Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600 – Which One is Best?

Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600 – How to Choose the Best?

Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600

Buying any kind of scanner is a great way to convert a physical document into a digital one. Today we’ve compared the Brother ADS-2700W with the popular Fujitsu IX1600 scanner to help you choose the perfect device.

We covered everything down from basic specs to extending features, which is why it’s so important to read this guide before making a purchase. So, here’s everything you need to know:

Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600 – Comparison Table:

ProductBrother ADS-2700W
Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600
Fujitsu IX1600
Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600
Scanner TypeColor, FlatbedColor, Flatbed
Display Size7.1 cm10.92 cm
Touch ScreenYesYes
Duplex ScanningYesYes
ADF Capacity50 Sheets50 Sheets
Max Speed35 ppm40 ppm
Resolution1200 x 1200 dpi600 x 600 dpi
DriversTWAIN / SANE / WIA / ICASnapScan
Paper SensorYesYes
InterfaceUSB 2.0USB 3.2, USB 2.0, USB 1.1
Wi-Fi Standard802.11802.11
Network ProtocolIPV4Not Specified
Power SourceAC AdaptorAC Adaptor
Input Power120 V, 60 Hz110-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Max Power Usage23 W17 W
Power In Sleep Mode1 W1.6 W
Operating Temp.5-35°C5-35°C
Operating Humidity20-80%20-80%
Compatible OSWindows, macOS, LinuxWindows, macOS
Media Weight50-209 g/m240-209 g/m2
Weight4.1 kg3.4 kg
Warranty2 Years1 Year
Dimensions299 x 206 x 178 mm292 x 161 x 152 mm
In BoxAC Adaptor, Power Supply, Warranty Card, Safety GuideAC Adaptor, Power Supply, USB cable, Safety Guide, Warranty Card
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Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600 – What’s the same?

Scanner Type

When we compared the Brother ADS-2700W with the Fujitsu IX1600, we found that they are the same type of scanner. Both devices use a flat glass surface to scan all your documents and cards with great accuracy. Moreover, both scanners are color devices because they can scan any object in color, grayscale and monochrome settings.

Touch Screen

To make the scanning process as easy as possible, you get a touch screen that gives you various options and features to choose from. The touchscreen fills the entire display on both screens, giving you enough room to clearly see the menu buttons.

ADF Capacity

The Automatic Document Feeder or ADF is the feature that makes the entire scanning process automatic, and you get the same ADF sheet capacity on both devices. To help you get the most scans automatically, you get a capacity of 50 sheets on each top-loading tray to start bulk scanning.

Wireless Connection

Both scanners let you connect to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices with a single click. Each scanner is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi which can stay connected to any device without significant changes in power consumption. The Wi-Fi used in both scanners is also fast, giving you long-range without losing data between connections.

Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600 – What’s so different?

Design & Build

Even though both scanners come with white frames, the overall design remains very different. The Fujitsu IX1600 is smaller and has a lighter frame to help you save desk space. The scanner also has a foldable paper tray, which the Brother ADS-2700W leaves open.


Both devices are equipped with LCD screens, but there is a big difference in size between the two. Fujitsu IX1600 has a larger screen that is almost 11 cm, while other devices are only available with a 7.1 cm screen. It also gives you more space on the Fujitsu IX1600 touch screen, making the management process very easy.

Speed & Resolution

After comparing the speed of Brother & Fujitsu, the last option wins. The Fujitsu IX1600 is available with a scan speed of 40 pages per minute, while other devices only offer 35 pages per minute. This is mainly due to the higher resolution of the Brother ADS-2700W, which captures more detail with each scan. So people who want more speed can choose Fujitsu IX1600 and those who need more details per picture should go with Brother scanner.


The Brother ADS-2700W offers only one USB 2.0 slot which can limit the devices you want to connect to the scanner. The Fujitsu IX1600 offers users the option to choose between USB 3.2, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1 ports on the back panel so they don’t run out of available ports.


The Fujitsu IX1600 color scanner uses significantly less power than the Brother ADS-2700W when operating at its full potential. At maximum capacity, the Fujitsu IX1600 uses 17 watts of power, while the Brother color scanner uses 23 watts. Also, this gets reversed in sleep mode and Brother starts using less power at 1 watt and the Fujitsu IX1600 excess at 1.6 watts.


Fujitsu comes with a ScanSnap driver that works with Windows and macOS, but there is no official support for the Linux operating system. Brother ADS-2700W uses different drivers like TWAIN, WIA, ICA, SANE which the first scanner does not support and can benefit you while using multiple devices at once to scan.


If you need a longer warranty and extended benefits, we recommend using Brother ADS, as the Fujitsu IX1600 only offers a one-year warranty, not two. Buying a device with an extended warranty will help you get coverage for parts and defects later on, and can save you on premium repair costs.

Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600 – Pros & Cons

Brother ADS-2700W
Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600
Fujitsu IX1600
Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600
● Supports all OS
● Two years of warranty
● More driver options
● Allows Wi-Fi connections
● More resolution
● More scanning speeds
● Wide LCD display
● 50 Sheets ADS capacity
● Easy to use and manage
● Multiple media types
● Small screen & less speed
● Fewer connection ports
● Linux not supported
● Less overall warranty & resolution
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Brother ADS-2700W vs Fujitsu IX1600 – Which one’s the best?

In our opinion, the Brother ADS-2700W is the better color scanner. You can use a higher resolution to scan documents with every detail. Brother also backs you up with a two-year warranty to dispel any doubts, and a wide variety of operating system support with multiple drivers makes the scanner the perfect choice for most people.

General FAQs

Q. Does it scan photos well?

Yes, Brother and Fujitsu scanners can scan photos in high quality.

Q. Can I print?

No, you must use an external printer.

Q. Is internet access required?

You don’t need to be connected to the internet to scan. Wi-Fi on this device is for sharing files from phones and tablets.

Q. Can I scan legal and letter-sized documents?

You can scan legal and letter documents with Brother and Fujitsu scanners.

Q. What are the operating costs?

The only running cost for both scanners is the monthly energy consumption.


People who need the best scanner to scan high-quality documents & photos should opt for the first option, Brother ADS-2700W, at a lower price. And if you need more speed, less power usage, and are ready to pay a premium price then the Fujitsu IX1600 can satisfy your daily scanning needs.

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