Ninja SP101 vs DT251 – Which One is Best?

Ninja SP101 vs DT251 – How to Choose?

Ninja SP101 vs DT251

The air fryer is a compact, portable alternative to countertop microwave ovens. Despite having a similar design and working similarly, these are the great appliances to junk food. The Ninja SP101 and Ninja DT251 are the two best air fryers with compact designs and energy-saving features.

Both the air fryer comes from the same brand. So below, we have the Ninja SP101 vs DT251 comparison guide to help you choose the best one.

Ninja SP101 vs DT251 – Comparison

ProductsNinja SP101
Ninja SP101 vs DT251
Ninja DT251
Ninja SP101 vs DT251
ColorSilver and BlackStainless Steel Finish
Power Output1800 Watts1800 Watts
Capacity13” pizza or 9 slices of toast5 lb chicken and a sheet of pan of vegetables, or 12 lb turkey
Air Fryer Basket4 lbs5 lbs
Non-stick coating interiorYesYes
Build MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Maximum Heat Range450 Fahrenheit200 Fahrenheit
Total Cooking Programs810
Cooking Pre-setsAir fry, air roast, air broil, bake,  Dehydrate, Toast, keep warm, bagelAir Roast, Air Fry, Broil, Pizza, Reheat, Dehydrate, Bagel, Toast, Bake, and Whole Roast
Total No of Attachments57
AccessoriesMain unit, removable Crumb tray, wire rack, sheet pan, Air Fry basketMain unit, air fry basket, roast tray, 2 wire racks, crumb tray, foodi smart thermometer
Cord Length3 feet3 feet
Net Weight18.57 lbs33.6 lbs
Dimensions19.7” L x 7.6” W x 15” H17.09″ L x 20.22″ W, 13.34″ H
Dishwasher SafeNoNo
Weight18.56 pounds33.75 pounds
Warranty1 Year1 year
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Ninja SP101 vs DT251 – Similarities

Power Output

The Ninja SP101 and DT251 both have 1800 watts of power. This makes them both ideal for those looking for powerful but reasonably priced air fryers on the market.

Both of these air fryers use a fan-forced convection cooking system that circulates hot air around the food as it cooks. This ensures that your foods cook quickly and evenly throughout.

Build Quality

The Ninja SP101 and DT251 have very similar build quality. Both of these air fryers are made of stainless steel, which makes them extremely durable and capable of withstanding years of use. They’re also simple to clean and maintain.

Not only is the construction material similar, but both of these air fryers have a similar design pattern. The Ninja DT251 appears dull due to the stainless-steel finish, but the color will not fade over time.


The Ninja SP101 and DT251 are both covered by a one-year limited warranty. If you find a technical fault or a broken or damaged part, feel free to contact the service department, and they will replace the air fryer or the component of the air fryer without any charge during the warranty period.

Ninja SP101 vs DT251 – Difference

Temperature Range

These are both high-end air fryers that allow users to cook food at high temperatures. The temperature range of the Ninja SP101 is 450F, and when talking about, DT 251 it comes with higher temperatures up to 200F

You can cook food in these air fryers without worrying about the heat escaping because they both have an interior coating that prevents heat from escaping from the inside.


The Ninja SP101 is available in silver and black, while the DT251 is available in stainless steel. The primary difference between these two is that the Ninja SP101 is intended for personal use, whereas the DT251 is intended for personal and professional use.


The Ninja SP101 is slightly smaller than the DT251, but it is still larger than a typical home air fryer. The Ninja SP101 has a capacity of 13″ pizza or 9 slices of toast, which is sufficient to cook all meals for one person at a time.

The DT251 can cook 5-pound chicken and a sheet pan of vegetables or 12-pound turkey, which is more than enough for cooking large batches of food.

Air Fryer Basket

The Ninja SP101 has a 4-pound capacity air fry basket, whereas the Ninja DT251 has a 5-pound capacity air fry basket.

This means that the Ninja SP101 is better suited to cooking small or medium-sized batches of food. While using the Ninja DT251, you can easily cook medium and large food batches.

Cooking Pre-sets

Another major difference between the two models is that they each have their own cooking programs. The Ninja SP101 has a simple interface and 8 different cooking programs to choose from. The Ninja DT251 can prepare 10 different types of meals with just a few simple clicks.


Apart from cooking programs, they both differ in terms of attachments. The Ninja DT251 comes with a total of 7 attachments out of the box. The Ninja SP101, on the other hand, comes with only 5 accessories out of the box.


In terms of weight and portability, the Ninja SP101 weighs approximately 18.56 pounds. The Ninja DT251, on the other hand, weighs around 33.75 pounds, making it a heavyweight option.

Ninja SP101 vs DT251 – Pros and Cons

Ninja SP101
Ninja SP101 vs DT251
Ninja DT251
Ninja SP101 vs DT251
● Food flavor is preserved.
● Quick reheat works flawlessly
● Lightweight Design
● More advanced attachments
● Ideal for preparing large batches of food
● Large Air fry basket
● Better capacity
● Stainless steel finish
● Cleaning is not easy
● Heavyweight design
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Ninja SP101 vs DT251 – Which is Better?

While comparing both products we found that DT251 offers better features in front of SP101. The DT251 comes with 10 cooking programs whereas SP101 comes with only 8.

And the other advantage of DT251 is it comes with 7 attachments whereas the SP101 comes with only 5 attachments. So overall we strongly recommend you to go with DT251.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the highest temperature that these air fryers can touch?

These air fryers can hit up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Does the outside of the Ninja DT251 get hot?

The sides don’t get so hot. They will heat up normally.

Can you cook 2 chickens in the Ninja DT251 simultaneously?

No, you cannot cook 2 chickens at the same time.


Overall, both the Ninja air fryers are ideal for cooking. But both are made for different usage. The Ninja DT251 is suitable for large families and also ideal for professional use due to its large air fry basket and large capacity.

On the other hand, the Ninja SP101 is a small and compact air fryer that is ideal for small and medium-sized families and also cheaper than Ninja DT251.

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