Symphony Sumo vs Winter – Which Air Cooler is Best?

Symphony Sumo vs Winter – How to Choose the Best Air Cooler?

Symphony Sumo vs Winter

Symphony is one of the most reputable brands in India when it comes to any type of air cooler. Both Symphony Sumo and Winter are very similar devices, so it’s hard to choose between the two.

That’s why we created this handy guide to help you make the perfect decision without any research. Here’s what you need to know:

Symphony Sumo vs Winter – Comparison Table:

ProductSymphony Sumo
Symphony Sumo vs Winter
Symphony Winter
Symphony Sumo vs Winter
TypeDesert CoolerDesert Cooler
Body MaterialABS PlasticABS Plastic
Form FactorTowerTower
Water Tank Capacity75 Liters80 Liters
Coverage37 m²40 m²
Ice ChamberYesNo
FiltersPM, Bacteria, Allergy, SmellPM, Bacteria, Allergy, Smell
Empty Tank AlarmNoYes
Water PumpYesYes
Inverter CompatibleYesYes
Air DispenserYes, 4 Ways Yes, 4 Ways 
Closable LouversNoNo
Cooling MediumHoneycomb PadsHoneycomb Pads
Input Power120 V, 50/60 Hz120 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Usage (Max)185 Watts190 Watts
Controls2 Knobs2 Knobs
WheelsYes, 4Yes, 3
Auto SwingYesYes
Drain PlugYesYes
Water Level IndicatorYesYes
Water InletBackBack
Motor TypeCopper WoundedCopper Wounded
Overload ProtectionYesYes
Weight13.4 Kg12.9 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions48 x 70.7 x 107.3 cm63 x 44.5 x 127 cm
In BoxCooler, Manual, Warranty CardCooler, Manual, Warranty Card
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Symphony Sumo vs Winter – What’s the same?

Type & Use

Symphony Sumo and Winter Desert Cooler are ABS plastic tower units. They have no problem with rust and the whole body feels very light when installed. The coolers are available in the same colours and the unique fan design makes them very efficient in operation.

Technology & Filters

Both use the same i-Pure technology to prevent air pollutants from entering your room through multiple filters. PM, bacteria, allergy and odour filters work step by step to keep the air clean and keep your entire cooler hygienic.

Inverter Support

All Symphony Desert air coolers support inverters. So, you can easily run any of the above devices on battery, as long as your inverter can handle the power load. Even with the best inverter, the air coolers are sure to take high power and you risk running out of battery very soon.

Cooling Medium

Yes, both desert coolers use Honeycomb filters to manage the humidity in the air. The Honeycombs cover three sides of the coolers and one side gets reserved for the motor. Also, on both Symphony devices, you get Honeycombs separately that you need to install before using the cooler in your home.

Motor & Controls

A copper wounded motor is installed in both coolers to help you save money by not wasting on electricity every month. Also, both devices have top-front knob controls that you can rotate to change settings like speed, angle, etc.

Symphony Sumo vs Winter – What’s so different?

Design & Build

When comparing Symphony Sumo vs Winter, there are a lot of design changes the costumes have to pay attention to. The first device takes up more floor space due to a wider body, and you also get a heavier form factor. While the second device is smaller in width but larger in height. Apart from that, Symphony Sumo has an old look while Symphony Winter has a modern design that you can place anywhere in the house.


Symphony Winter comes with a large capacity tank that helps you store more water in it so you don’t have to constantly refill your device. Symphony Sumo is available with a capacity of 75 litres while Symphony Winter can hold 80 litres of water at a time. In Sumo, you can cover up to 37m², while Symphony Winter can cover larger areas up to 40m².

Empty Tank Alarm

As soon as the water level drops below the level, Symphony’s alarm system will notify you. So, you never forget the water in your desert cooler and always enjoy the cool air through the house. However, this feature is only available on Symphony Witter, so choose the one you want carefully.

Ice Chamber

The ice chamber is another great feature that keeps the normal air cooler and gives you air-conditioning like air for cheap. However, Ice Chamber is only available with Symphony Sumo, so users have to choose which features they need.

Power & Warranty

At max Symphony Sumo only consumes a total of 185 watts of power, while the Winter Desert Cooler consumes around 190 watts. It may not seem like a big difference at first, but you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your first device over the years. Also, both devices come with an additional one-year warranty. So, if something goes wrong, the company will help you fix the device for free.

Symphony Sumo vs Winter – Pros & Cons

Symphony Sumo
Symphony Sumo vs Winter
Symphony Winter
Symphony Sumo vs Winter
● Shockproof ABS plastic
● Uses less power
● Ice chambers
● Water level indicator
● Durable & long-lasting motor
● Works on inverter
● Covers more area
● Auto air dispenser
● Honeycomb pads
● Drain plug for fast cleaning
● Less capacity & coverage
● No tank alarm
● Bigger in size
● Higher in price
● No ice container
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Symphony Sumo vs Winter – Which one’s the best? 

It is clear that Symphony Winter Cool is the best device for all of us. Equipped with a longer frame that can hold more water to reduce the refill cycle. You can also connect the device to an inverter and enjoy the cool air at home without electricity.

General FAQs

Q. What’s the RPM of the motor?

On average the RPM goes to 1500.

Q. Can I control the device with a cooler? 

No, you cannot.

Q. Is this noisy?

Both devices are fairly quiet.

Q. Can I remove the back panel? 

Yes, the whole desert cooler comes apart.


When you need the best air cooler for your home, choose the Symphony Winter air cooler. It’s powerful enough to keep your house cool all summer long and you also get more capacity without taking up too much space to put it anywhere.

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