some similarities between the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream One Touch sparkling water makers, they also have a few differences. For instance, the SodaStream Jet comes only in a black color option.

If you want to have other color options, then you will have to choose the SodaStream One Touch Sparkling water maker as it comes in White as well as Black color options.

Compatible Bottles

The SodaStream Jet comes with a classic 1-liter bottle out of the box. Also, it only supports classic bottles. You can use one liter and a half-liter bottle with it.

The SodaStream One Touch supports slim bottles. And you can use only 1-liter slim bottles with it. Although the brand doesn’t mention the half-liter bottles, I think you can use that as well.

Bottle Connecting Type

The SodaStream Jet is one of the most popular sparkling water machines, but it comes with Twist locking functionality which means you need to twist the bottle in order to insert it into the machine.

The SodaStream One Touch comes with snap locking features that allow you to insert the bottle without twisting it.

LED Fizz Indicator

The most important feature that is lacking in most sparkling water makers is the LED Fizz indicator. The SodaStream Jet also doesn’t have any LED Fizz Indicator, which is another downside of this machine.

The SodaStream One Touch comes with LED Fizz Indicator, which is great to have on the machine. Also, it allows you to select from 3 levels of Fizziness, so you can adjust the flavor of sparkling water accordingly.

Electricity Requirements

This model doesn’t require electricity as it works with the manual pump action to generate sparkling water.

On the other hand, the SodaStream One Touch requires electricity to run, and you can generate sparkling water on your one Touch.


All the SodaStream machine comes with at least 2 years of warranty, and so is the case with SodaStream Jet, as it also has a 2-year warranty.

The SodaStream One Touch offers a 3-year long warranty which is a great point to buy it.

SodaStream Jet vs One Touch – Pros and Cons

SodaStream Jet
SodaStream Jet vs One Touch
SodaStream One Touch
SodaStream Jet vs One Touch
● Affordable pricing
● Lightweight design
● Classic bottle support
● Twist bottle insertion
● Select from the preferred carbonation levels
● LED Light Indicators
● Snap lock functionality
● One-touch carbonation
● Manually wash bottles
● Manual carbonation
● Average build quality
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SodaStream Jet vs One Touch – Which is Better?

The SodaStream One Touch is the best sparkling water as it comes with many benefits over the SodaStream Jet. The first thing is that it offers 2 color options, so you can choose the color according to your house look.

Next is that it comes with electricity support, which means you don’t have to manually pump the machine to get the sparkling water. On top of that, this machine comes with a 3-year-long warranty, and these are enough points to consider SodaStream One Touch over Jet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does SodaStream Sparkling water maker make any noise?

The SodaStream One Touch doesn’t make any noise, as it is electric. While the SodaStream Jet will make a little noise, as it requires manual pumping.

Can you use tap water in these sparkling water makers?

Yes, you can. You can use tap water or distilled water to make sparkling water.

Can you use these machines to carbonate juice or wine?

No, you cannot carbonate other liquids like juice or wine. These machines are only ideal for carbonating water.


All in all, both the SodaStream Sparkling water makers are great choices. If you are running a low budget, then the SodaStream Jet will be an ideal option. But if you can extend your budget, then get the One Touch.

In our recommendation, the SodaStream One Touch is a better option as it supports different levels of Fizziness. You can fizz the water up to 3 levels. Moreover, this machine is automatic and works with electricity. On top of that, it comes with an LED indicator along with a long 3 years warranty.

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