Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I – Which One is Best?

The Bosch SMS46KI03I and Bosch SMS66GI01I are two of the most popular dishwashers with excellent performance, great specifications, and affordable pricing. This comparison of the Bosch SMS46KI03I and SMS66GI01I Dishwasher will help you decide which is a better fit for you.

Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I

Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I – Comparison Table:

DishwasherBosch SMS46KI03I
Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I
Bosch SMS66GI01I
Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I
TypeFree StandingFree Standing
Capacity14 Place Settings13 Place Settings
Noise Level46 dB52 dB
ColorStainless SteelStainless Steel
Interior LightNoNo
Removal TopYesYes
Electricity Consumption0.92 kWh1.02 kWh
Water Consumption9.5 L9.5 L
Number of Wash Programs6 Programs6 Programs
Number of racks33
Adjustable racksYesYes
Drying SystemHeat ExchangerInherent Heat
Express WashNoYes
Stain Proof CoatingNoNo
Display TypeLEDLED
Child LockYesYes
Dimensions845 x 600 x 600 mm845 x 600 x 600 mm
Weight52.1 Kg44.3 Kg
Warranty2 Year2 Year
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Energy, water consumption and program duration of Bosch SMS46KI03I Dishwasher

List of program namesEnergy consumption (kWh)Water consumption (L)Program duration (minutes)
Quick L1.31060

Energy, water consumption and program duration of Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher

List of program namesEnergy  consumption (kWh)Water  consumption (L)Time duration (Minutes)
Intensive Plus1.7514-1780-90
Normal Express1.351459
Quick wash0.81029

Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I – Similarities

Dishwasher Type

The Bosch SMS46KI03I and SMS66GI01I dishwashers are both free-standing dishwashers that allow you to place them anywhere in your kitchen or apartment with a drain point and water tap access.

Color Options

When it comes to the color option, both the Bosch SMS46KI03I and SMS66GI01I Dishwashers have only a single-color option, and that is Stainless steel.

Interior Light

Both Bosch SMS46KI03I and SMS66GI01I Dishwashers lack an interior light which is a major drawback of these two dishwashers and can be a deal breaker for some buyers.

Water Consumption

Both dishwashers consume around 9.5 liters of water per wash cycle. If you think they are consuming too much water, then you can utilize the Eco wash or half load mode to save some water.


Both of the dishwashers have a total of 3 racks. Also, all the racks are adjustable, and both dishwashers have a removable top as well.

Stain-Proof Coating

A major disadvantage of these two dishwashers is that they both lack a stain-proof coating. It is a paint coating that can easily absorb dust and pollution stains on the dishwasher.


Both the Bosch SMS46KI03I and SMS66GI01I Dishwashers come with a standard LED panel. The display panel lets you monitor the timer, temperature, and other settings. Also, there are physical buttons in the control panel.

Safety Features

Apart from overload protection, both of these dishwashers come with the child lock safety button, which, when pressed, activates the child mode. This mode prevents accidental button presses and keeps the machine safe from any toddler in your home.


When it comes to the warranty, then both dishwashers have a 2-year brand warranty. Moreover, they also come with a 10-year warranty promise of quality against rusting of the inner tub.

Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I – Difference


The Bosch SMS46KI03I comes with 14-place settings. On the flip side, the Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher comes with 13 place settings, which is not a significant difference.

Noise Levels

The Bosch SMS46KI03I produces around 46 dB of noise, whereas the Bosch SMS66GI01I produces around 52 dB, making it a noisy dishwasher in comparison to the Bosch SMS46KI03I dishwasher.

Power Consumption

The Bosch SMS66GI01I consumes around 1.02 kWh per wash cycle in comparison to the 0.92 kWh of the Bosch SMS46KI03I, which will add up to your monthly electricity bills, so you need to be careful choosing the right model.

Drying System

The Bosch SMS46KI03I dishwasher comes with the Heat Exchanger drying system, which takes care of the glasses and porcelain dishes.

Whereas the Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher has an Inherent drying system that uses steam-based heating to dry the dishes, it is not as effective as a heat exchanger drying system.

Express Wash

The SMS66GI01I dishwasher comes with the express wash feature, while the Bosch SMS46KI03I doesn’t have the express wash feature, which is a major drawback of this dishwasher.


Last but not least, the Bosch SMS46KI03I is heavy in comparison to the Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher as it weighs around 52.1 kg in comparison to the 44.3 kg of the SMS66GI01I dishwasher.

Wash Programs

There are a total of 6 wash programs in both of these dishwashers. The Bosch SMS46KI03I comes with Auto, Economy, Glass, Intensive, Pre-Rinse, and Quick L wash. In contrast, the SMS66GI01I dishwasher comes with Auto, quick wash, economy, pre-rinse, intense wash, and normal wash programs.

Additional options

Bosch SMS46KI03I Dishwasher:

  1. Extra day: Extra dry adds the extra heat that gives you better dry results also it kills the bacteria.
  2. Intensive zone: Intensive zone option is used to clean the soiled dishes in the basket by increasing the pressure of the spray and by raising the temperature.
  3. Machine care: Machine care option is used to kill bacteria and also removes limescale in the dishwasher interior.
  4. Vario Speed Pluss: Vario Speed Plus option washes the dishes 50% faster in any program.

Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher

  • Eco wash: It consumes less energy and less water.
  • Half load: It is used if the dishwasher is half filled. and also, it washes dishes quickly.
  • Extra dry: Extra dry option is used to kill the bacteria and makes the dishes dry faster.

Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I – Pros and Cons

Bosch SMS46KI03I
Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I
Bosch SMS66GI01I
Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I
● 14 Place settings
● Low noise levels
● Less power consumption
● Better drying system
● Lightweight and portable
● Express wash feature
● 2-year warranty
● LED display
● Heavyweight
● High noise levels
● More power consumption
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Bosch SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GI01I – Which One is Better?

The Bosch SMS46KI03I is a better dishwasher as it comes with a better drying system that takes care of delicate glass dishes, cups, and glasses. Moreover, this dishwasher consumes less power and also has low noise levels. On the other hand, it is also slightly more expensive than the Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Average Temperature Range of Bosch SMS46KI03I?

The average temperature of Bosch SMS46KI03I is 45 to 65-degree celsius.

What is the maximum program duration of Bosch SMS46KI03I?

The maximum program duration of the Bosch SMS46KI03I is around 210 minutes for Program 3.

What is the average power consumption of Bosch dishwashers?

The average power consumption is around 250 to 280 kWh per year.


The Bosch SMS66GI01I and Bosch SMS46KI03I dishwashers are very similar. They both perform very identically. However, based on the comparison above, you would be able to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

In our recommendation, the Bosch SMS46KI03I dishwasher is a better choice as it has better specifications, which makes it suitable for every household.

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