SodaStream Jet vs Spirit – How to Choose the Best?

SodaStream Jet vs Spirit – Which Soda Maker is Best?

SodaStream Jet vs Spirit

There are many high-quality sparkling water machines available on the market that you may use to swiftly carbonate water at home if you want to make sparkling water.

One of the most reliable and trustworthy brands of sparkling water makers is SodaStream. They provide a variety of sparkling water makers, from entry-level to high-end. Two of these are the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream Spirit.

So, below is the comparison of SodaStream Jet and Spirit to help you find out which is best.

SodaStream Jet vs Spirit – Comparison Table:

NameSodaStream Jet
SodaStream Jet vs Spirit
SodaStream Spirit
SodaStream Jet vs Spirit
Available ColorsBlackBlack, Black & Gold, Red, and White
CO2 Cylinder Compatibility60 Liters60 Liters
Compatible BottlesClassic 1 Liter and Half-literSlim 1 Liter
Carbonating Bottle MaterialBPA-free plasticBPA-free plastic
Bottle Connection TypeTwist and Lock Bottle InsertionSnap Lock
LED Fizz IndicatorNoNo
Electricity RequiredNoNo
Automatic CarbonationManual Pump ActionManual Pump Action
Product Dimensions (W x H x D)7.76 x 7.76 x 16.93 inches7.67 x 7.67 x 17.4 inches
Weight6.15 pounds5.73 pounds
Dishwasher SafeNoNo
What’s IncludedSodaStream Jet Machine, one reusable bottle, and 60 liters of Co2 cylinderSodaStream Spirit Water Maker, a Co2 Cylinder, and a reusable bottle
Warranty Period2 years2 years
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

SodaStream Jet vs Spirit – Similarities

Cylinder Compatibility

The SodaStream Jet and Spirit are both compatible with 60 liters Co2 cylinders. They are similar in many ways, such as their cylinder compatibility and the fact that both machines have a sleek, modern design. Apart from 60 liters of CO2 cylinders, you cannot use any other cylinders with both of these machines.

Carbonating Bottles

Both the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream Spirit come with a reusable carbonating bottle. The bottle can be used multiple times as it is made up of high-quality BPA-free plastic. You can also use other bottles which are compatible with these machines.

LED Fizz Indicator

The LED Fizz indicator is one of the most important features as it will notify you about the fizziness of water. However, like the SodaStream Jet and SodaStream Spirit are budget segment sparkling water makers, they don’t have any LED Fizz indicators, which is a downside of these machines.

Electricity Use

The SodaStream Jet and SodaStream Spirit, both sparkling water makers, are free of electricity usage. This means that they don’t need any type of electricity or active electric energy to convert the normal water into sparkling water.

Both machines have a CO2 cylinder which allows them to generate sparkling water with the help of pressure generated by CO2 and a manual pump.

Carbonation Process

When it comes to the carbonation process of SodaStream Jet and Spirit, then they both require you to manually pump them to generate pressure. As they are free of electricity, you have to manually pump them to generate sparkling water.

Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher-safe machines are more popular in the market. However, these machines do not support dishwasher-safe bottles, which means you have to manually wash the bottles after every single use.


Both the SodaStream Jet and Spirit come with the main unit, a 60 liters of CO2 cylinder, and a reusable bottle out of the box. Other than that, you won’t find any single extra attachments like a recipe book or any other thing in the box.


The SodaStream Jet and SodaStream Spirit come with 2 years of brand warranty. If you find out any issues in the machine or any technical fault, you can ask the brand for a replacement or repair.

SodaStream Jet vs Spirit – Differences

Available Colors

Apart from similarities, there are many significant differences between SodaStream Jet and Spirit sparkling water, and one of them is the available color options. The SodaStream Jet comes with only a single-color option that is Black.

The SodaStream Spirit, on the other hand, has a total of 4 color options. It has Black, Black & Gold, Red, and White colors available.

Compatible Bottles

The SodaStream Jet is compatible with 2 sizes of bottles. It can work with classic 1-liter bottles and classic half-liter bottles as well.

However, the SodaStream Spirit is only compatible with a slim 1-liter bottle. The brand has not mentioned slim half-liter bottle compatibility, and it will most likely support that as well.

Bottle Connection Type

The SodaStream Jet supports a twist and locks connection type. This means that you have to twist the bottle to insert it into the machine.

The SodaStream Spirit supports a snap lock. This means that you can directly insert the bottle without twisting it.


The SodaStream Jet weighs around 6.15 pounds, and it is not that heavy as well as not light.

On the other side, the Spirit comes with 5.73 pounds of weight, making it a slightly lightweight option.

SodaStream Jet vs Spirit – Pros and Cons

SodaStream Jet
SodaStream Jet vs Spirit
SodaStream Spirit
SodaStream Jet vs Spirit
● Easy to use
● It retains the flavor of sparkling water.
● Twist locking functionality
● Not electricity needed
● Snap lock for easy connect
● Lightweight design
● Easy to assemble and clean
● Decent durability
● Fizziness is average
● It doesn’t offer the best value
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

SodaStream Jet vs Spirit – Which is Best?

The SodaStream Jet and SodaStream Spirit are highly similar in terms of features, so it is quite difficult to differentiate them.

But if we have to pick the best of them, then the SodaStream Spirit will be our choice. This is due to the fact that it comes with a lightweight design and a snap locking feature and is also compatible with slim bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you aftermarket bottles with SodaStream Jet or Spirit?

Yes, you can use aftermarket bottles, but make sure the bottle properly fits into the unit.

How to refill the CO2 cylinder?

You can buy a new CO2 cylinder bottle from SodaStream, and they will take your empty cylinder.

How long does a 60 liters cylinder last?

A 60 liters cylinder would easily last 2 to 3 months, and it also depends on how much you consume per day.


All in all, both the Sparkling water makers from SodaStream are great choices to fulfill your daily sparkling water requirements.

The SodaStream Spirit is a slightly better option than the SodaStream Jet as it comes with slim bottle compatibility, a lightweight design, and the snap locking functionality, which doesn’t require you to twist the bottle in order to attach the bottle to the machine.

Not just that, but it is also available in 4 color options, so you can choose any color which fits your house the best.

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