Philips AC2887 vs AC3256 – Which One is Best Air Purifier?

Philips AC2887 vs AC3256 – How to Choose the Best Air Purifier?

Philips AC2887 vs AC3256

Are you looking to buy a new and efficient air purifier online? Perfect, check out the two Philips air purifiers below to keep your home free of dust and dirt. The Philips AC2887 and AC3256 are some of the best air purifiers out there, but choosing between the two is another tough decision.

So, we compared the two air purifiers from head to toe and came to the following results:

Philips AC2887 vs AC3256 – Comparison Table:

ProductPhilips AC2887
Philips AC2887 vs AC3256
Philips AC3256
Philips AC2887 vs AC3256
TypeAir PurifierAir Purifier
Filter TypeHEPA, Active Carbon, PrefilterHEPA, Active Carbon, Prefilter
Air Quality FeedbackColor Ring, Numerical valueColor Ring, Numerical value
Cleaning Area79 m²102 m²
Speeds Controls5 (Sleep, 1, 2, 3, Turbo)5 (Sleep, 1, 2, 3, Turbo)
CADR (Particle, GB/T)333 m³/h393 m³/h
Removable FiltersYesYes
Power220-240 V220-240 V
Frequency50–60 Hz50–60 Hz
Power Consumption56 W60 W
Filtering Rate20 m² in 9 minutes20 m² in 6 minutes
Adjustable FanYesYes
Suitable for AllergiesYesYes
Automatic ModeYesYes
Noise Level (Min-Max)19-55 dB32.5-63.8 dB
Sleep ModeYesYes
Cord Length1.8 m1.6 m
Filter Life24 MonthsNot Specified
Ozone GenerationOzone FreeOzone Free
Weight7.7 Kg9.8 Kg
Warranty2 Years2 Years
In BoxAir Purifier, Fan Blades, Filters, Power Cord, Warranty Card and User manualAir Purifier, Fan Blades, Filters, Power Cord, Warranty Card and User manual
Dimensions (W x H x D)35.9 x 24.0 x 55.8 cm34.0 x 47.4 x 79.8 cm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Philips AC2887 vs AC3256 – What’s the same?


Philips AC2887 and AC3256 air purifiers are equipped with replaceable filters that you can buy online after one to two years of use. The filters used in both devices are activated carbon filter, single pre-filter layer and a double layer HEPA filter to maximize air filtration in both modules.

Display & Feedback

You get touch-sensitive screens on both devices which stand upstairs to check the air quality in your room from every corner. There are two feedback systems on the air purifier that display the air quality in real-time. The colour ring has four light options and a digital counter that works together to show how much contaminant is in the air at your home.

Speed Controls

Each air purifier has five-speed settings that you can manually adjust using the touchscreen on both devices. The first speed option is sleep mode which makes the air purifier very quiet and helps users save energy at night. Other options work to control the fan speed and increase or decrease the quality of filtration in the room.

Philips AC2887 vs AC3256 – What’s so different?


The difference starts with the Philips AC2887 and AC3256 when we compare the power of the two air purifiers. The first air purifiers only consumed 56 watts at max setting, but the 3000 series AC3256 reached 60 watts. This means the older Philips AC2887 will be more energy efficient in all conditions at your house.

Filtering Rate & CADR

The CADR of the Philips AC3256 is much higher than that of other air purifiers, so it can purify more air in less time. For example, it takes 9 minutes to clean the air in a small room with the Philips AC2887. However, the Philips AC3256 air purifier can do the same job in 6 minutes. In addition, the AC3256 can cover a larger area, making it better for consumers living in a big space.

Design & Weight

Philips AC3256 design looks better than AC2887. Both devices are available in white, but the position of the ventilation slots is different. The first air purifier has top and bottom vents, while the second has side vents. This gives the AC3256 better airflow and more quality control options. The AC3256 is also heavier than other units as it comes with a tall frame to accommodate everything.

Noise Levels & Cord Length

Noise level is something that people forget to check before buying an air purifier for their home and suffer later at night. Both devices produce less noise when in use, but the Philips AC2887 produces lower noise overall. In addition, the AC2887 is equipped with a longer power cord to provide more mobility in your room.

Philips AC2887 vs AC3256 – Pros & Cons

Philips AC2887
Philips AC2887 vs AC3256
Philips AC3256
Philips AC2887 vs AC3256
● Remove particles at the micro-level
● Real-time air quality feedback
● Uses less power overall 
● Sleep & auto-mode
● Long-lasting filters
● Purify a small room under 6 minutes
● Equipped with a powerful motor
● Powerful Bacteria & Virus protection
● Suitable for all allergies
● Portable in size
● Slower filtration time
● Less area coverage
● Twice the price
● Makes more noise
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Philips AC2887 vs AC3256 – Which one’s the best?

The Philips AC3256 is the better air purifier of the two devices. Not only you can clean a room faster, but it also covers more space, giving users greater control over unwanted dust and airborne threats around the home. The air purifier is also a newer model so you can expect some big improvements in terms of design, features and overall quality.

General FAQs

Q. What do air purifiers filter?

The air purifier filters out dander, dust, mould, bacteria, viruses and other allergens floating in your home to make your living space more breathable and cleaner for a healthy lifestyle.

Q. How can you reduce noise?

To reduce noise and save energy, you can put the air purifier into sleep mode.

Q. What are ring lights?

There are 4 light settings on the colour ring. Blue means good, purple means fair, pink is unhealthy, and red is bad.

Q. When should I replace the filter?

After the indicator lights up, you need to replace the filter. Also, read the manual for detailed instructions.

Q. When does the pre-filter need to be cleaned?

The pre-filter is washable and ideally should be cleaned monthly. Just remove the filter and wash it clean, front and back. Once the filter is clean, dry it completely to install it again.


After comparing the Philips AC2887 with the AC3256, we can say that the second device is better than the first device in every way, but it is available at twice the price. So, people on a budget can buy Philips AC2887 to save money, but someone who needs the best quality air filter can choose AC3256 for their home.

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