Worx WG509 vs WG510 – How to Choose?

Autumn is one of the seasons that brings a lot of fallen leaves to our lawn and garden. Cleaning these leaves is one of the most hectic and tough jobs. However, an electric leaf blower can make this leaf-cleaning job super easy.

There are many different brands and models that offer leaf blowers but not all of them are reliable. Today we are going to review the Worx WG509 and compare it with WG510 to help you determine which one is better for you.

Worx WG509 vs WG510

Worx WG509 vs WG510 –  Comparison Table:

FeaturesWorx WG509
Worx WG509 vs WG510
Worx WG510
Worx WG509 vs WG510
Power SourceCorded-ElectricCorded-Electric
Voltage120V ~ 60HZ120V ~ 60HZ
Recharge TimeN/AN/A
Battery CapacityN/AN/A
Push Button StartYesYes
Brushless MotorNoNo
Blower Max. CFM350 CFM525 CFM
Max. Blow210 MPH60 MPH
Trigger SpeedVariableVariable
Cruise ControlYesYes
AccessoriesTrivac Blower / Mulcher / Vac, and Debris Collection BagTurbine Fusion Leaf Blower / Mulchar / Yard Vacuum, Shoulder Strap, and Leaf Collection bag
Dimensions20 x 15 x 9 inches40 x 10 x 13 inches
Weight9.3 lbs9.3 lbs
Warranty3 Year3 Year
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Worx WG509 vs WG510 – Similarities


Both the Worx WG509 and Worx WG510 are corded electric leaf blowers, which means they require an active power source to work.

The corded-electric leaf blowers are better if you want a machine that runs continuously without having to recharge or replace the batteries after every discharge.

Push Button Start

Both leaf blower from Worx comes with a push-to-start button, which makes it easy to use the machines without any hassle since you don’t have to go to the power outlet, again and again to switch them on and off the machine.

Trigger Speed

Both the leaf blowers are equipped with adjustable trigger speeds, which allow users to modify airspeed as necessary, catering to a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks.

Voltage Requirements

Both the WG509 and WG510 are compatible with a 120V ~ 60HZ power source, making them suitable for use with conventional household electrical outlets.

Coverage Area

Given their corded electric design, the WG509 and WG510 leaf blowers ensure an extensive coverage area as long as a suitable extension cord is used.


Since both the Worx leaf blowers are corded-electric, you don’t need to worry about the runtime. Both machines come with unlimited runtime, so you can continuously use them without replacing or recharging the batteries.

Cruise Control

When it comes to usage, both the leaf blower comes with the cruise control feature. While it is not a special feature, the feature allows you to use the machine at a constant speed without holding and pressing the power button. The cruise control feature is exceptionally helpful, especially when you have to work for longer periods.


When it comes to the warranty of Worx WG509 and Worx WG510 leaf blowers, both leaf blower comes with 3 years of warranty. The 3-year long warranty ensures that the product lasts longer than the warranty period, which gives you peace of mind.


The Worx WG509 measures 20 x 15 x 9 inches and weighs 9.3 lbs, while the WG510 has dimensions of 40 x 10 x 13 inches and weighs the same at 9.3 lbs.

Although the WG510 is larger in size, the identical weight between the two models ensures that both leaf blowers offer comparable portability and ease of handling.

Worx WG509 vs WG510 – Differences

Motor Performance

The WG509 has a maximum air volume of 350 CFM and a maximum airspeed of 210 MPH, whereas the WG510 boasts a higher maximum air volume of 525 CFM but a lower maximum airspeed of 60 MPH.

This difference in motor performance indicates that the WG510 may be better suited for tasks that require more air volume, while the WG509 is ideal for tasks that demand higher airspeed.


The Worx WG509 package comprises a Trivac Blower/Mulcher/Vac and a debris collection bag, while the Worx WG510 set includes a Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower/Mulcher/Yard Vacuum, shoulder strap, and leaf collection bag, providing users with diverse attachments for various lawn care activities.

Worx WG509 vs WG510 – Pros and Cons

Worx WG509
Worx WG509 vs WG510
Worx WG510
Worx WG509 vs WG510
● Higher airspeed of 210 MPH
● 3-in-1 functionality
● Variable Speed Control
● Cruise Control
● Maximum Air Volume of 525 CFM
● Turbine Fusion Technology
● Larger and Comfortable Size
● Shoulder Strap in the Box
● Maximum air volume is only 350 CFM
● No Shoulder Strap
● Maximum Airspeed is only 60 MPH
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Worx WG509 vs WG510 – Which One is Better?

The Worx WG510 leaf blower is a better option based on this comparison. This is because it comes with a higher maximum air volume of 525 CFM. Apart from that, the WG510 also comes with a shoulder strap out of the box.

On the other hand, if you want a higher air speed, then you should choose the WG509 (210 MPH compared to 60 MPH in WG510), since it comes with 350 CFM air volume.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many Speed Controls Are There in Both Worx Leaf Blowers?

Both Worx leaf blowers have 2-speed controls for blowing, vacuuming, and mulching tasks.

Which Fan Technology is There in the Worx WG510 Leaf Blower?

The Worx WG510 comes with TURBINE fan technology which lets it output high airflow.

Is the Worx Leaf Blower Made up of Metal or Plastic?

Both the Worx leaf blowers are completely made up of high-quality plastic.


To summarize, both the Worx leaf blowers are excellent choices to have in your lawn cleaning kit. Both machines come with 3 years of warranty, many advanced features, and robust build quality.

However, when it comes to picking the best one, we would suggest you go with the Worx WG510 leaf blower, especially if you want higher airspeed and a shoulder strap out of the box. But if you want a higher maximum air volume, then choose the Worx WG509.

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