Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 – How to Choose?

The Ninja SS401 and Ninja SS351 foodi power blenders are two of the best options available in the market right now. With excellent specifications and affordable pricing, they withstand top competition. Below we have compared these two blenders to end your research for the best blender.

Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351

Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 – Comparison Table:

ProductsNinja SS401
Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351
Ninja SS351
Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351
Wattage1600 Watts1400 Watts
Automatic ProgramsSmoothies, Extractions, Bowls, Spreads, Food Processing, Chopping, and DoughSmoothie, Spread, Bowl, Chop, Dough, and Extract
DisplayLED PanelLED Panel
Container Size72 oz.72 oz.
Carafe MaterialPlasticPlastic
Blades MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Dough BladeYesYes
Nutrient Extraction CupYesYes
Speed Settings1010
Maximum Noise Level70 – 90 dB70 – 90 dB
Smoothie BowlYesYes
Cord Length2.63 feet2.63 feet
BPA FreeYesYes
Dimensions8.3″ D x 8.7″ W x 16.14″ H8.19″ L x 8.43″ W x 14.17″ H
AttachmentsMotor base, 72 Oz. Power blender & processor pitcher, feed chute lid with 2-part pusher, 18 oz. Smoothie bowl with in-built tamper and storage lid, 24 Oz. Nutrient extraction cup, total crushing & chopping blade assembly, reversible slicing/shredding disc, grating disc, dough blade, hybrid edge blades assembly, and 20 recipe guideMotor Base, 72 Oz. Power Blender and Processor pitcher, total crushing and chopping blades, dough blade, 24 Oz. Nutrient extraction cup, hybrid edge blades, and spout lid, 14 Oz. Smoothie bowl maker with inbuilt tamper and storage lid, and 15 recipe guide
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Weight12.1 Pounds8.2 Pounds
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 – Similarities

Blade Material

The next important aspect of choosing a blender or chopper is the blade material. You need to ensure that the blades can withstand extreme conditions and grind the toughest ingredients with ease.

In this regard, both the Ninja foodi power blenders are quite efficient as they offer stainless steel blades that are designed to blend the toughest ingredients smoothly.

Jar Capacity

Both the Ninja foodi power blenders come with the same jar capacity. The largest size of the jar is around 72 fluid ounces. Further, there is a 24 oz. Nutrient Extraction Cup included with both the blenders.

Pitcher/Carafe Material

The pitcher material of the Ninja SS401 and Ninja SS351 blender is BPA-free plastic. This means the pitcher won’t release any toxins while grinding or blending hot food. However, as they are made up of plastic, they tend to catch scratches easily.

Display & Controls

The next important thing to look at in the blender is the controls and display. Both of these blenders are equipped with an LED panel that shows several things like speed settings, program selection, and other stuff. Furthermore, both the Ninja blenders have a round dial which lets you choose from different programs.

Speed settings

The ninja ss401 and ninja ss351 comes with similar speed settings which is 10 level. So, you can choose the speed according to you.


The noise levels of these two Ninja blenders are not that much. Both of these blenders produce around 70 to 90 dB of sound, depending upon the settings and ingredients.


When it comes to cleaning, both blenders are dishwasher safe, which means you don’t have to wash them manually with your hands.

Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 – Differences

Power & Performance

The first major difference between the Ninja SS401 and Ninja SS351 foodi power Blenders is their performance and power. The Ninja SS401 is slightly more powerful as it offers 1600 watts powerful motor output. On the other hand, the Ninja SS351 offers 1400 watts of motor output.


Both of these blenders come with different automatic and manual programs. There are a total of 7 automatic programs in Ninja SS401, whereas the Ninja SS351 has only six programs.

The Ninja SS401 comes with automatic programs like Smoothies, Extractions, Bowls, Spreads, Food Processing, Chopping, and Dough but the Ninja SS351 lacks a food processing program.


Both blenders come with a motor base, 72 oz. Pitcher, feed chute lid, 18 and 14 oz smoothie bowl maker, 24 oz. Nutrient extraction cup, crushing, and chopping blade assembly. Further, they both come with a dough blade.

However, the SS401 comes with some advanced accessories, while the SS351 only has basic accessories in the box.


When it comes to portability, the Ninja SS351 is a better option as it weighs around 8.2 pounds in comparison to the 12.1 pounds of the Ninja SS401 blender.

Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 – Pros and Cons

Ninja SS401
Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351
Ninja SS351
Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351
● Powerful motor
● Stainless steel blades
● 7 Automatic programs
● Advanced accessories
● 11 Speed settings
● Touchscreen controls
● Lightweight and compact
● Long cord
● 10 Speed Settings
● The motor is slightly less powerful
● Only six automatic programs
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Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 – Which One is Better?

The Ninja SS401 is a better option as it comes with a powerful motor that can pull out 1600 watts of peak output. Apart from the motor, there are more advanced accessories that you get out of the box with this blender. Not just that, but there are a total of 7 automatic programs which give you the freedom to choose from different options, making it the best option to choose between these two.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to determine a blender’s motor power?

A blender’s motor power is determined in watts. The higher the watts, the more powerful the blender will be.

Which is the better pitcher Material: BPA Free Plastic or Glass?

Glass is the best material for a pitcher as it will not attract scratches and doesn’t hold the food smell. However, it is easy to break and much heavy in size.

What is the toughest ingredient for a blender?

Some of the toughest ingredients you can grind or blend in your blender to check their power & performance include ice, nuts, coffee, etc.


Hopefully, you will now have an idea of how to choose a blender and what features you should look for.

In our opinion, you should choose a blender within your budget but also look for features that you want in a blender. The most important features to look for in a blender are power, speed settings, jars, build quality, etc.

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