ILIFE A10S vs V8S – Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Best?

ILIFE A10S vs V8S – How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?


Here’s a comparison between ILIFE A10S and V8S. Two great automatic robot cleaners in the Indian market with great features to help you clean your home without any manual work.

We have made sure to make the review as unbiased as possible by comparing each vacuum clean based on the customer’s needs. So, here’s all you need to know:

ILIFE A10S vs V8S – Comparison Table:

ProductILIFE A10S
Generic NameRobot Vacuum CleanerRobot Vacuum Cleaner
Body MaterialAluminumABS Plastic
NavigationLaser & GyroGyro
Charging ModeAuto / ManualAuto / Manual
Dustbin Capacity0.45 L0.75 L
Water Tank Capacity0.3 L0.3 L
Battery TypeLi-ionLi-ion
Battery Size3200 mAh2600 mAh
Input Voltage14.4-14.8 V14.4-14.8 V
Power ConsumptionsNot Specified22 Watts
Cleaning ModesAuto/ Edge/ Spot/ Max ModeClassic/ Spot/ Edge/ Daily Schedule
Charging Time380 Min.300 Min.
Cleaning Time100 Min.80 Min.
Display TypeNALCD
OperationsRemote Control + AppRemote Control
Mopping ClothYesYes
Mopping PadYesYes
Dry CleanerYesYes
Wet CleaningYesYes
Schedule CleaningYesYes
Side BrushesYesNo
Brush Frequency100-240 rpmNA
Storage Temp.-10 to 40 °C-10 to 40 °C
Max Noise Level70 dB70 dB
SurfacesWood, Carpet, Floor, etc.Wood, Carpet, Floor, etc.
Weight2.65 kg2.7 kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Diameter330 mm330 mm
Height95 mm80 mm
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ILIFE A10S vs V8S – What’s the same?

Type & Use

The ILIFE A10S and V8S are automatic vacuum cleaners that work around the clock to give you a clean home every day. You can use them on wood, carpet, and floor that is not too rough to clean every spot and corner without taking any time.

Charging Mode

The vacuum cleaner charges itself to always stay powered up when it’s time to clean in your house. They also have manual charging options, so if you have not used the cleaner for a long time and the battery is completely drained out, the device gives you an option to change it.

ILIFE A10S vs V8S – What’s so different?

Design & Build

The ILIFE V8S comes with a better design that is white in color with a black side panel that looks perfect with each other. The ILIFE A10S only comes with a black color option that looks more basic without any accents. One benefit of choosing ILIFE A10S is the Aluminum build that is sure to last long over a plastic body like a V8S vacuum cleaner. 


You can control all the cleaning operations on ILIFE A10S with a remote or a supported app that gives you maximum settings to choose from and really customize the way your robot cleaner cleans. The ILIFE V8S does not have this luxury because it only gives you a remote-control option and not an integrated app.

Display & Cleaning Mode

On ILIFE A10S you get a dedicated LCD display that gives live feedback to the cleaning process and makes the controls very easy to manage. There are also different cleaning modes available on both vacuum cleaners but the ILIFE A10S gets a bit further with max cleaning mode by running all processes at once automatically.


ILIFE A10S comes with better navigation options because the vacuum cleaner uses laser and gyroscope sensors to find the way around your house and never miss a spot while cleaning. The ILIFE V8S only gives you gyroscope sensors making the vacuum cleaner less effective than the other.

Cleaning & Charging Time

Again, cleaning time on ILIFE V8S is much faster because it covers less area while the ILIFE A10S cleaning time exceeds longer by a little margin. Charging time is also greater on ILIFE A10S as it uses a bigger battery to manage all those extra features.

Side Brush

Side brushes are exclusive features of ILIFE A10S because the other device does not come with this feature. This makes ILIFE A10S better at cleaning corners and lower walls, overall improving the whole process for every home out there using a robot vacuum cleaner for daily work. 


The ILIFE A10S offers you a lot more capacity. The capacity of the water tank is the same for both devices, while the capacity of the waste container is different. You get more space on the A10S vacuum cleaner to store more dust and small particles without having to empty the tank again and again after a few cleans.

ILIFE A10S vs V8S – Pros & Cons

● Powerful suction
● Cleans multiple floors
● Wet and dry mopping
● Long-lasting battery life
● Better at avoiding obstacles
● Better overall design
● Light & portable in size.
● One year warranty
● Works with any surface
● LCD display for easy navigation
● More charging & cleaning time
● No display
● No laser sensor & app support
● Low battery life
● No side brushes
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ILIFE A10S vs V8S – Which one’s the best?

The ILIFE A10S is the undisputed winner between the two devices. You not only have a robust design, but also a smart cleaning system to keep our home healthy and safe to live in. It also offers high capacity, one-click programs, and built-in app control to manage everything with great accuracy.

General FAQs

Q. Does it make loud sounds?

No, the vacuum cleaners are fairly quiet.

Q. Can I get a demo?

Yes, buyers can get a free demo from ILIFE.

Q. Does it remove pet hairs?

ILIFE vacuum cleaner can remove pet and human hairs with ease.

Q. Can I clean carpets?

Yes, you can clean carpets with both vacuum cleaners.


People who need the best of the best automatic vacuum cleaners in the market can choose the ILIFE A10S. The device offers some of the most powerful features for cleaning like side brushes, smart navigation, and strong suction to remove dust and debris for your home with very little work.

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