ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80 – How to Choose the Best?

ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80 – How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum?

ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80

Portable and automatic vacuum cleaners are in high demand these days, with many people testing out new brands on the market. ILIFE is another leading brand that manufactures quality vacuum cleaners at affordable prices in the world.

That’s why we compared the two ILIFE V5S Pro cleaning robots with the V80 to help you find the perfect one for your home. Here are the results of our research:

ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80 – Comparison Table:

ProductILIFE V5S Pro
ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80
ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80
Generic NameVacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaner
Body MaterialABS PlasticAluminum
Charging ModeAuto / ManualAuto / Manual
Dustbin Capacity0.3 Liters0.75 Liters
Water Tank Capacity0.3 Liters0.3 Liters
Battery TypeLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Battery Size2600 mAH2600 mAH
Input Voltage14.8 V14.4-14.8 V
Power Consumptions20 Watts22 Watts
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot, Edge, Daily ScheduleClassic, Spot, Edge, Daily
Charging Time280 Minutes300 Minutes
Cleaning Time120 Minutes90 Minutes
Display TypeNALCD
OperationsRemote ControlRemote Control
Mopping ClothYesYes
Mopping PadYesYes
Dry CleanerYesYes
Wet CleaningYesYes
Schedule CleaningYesYes
Storage Temp.-10 to 40 °C-10 to 40 °C
SurfacesWood, Carpet, Floor, etc.Wood, Carpet, Floor, etc.
Weight2.05 Kg2.7 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions300 x 300 x 81 mm330 x 330 x 80 mm
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ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80 – What’s the same?

Type & Use

Both ILIFE V5S Pro and V80 are robot vacuum cleaners that work around the clock to help you clean the house with automatic functions. The devices use many automatic sensors and smart programs to navigate around the room without bumping and breaking things.


The vacuum cleaners come with high-powered charges that do not even require you to plug in the device. Yes, the vacuum cleaner charges itself to always stay powered up when it’s time to clean in your house. They also have manual charging options, so if you have not used the cleaner for a long time and the battery is completely drained out, the device gives you an option to change it.

Cleaning Modes

Even though both devices have different names for cleaning modes, we found that they work the same. Each device comes with a total of 4 cleaning modes for you to choose from depending on the accuracy and comfort you need. Plus, you can switch on the daily mode and let the vacuum robot do all the work with automatic settings.


Each vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery that ensures to give you long, stable hours of use without losing much power. The batteries are also eco-friendly and require no maintenance over the years. They have a total power of 2600 mAh of capacity which is more than enough to last a whole day in optimal use. 

ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80 – What’s so different?

Design & Build

Even though both cleaners are round in shape, the design and build are completely different from each other. The first device comes with a gold-colored body while the other device features a silver and black color combination. The V5S Pro is made from ABS plastic which also makes it lighter while the second device is made from Aluminum is better for long-lasting work.

Interface & Display

The ILIFE V5S comes with touch-sensitive control without any built-in display while the V80 features an LCD that you can control with buttons on the side. Both devices can also be controlled with remote controls or you could leave the overall operations to automatic programs which use different settings to run.

Power & Technology

ILIFE V5S Pro vacuum cleaner uses less power while cleaning your home with the same battery and input source. This is mainly due to the upgraded technology used in ILIFE V5S that is i-Drop instead of i-Move in ILIFE V80 portable cleaner.


After closely comparing the capacity of both vacuum cleaners we can safely say the ILIFE V80 gives you more. The water tank capacity of both devices is the same while the dustbin capacity differs. You get more space on the V80 vacuum cleaner to store more dust and small particles without the need to empty the tank.

ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80 – Pros & Cons

ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80
ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80
● Remote control
● Portable and light
● Cleans corners efficiently
● Automatic settings
● Stylish design
● Strong suction
● Makes no noise
● Big dust bag
● Smart navigation
● Works with multiple floors
● Less Capacity
● Made from plastic
● More power usage
● More charging time
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ILIFE V5S Pro vs V80 – Which one’s the best?

The ILIFE V80 is the best device among the two cleaners because of its better build quality that gives you more storage space to collect dust and debris around the house. The vacuum cleaner also comes with automatic functions and a faster cleaning rate than the other device making it slightly better for everyone.

General FAQs

Q. Can it clean rough floors?

The vacuum cleaner can clean rough floors in dry mode.

Q. Do I need to map the room for it to work?

No, the vacuum cleaner does this automatically.

Q. Can It remove spots?

The spot mode works best to clean specific areas.

Q. Can it clean stairs?

Yes, with the ram-climbing function both vacuum cleaners climb.


In our opinion, both automatic vacuum cleaners are great devices because they have so much in common. If you need an affordable cleaner that charges quickly, uses less power, and weighs less then choose the ILIFE V5S Pro. And people who need a better build device that can last long and perform daily cleaning in your house automatically choose the ILIFE V80.

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