Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa – Which Espresso Machine is Best?

Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa – How to Choose the Best?

Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa

Morphy Richards is a brand known as the best coffee maker in India with fast and attractive features that consumers want with the growing popularity of coffee. Today we compare the Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa to see which one suits you best.

We analyze brewing speed, convenience, energy consumption, cup size, and many other characteristics before making a decision. So here are the results:

Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa – Comparison Table:

ProductMorphy Richards Fresco
Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa
Morphy Richards Europa
Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa
TypeFilter Coffee Maker Espresso Maker
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Filter TypeStainless SteelPermanent Stainless Steel
Removable FilterNoNo
Power Input230V230V
Power Consumption800W800W
Weight2.4 Kg2.8 Kg
Removable Drip TrayYesYes
Switches (on/off)YesYes
Stream NozzleNoYes
Accessories1 Cup, Warranty Card, Main Unit, Manual, CarafeCarafe, Warranty Card, User Manual
Dimensions (w x h x d)13.589 x 17.272 x 7.112 cm32.5 x 22.2 x 28 cm
Country of OriginIndiaIndia
Carafe MaterialGlassGlass
Anti-Slip BaseYesYes
Over Heat ProtectionYesYes
Stream Control KnobYesYes
Temperate Range0-90 Degree C0-90 Degree C
Brewing Speed6-8 Minutes6-8 Minutes
Warranty2 Years2 Years
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Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa – What’s the same?

Brewing Speed

You will get the same boiling speed with both coffee machines from Murphy Richards. It takes 6-8 minutes for the device to prepare the filter and espresso coffee in your glass jar. Overheat protection is installed on both devices to prevent the coffee from boiling above the ideal temperature and always give a constant coffee blend.


One can choose any coffee maker, as they are easy to clean with removable parts that can be pulled back with a click. Plus, the coffee machine starts preparing your coffee at the push of a button, which you don’t have to look at for too long before the drink is ready.

Brew Size

Unlike other coffee makers, Morphy Richard devices are great for making coffee up to 4 cups in a single turn. You can even make more with less time because the device is prepped up after the first brew to give you more coffee in case some guests show up at your doorstep.


There is a 2-year warranty that Morphy Richards offers on almost all of its coffee machines in India to help people easily fix manufacturing defects. Even if you receive a faulty pair, connecting to customer support is a quick process for replacing the device with a newer one.

Frothier & Carafe

With both devices, you can make milk foam without any additional tools to prepare a soft coffee drink. You also get a glass cup that holds up to 32 ounces of brewed coffee making it super easy to store extra liquid for later use.

Power Input & Consumption

Both coffee machines can run on AC power with 230V of input to work properly in your home or office. They don’t even use a lot of electricity as the total power consumption stays less than 800W to give you an efficient brew any day.

Stream Control Knob

The steam control in both devices helps you keep your coffee machine running at the desired speed. This function has been set to the default setting, but if you need more heat or steam to boil the coffee water faster, it is recommended to adjust the flow control.

Removable Drip Tray

A drip tray is attached to the Morphy Richards Fresco and Europa to accommodate coffee that may fall on the floor and complicate the cleaning process. This simple tray is a great way to store and clean any liquid every week to keep your kitchen clean without any coffee splatter.

Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa – What’s different?

Temperature Range

A temperature of 90 degrees Celsius is said to be ideal for making a perfect cup of coffee that is not bitter at all and blends well with milk. Luckily, Fresco coffee maker offers a 0-90 degrees Celsius temperature range to check the consistency of your coffee every day. This temperature checker is not available in Europa for you to monitor any changes.

Type of Coffee

The biggest difference between Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa is the type of coffee they make. Fresco is a filter coffee machine and Europa is an espresso machine that completely changes the texture and taste of your coffee.


The designs of the two Morphy Richards coffee machines are completely different. One model comes in a glossy finish on black while the other has a matte black finish. In Europa, there are more knobs and for that, you get a temperature scale in the fresco that places them opposite to each other while comparing design.

Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa – Pros & Cons:

Morphy Richards Fresco
Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa
Morphy Richards Europa
Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa
● Removable drip tray
● Comes with a frother
● Uses less power
● 2 Years of Warranty
● Temperature monitor
● Cook 4 cups of brews at once
● Features unique strength selector
● Heat resistant body
● 2 Years of Warranty
● Steam control knob
● Fixed filter
● Heat’s up sometimes
● Might require some learning
● Fixed filter
● Not dishwasher safe
● Needs regular cleaning
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Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa – Which one’s the best?

After testing the Morphy Richards Fresco vs Europa, we found that Europa was the best for most consumers who like to drink espresso coffee. The device is easier to maintain, learn and use by ordinary people to make their coffee at home. However, if you enjoy drinking filtered coffee, Fresco is the obvious choice.


One should buy the Morphy Richards Europa, although it’s a bit heavier than the Fresco, you get so many extra features making it worthwhile for any coffee enthusiast. There is always a demand for Europa so you may have to wait to get the best deal, as this is the best budget coffee maker in India that anyone can order online.

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