Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand – Which One is Best?

Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand – How to Choose the Best Water purifier?

Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand

Kent water purifiers have gained popularity not only in India but also in many other countries as they manufacture some amazing gadgets to help you get pollutant-free water at home.

There is a lot of debate about Kent Supreme and Kent Grand because they offer the same features and warranty claims making it very difficult to tell them apart. Luckily, we made this comparison to help you find the best pure water filter between the two. Here are the results:

Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand – Comparison Table:

ProductKent Supreme
Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand
Kent Grand
Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand
Generic NameRO Water PurifierRO Water Purifier
MaterialPlastic (ABS)Plastic (ABS)
Capacity8 Liters8 Liters
Purification MethodUV, Reverse OsmosisUV, Reverse Osmosis
FeaturesRO, RO+, UF, TDS, UVRO, RO+, UF, TDS, UV
Duty Cycle100L/day100L/day
Purification Rate20 L/hr.20 L/hr.
Input Voltage100-250V / 50-60Hz100-250V / 50-60Hz
UV Lamp Wattage0.7W11W
Boost Pump Voltage24V DC24V DC
Power Consumption60W60W
Food Graded PipeYesYes
Auto FlushingYesYes
Filter CartridgeSediment, Carbon Filter and UFSediment, Carbon Filter, UF and Post Carbon
MoaningWall MountWall Mount
Inlet Water Pressure (Min)0.3 kg/cm2/10°C0.3 kg/cm2/10°C
Inlet Water Pressure (Max)4 kg/cm2/40°C4 kg/cm2/40°C
Operating pH (Min-Max)6.5-8.06.5-8.0
UV Lamp Life5000 hrs.5000 hrs.
Power SourceElectric Cord ACElectric Cord AC
Is Assembly RequiredNoNo
Weight7.6 Kg9.4 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Free Service1 + 3 Years1 + 3 Years
In BoxWater Purifier, Tool Kit and Warranty CardWater Purifier, Tool Kit and Warranty Card
Dimensions (L x W x H)400 x 250 x 525 mm390 x 255 x 535 mm
CertificatesNSF, WQA, CENSF, WQA, CE
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand – What’s the same?


The Kent water purifier is an electrical device that uses ultraviolet light and a reverse osmosis process to properly purify water. They are specially designed for big cities because there is more air and water pollution there which can seriously damage your health. You can purify rivers, tap and groundwater from any of the above devices to make them drinkable in minutes.

Capacity & Material

When we compared the capacity of the Kent Supreme and Kent Grand, we found that it comes with the same capacity as the 8-litre tank installed in the lower compartment. The outer and inner surfaces of the water purifier are made of food-grade ABS plastic which has been extensively tested for household safety.

Duty Cycle

These two water purifiers can filter 20 litres of water per hour, giving you a total capacity of 100 litres per day to get many times as much clean water for your whole family. In addition, with proper use, filters can last for more than 2-3 years, giving you the added benefit of buying from a brand like Kent.


You can turn on both water purifiers with any electrical connection as they support multiple input current ranges. The total power consumption of the two devices is not too big either because it only consumes an average of 60 watts, thereby reducing your electricity bill at the end of the month and saving lots of money every year.

Mount & Flush

You can mount the two Kent water purifiers vertically on your kitchen wall near the water outlet to start drinking clean water right away. Also, an automatic flushing system is installed in both devices to clean the filters from time to time and increase their service life. However, neither device comes with a free technical installation, so you have to pay Kent additionally.

Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand – What’s the difference?

Design & Build

These two water purifiers have unique designs that are different from each other. Even though they have an upper filtration system and a lower water storage tank, the Kent Supreme’s overall frame looks a lot better in comparison. In addition, the Kent Supreme weighs 1.8 kilograms lighter than the Grand water filter. In terms of size, the Kent Grand is smaller to give you more space but is significantly heavier than the first device.


Kent Supreme and Kent Grand use special types of UV LED lamps to remove bacteria and viruses from your water. Ken Supreme uses 0.7-watt lamps while the other device uses 11-watt lamps. The UV filtering of the Kent Grand lamp is much more accurate due to the stronger UV lamp installed in the water purifier.

Filter Cartridges

Various types of filter cartridges are installed in both devices to remove impurities from tap water and make it drinkable again. The Kent Supreme comes with filters like Sediment, carbon, and UF filter, while other units have an additional option. With the Kent Grand, you get an additional post carbon filter, making it even more powerful at removing dirt and debris from all types of water sources.

Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand – Pros & Cons

Kent Supreme
Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand
Kent Grand
Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand
● 100 litres of duty cycle per day
● Food safe material
● Design looks better
● Lamp life of 5000 hours
● Low power consumption
● 8 Liters of water capacity
● More powerful UV Lamp
● Better filter cartridges
● One year of warranty plus support
● 4 Step filtration process
● Less UV LED lamp power
● No post carbon filter
● Higher price
● Weighs more
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Kent Supreme vs Kent Grand – Which one’s the best?

After extensive research, we can say that the Kent Grand water filter is the better device for every consumer who wants to buy a water filter in India. Despite being heavier, this unit has an additional post-carbon filter and a more powerful UV lamp to remove bacteria, viruses and other impurities from your water without taking much energy.

General FAQs

Q. How often should you replace the filter?

To always get clean water, you need to change the filter every 2-3 years.

Q. Does the filter remove iron from the water?

Yes, both Kent water filters remove iron to make the water drinkable.

Q. When the tank is full, does the water stop?

The water filter turns off automatically when the tank is full. Even if you forget to turn off the device, no problem.

Q. Do I need to clean the tank frequently?

No, the water filter has an automatic cleaning system that removes dirt and grime over time.

Q. How to install this?

You can call the technician separately.

Q. Do you get a signal to replace the filter?

No, there is no warning system to let you know when it’s time to replace the filter.


In our comparison, the Kent Supreme and Grand water filters live up to the mark. If you want an affordable water filter with all the basic features, then the Kent Supreme is the perfect device that can provide your friends and family members with clean drinking water. But those who need the best filter performance can opt for the Kent Grand water filter and drink any water from home without hesitation.

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