ILIFE V80 vs A9S – Which Vacuum Cleaner is the Best?

ILIFE V80 vs A9S – How to Choose the Best One?

ILIFE V80 vs A9S

Automatic vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning small dirt on your floor with an easy to manage & portable device that works 24/7 to reduce your workload. The ILIFE V80 and A9S are such devices with wide applications for modern homes.

We created this guide to help you choose between the two cleaners by selecting the one that works best. Here’s everything you need to know about the two:

ILIFE V80 vs A9S – Comparison Table:

ProductILIFE V80
ILIFE V80 vs A9S
ILIFE V80 vs A9S
Generic NameVacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaner
Body MaterialAluminumAluminum
Charging ModeAuto / ManualAuto / Manual
NavigationRandom + PathCam & Gyro
Dustbin Capacity0.75 Liters0.45 Liters
Water Tank Capacity0.3 Liters0.3 Liters
Battery TypeLithium IONLithium ION
Battery Size2600 mAh2600 mAh
Input Voltage14.4-14.8 V14.4-14.8 V
Power Consumptions22 WattsNot Specified
Cleaning ModesClassic, Spot, Edge, DailyAuto, Spot, Edge, Daily Schedule
Charging Time300 Minutes300 Minutes
Cleaning Time90 Minutes120 Minutes
InterfaceButtonsButtons + Wi-Fi
Display TypeLCDNA
OperationsRemote ControlRemote Control, App & Voice
Mopping ClothYesYes
Mopping PadYesYes
Dry CleanerYesYes
Wet CleaningYesYes
Schedule CleaningYesYes
Side Brushes22
Suction Power1000Pa1000Pa
Storage Temp.-10 to 40 °C-10 to 40 °C
Max Noise70 dB70 dB
Area Coverage2500 Sq. ft.2500 Sq. ft.
Vibrating Water TankNoYes
Auto ResumeNoYes
SurfacesWood, Carpet, Floor, etc.Wood, Carpet, Floor, etc.
Weight2.7 Kg2.55 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions330 x 330 x 80 mm330 x 320 x 76 mm
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ILIFE V80 vs A9S – What’s the same?

Type & Build

Both devices are automatic vacuum cleaners that do not require any manual instructions to clean your house around the clock. They are made with a strong, unbreakable aluminum base that is sure to last long in any modern home. Plus, both devices come with a one-year warranty and a free demo service from the company so you can clear any doubts before you buy.


Each vacuum cleaner uses a built-in lithium-ion battery to ensure you work long hours without fail. Both batteries measure the same 26,000 mAh, which will get charged under 300 minutes or five hours. Plus, you don’t even need to turn on the device to start charging because the vacuum cleaner is smart enough to automatically find the plug when the battery is running low.

Modes & Surfaces

The cleaning mode may have a different name but perform the same function. So, you can buy any device without worrying about which cleaning mode is better and why. In addition, both ILIFE cleaners are capable of cleaning wood, carpet, and other types of floors around the house, so they never cause problems for the owner by making their life as comfortable as possible.

ILIFE V80 vs A9S – What’s so different?


Even though the two automatic vacuum cleaners are from the same company ILIFE, the external design is completely different. You get a gray color with the first cleaner while the second one comes with black. The ILIFE V80 also has a display with buttons to help you set up programs, and other devices only offer LED lights and a single button on the front.


To help you move on any surface, the two cleaners have different settings. The ILIFE V80 automatic cleaner uses predefined paths to find the correct path around your home or can go to any cleaning location randomly. This makes the ILIFE A9S more efficient as it uses the camera and gyroscope sensor to help you remove dust and dirt with more precision.


While the water tank capacity of the two vacuum robots is the same, the garbage collection capacity is more different. The capacity of the ILIFE V80 bin is larger than the ILIFE A9S, allowing you to remove more dust, hair, and other objects from the floor of your home. So, anyone who needs a vacuum cleaner for a larger house would benefit from choosing the first option based solely on capacity.

Interface & Operations

To keep your room clean, both vacuum cleaners have special functions that you can control in different ways. The V80 only allows you to access the remote control and manage other settings via the LCD screen and set buttons available on the top of the unit. However, the ILIFE A9S allows you to control the device from remote, app, or voice commands from virtual assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Vibration Technology & Auto Resume

Vibration and auto-resume technology are only available with the ILIFE A9S. The motor inside the vacuum cleaner vibrates the water tank to improve cleaning by making the unit fit at gaps with different pressure ranges. Auto-resume is also a feature on the A9S, to help you clean from where you left off. So even if the vacuum cleaner is out of battery the device will start working from where it’s left off to never waste energy and time.

ILIFE V80 vs A9S – Pros & Cons

ILIFE V80 vs A9S
ILIFE V80 vs A9S
● Strong battery life
● Remote control management
● Aluminum build
● Fast cleaning
● Auto charging
● Cleans any surface
● Vibration for better cleaning
● Portable & light design
● Auto resume
● Powerful navigation unit
● No wireless options
● App & voice controls are not given
● Less features
● No display
● Less dustbin capacity
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ILIFE V80 vs A9S – Which one’s the best?

In our opinion, the ILIFE A9S is the better vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans your home and charges itself when needed. You can even control your device using voice commands from voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The device also has an automatic feature that you can configure once and will do the rest of the day’s work with those settings.

General FAQs

Q. Can you clean the water from the floor?

The wetting function will help you clean up spilled water on the floor.

Q. Is it available with an additional motor and filter?

Yes, both vacuum cleaners come with them.

Q. Can I use this to clean multiple rooms?

Yes, the device can automatically clean more than one room.

Q. Which filters are installed in the device?

Two layers of HEPA filters are installed in both vacuum cleaners.


After comparing the ILIFE V80 with the A9S, we have a clear winner. The ILIFE A9S has advanced features to help you clean your house better. The robot vacuum works around the clock and is always charged thanks to the automatic attachment function. Plus, you get a better navigator that’s ideal for identifying corners and mapping the entire house for a full clean.

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