Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420 – Which One is Best?

Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420 – How to Choose the Best Espresso machine?

Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420

Home espresso machines are in high demand these days. Breville & Delonghi are two coffee makers on the market known for having the best quality equipment in the entire coffee industry today. They have portable, easy to use, and fast espresso makers, but which one to choose?

Here’s a comparison of the Breville ESP8XL and Delonghi ECP3420 to help you choose the right machine that meets your needs.

Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420 – Comparison Table:

ProductBreville ESP8XL
Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420
Delonghi ECP3420
Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420
TypeEspresso & Cappuccino Maker Espresso & Cappuccino Maker
ColorSilverSilver & Black
Body MaterialStainless SteelPlastic
Boiler MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Capacity41 oz37 + 1.1 oz
ControlsManual KnobManual Knob
Pump15 Bar15 Bar
Pump TypeItalian PumpItalian Pump
Power1000 W1100 W
Input Voltage110-120 V120 V
FiltersSingle Shot, Double Shot, PodSingle Shot, Double Shot, Pod
Filtering TechnologyDual Wall CremaDual Wall Crema
Steam WandYesYes
Temperature ControlNoNo
Heat IndicatorYesYes
Warming TrayYesYes
Water Level IndicatorNoYes
Removable Drip TrayYesYes
ESE Pods CompatibleYesYes
Removable Water TankNoYes
Weight13 Pounds9 Pounds
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimension28.5 x 30 x 36.7 cm18.5 x 24.0 x 30.5 cm
AccessoriesStainless Steel Milk Jug, Tamping Tool, Measuring Spoon, Cleaning Tool3-in-1 Filter Holder, Cleaning Kit
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420 – What’s the same?


Both the Breville ESP8XL and Delonghi ECP3420 consist of a stainless-steel water heater that keeps the water warm for hours on end to help you save energy. Both devices heat the water quickly, letting you know when it’s ready to brew a delicious, perfect coffee.


Both espresso brands are equipped with a 15 bar Italian pump built into the device to help you extract coffee at maximum pressure. So when the water goes through the ground coffee beans, you get the authentic taste of espresso in any drink you brew with any one of the devices.


Depending on the amount of coffee desired, consumers have the option to choose between single and double shots in the drink. Both devices are compatible with ESP capsules to quickly wake you up from drowsy mornings in one gulp.

Milk Frother & Steam Wand

A milk frother is attached to the two coffee machines for preparing other drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes without the need for additional accessories. Both devices offer a steam hose through which you can turn milk into a thick, smooth foam within minutes and create famous brands of coffee.


Each device has a manual knob for preparing espresso or cappuccino. Once you give the coffee makers a little time to heat up and once the machine is ready to go, you can start brewing using any type of coffee by manually turning the knob in one direction.

Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420 – What’s so different?

Design & Build

Design-wise, the Breville ESP8XL espresso maker is top of the line. Not only do you get a stainless-steel material frame that lasts a long time, but also looks premium on the outside. The exterior of the Delonghi ECP3420 is made of plastic, but users can choose from four different color options.


Even with its heavier frame, the Breville ESP8XL uses less energy to brew coffee every day and saves electricity at the end of each month. The Delonghi coffee maker uses 100 watts more electricity than the original machine, so it costs more than the entire electricity bill per year.

Tank & Capacity

When comparing the capacity of the Breville ESP8XL and Delonghi ECP3420, we noticed a clear difference. The Breville espresso maker features a larger 41-ounce water reservoir, while the Delonghi has a 38.1-ounce capacity. One of the advantages of buying a Delonghi is that the tank is removable, which can help you clean and maintain your equipment quickly.

Espresso Quality

Both machines are designed to give you the best possible espresso, but the Breville ESP8XL wins the overall flavor thanks to an automated process that makes the perfect coffee every time. This is mainly due to the heating indicator, which works 24/7 to notify you once the water is warm to keep the brewing temperature constant.

User Friendliness

The Breville ESP8XL is easy for anyone to use as there aren’t many special options, so there’s no way to change the taste of the coffee in this device. Delonghi is better for those who like to change their coffee recipe and create unique flavors of their choice.

Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420 – Pros & Cons

Breville ESP8XL
Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420
Delonghi ECP3420
Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420
● Made from stainless steel
● Long stream wand
● Offers better capacity
● More accessories
● Removable drip tray
● More control options
● Faster to use
● Water level indicator
● One-year warranty
● Light & portable device
● Fewer controls
● Higher Price
● Plastic Build
● Less water tank capacity
● More power consumption
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

Breville ESP8XL vs Delonghi ECP3420 – Which one’s the best?

If you don’t want to control every setting and get the perfect cup of espresso at the touch of a button, you should get the Breville ESP8XL coffee machine. The device is easy to use and gives you a constant coffee taste with every brew. Other features such as a steamer, foam maker, and overall brew quality make it a better device for anyone with a coffee addiction.

General FAQs

Q. Is the heating unit stainless steel or aluminum?

The heating system is made of stainless steel.

Q. How do you regulate the steam flow?

You can rotate the rod from left to right to adjust the flow as needed.

Q. Is the machine automatic?

Both devices are semi-automatic coffee machines.

Q. What about maintenance?

You will need to clean the machine every few weeks to keep the coffee taste authentic.

Q. Does it come with a tamper?

Yes, both devices come with tamper.


After comparing the Breville ESP8XL and Delonghi ECP3420, we advise users to go with the first device. The reason for our offer is the overall taste, build quality and many other features mentioned above. However, the Delonghi ECP3420 brand isn’t too far behind, so people on a smaller budget can also grab this machine and get their morning espresso, cappuccino or latte for a fraction of the price.

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