Singer 1408 vs 2250 – Which Sewing Machine is Best?

Singer 1408 vs 2250 – How to Choose?

Singer 1408 vs 2250

Singer is a well-known and renowned company that provides reasonably priced sewing machines with excellent features. The brand needs no introduction because the company already has a large number of popular sewing machines on the market.

Singer’s 1408 and 2250 are two of the best sewing machines available. These machines offer comparable features and are priced similarly. If you’ve come across these two sewing machines, you may read our Singer 1408 and 2250 comparison to make an informed decision.

Singer 1408 vs 2250 – Comparison Table:

ProductSinger 1408
Singer 1408 vs 2250
Singer 2250
Singer 1408 vs 2250
Speed700 SPM800 SPM
Calibration DialYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years
Weight2.87 kg6 kg
Power Consumption70 Watts70 Watts
Stitch Pattern SelectorYesYes
Stitch Length ControlYesYes
Thread CutterYesYes
Dimensions (L x W x H)42.3 x 35.4 x 22.8 cm‎43 x 22 x 35.2 cm
Stitch Functions2426
Stitch Patterns810
Pattern SelectorRound DialRound Dial
Max Stitch Width5 mm4 mm
LED LightYesYes
Buttonholer Style4 Step4 Step
Accessories StorageYesYes
Bed Type Free ArmFree Arm
Twin Needle SupportYesNo
AccessoriesAll-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, Pico foot, Pack of Needles, Darning plate, Spool pin felt, Zipper Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Edge / Quilting Guide, Bobbins, L-Screw Driver, Seam Ripper / Lint BrushAll-purpose foot, Button Stitch foot, Pico Foot, Bobbins, Edge / Quilting Guide, L-type screwdriver, Zipper foot, Buttonhole foot, Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, Needles, and Darning Plate
ApplicationsLace, fixing, Quilting, Smocking, Rolled, HemmingLace, fixing, Quilting, Smocking, Rolled, Hemming
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Singer 1408 vs 2250 – Similarities


Both the Singer 1408 and 2250 are available in only one color: white. Both machines have an exquisite red and white design. In terms of design and appearance, these sewing machines are nearly identical.


Concerning warranties, the Singer 1408 and Singer FM 2250 come with a two-year brand warranty. In most circumstances, you will not have any problems with these machines. However, you can contact the manufacturer and request a replacement if you have any problems.

Power Consumption

Another feature that Singer 1408 and Singer 2250 have in common is their power consumption. Both utilize roughly 70 watts of power and are quite energy efficient.

LED Light

If you frequently sew clothes in a dark room or at night, an LED light will be the icing on the cake. Both sewing machines contain an LED light that may be replaced as needed.


The Singer 1408 and 2250 have a four-step buttonholer. The buttonholer will assist you in making buttonholes on shirts, blouses, and pants of your choice.


Both Singer sewing machines have a detachable storage container. For your convenience, you can keep supplies such as bobbins, threads, and needles inside the storage compartment.


When it comes to accessories, the Singer 1408 and 2250 sewing machines come with about the same quantity.

Both machines include an All-purpose foot, a buttonhole foot, a Pico foot, a pack of needles, a darning plate, bobbins, a seam ripper or lint brush, and a sewing foot.

Singer 1408 vs 2250 – Differences

Sewing Speed

The Singer 1408 has a sewing speed of 700 SPM, which is slightly lower than the 800 SPM of the Singer 2250 sewing machine. With the Singer 2250 sewing machine, you will be able to stitch clothes more quickly.

Build Quality

The two sewing machines differ significantly in terms of build quality. The Singer Promise 1408 sewing machine has a metal frame and a metal body, which is considerably superior to the Singer 2250 sewing machine’s ABS body and metal frame.


The Singer 1408 is the champion in terms of portability and compactness, weighing around 2.87 kg versus the 6 kg weight of the Singer 2250 sewing machine.

Stitch Functions and Patterns

The Singer 1408 has 24 stitch functions and 8 stitch functions. In comparison, the Singer 2250 has 26 stitch functions and 10 different stitch patterns.

Twin Needle Stitching

The Singer 1408 includes twin needle stitching right out of the box. 2250, on the other hand, does not have a twin needle within the box.

Singer 1408 vs 2250 – Pros and Cons

Singer 1408
Singer 1408 vs 2250
Singer 2250
Singer 1408 vs 2250
● Excellent Build Quality
● Lightweight and portable
● Energy Efficient
● LED light for convenience
● Excellent sewing speed
● Less power consumption
● More stitch functions and patterns
● Value for money
● Less sewing speed
● Average build quality
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Singer 1408 vs 2250 – Which is Better?

In comparison to the Singer 2250 sewing machine, the Singer 2250 is a better alternative. Because the Singer 1408 has a higher sewing speed of 800 SPM, you will be able to sew much faster.

Furthermore, this machine has more stitch options and patterns, letting you experiment with diverse designs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Singer 2250 come with a dust cover?

Yes, the Singer 2250 comes with a dust cover out of the box.

Is there a free demo for both machines?

Yes, both machines come with a free demo. You can contact the manufacturer at their toll-free no or register on the official website for a free demo.

Can you reverse stitch with Singer 1408?

Yes, you can easily sew stitches in reverse with a seam in the end and beginning.


Both sewing machines are highly efficient and provide optimal performance when sewing various fabrics. However, in comparison, the Singer 2250 stands out due to its faster sewing speed as well as additional stitch functions and patterns.

The Singer 1408, on the other hand, is a good choice if you desire greater build quality as well as mobility. As a result, the Singer 2250 comes out on top in this sewing machine comparison.

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