Green Soul New York vs Jupiter – Which One is Best?

Green Soul New York vs Jupiter – How to Choose the Best Chair?

Green Soul New York vs Jupiter

Green Soul is a great brand for finding chairs. Many people use it in studios, workplaces or personal offices. However, the brand has many different options that frustrate regular consumers in the market looking to buy their first office chair. That’s why we compare New York vs Jupiter chairs from the same brand to help you make the right choice.

Here are all the similarities and differences between the two:

Green Soul New York vs Jupiter – Comparison Table:

ProductGreen Soul New York
Green Soul New York vs Jupiter
Green Soul Jupiter
Green Soul New York vs Jupiter
TypeOffice ChairOffice Chair
Capacity110 Kg125 Kg
Wheel TypeDual castor PU wheelsDual castor PU wheels
Wheel Size56
Tilt Ratio1:12:1
Tilt MechanismKnee Tilt MechanismSynchro-Tilt Mechanism
Tilt LockYesYes
Max Tilt Angle135 Degree135 Degree
Adjustable Neck PillowYesYes
Backrest Height69 cm71 cm
Backrest Shoulder Width3951
Height AdjustabilityYesYes
Seat Height (Min/Max)46-56 cm44-56 cm
Height Suitability5.2 – 6.0 ft5.0 – 5.10 ft
Gas LiftClass 4Class 4
Adjustable ArmrestYesYes
Armrest Height Range7 cm8 cm
Seat Surface MaterialMeshMesh
Seat Back MaterialMeshMesh
Lumbar Support MaterialMeshFabric
Frame MaterialNylonNylon and Glass Fiber
Chair Base MaterialMetalNylon
Chair Back MaterialLeatheretteLeatherette
Package Weight1816
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Seat Dimensions51 x 50 cm50 x 51 cm
Package Dimensions105 x 67 x 50 cm70 x 65 x 44 cm
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Green Soul New York vs Jupiter – What’s the same?


Unlike ordinary chairs, Green Soul New York and Jupiter are two ergonomic chairs that help you reduce neck and shoulder strain when sitting. You get all kinds of armrests and back support that standard chairs may not offer. The chairs also help you increase work productivity by helping you focus on your main goals and daily tasks.

Neck Pillow

To support your neck while working, both Green Soul chairs are equipped with a neck pillow that prevents muscle strain. The neck pillow is very comfortable because you can adjust it accordingly to never get complaints of neck & body pain from working in the office.


Another similarity between the two chairs is the long warranty. Yes, you get a three-year warranty against manufacturing and shipping errors. So if you encounter any problems after shipping, simply contact the brand to help you replace or return the product at no extra cost.

Green Soul New York vs Jupiter – What’s so different?

Height Adjustment

To make you feel comfortable in the office during long working hours, you have the option to change the seat height of both office chairs. The difference, however, is in the range of adjustments. Green Soul New York gives customers more height range to better adapt the chair to their personal space.

Tilt Control

Tilt (the angle of your back seat) is another important adjustment to protect your spine and allow a more comfortable sitting position over time. Although both office chairs are available with tilt control, they have separate mechanisms. Plus, Green Soul Jupiter offers users more freedom of movement when reclining in the chair.

Seat Size

Of course, everyone needs a large chair to be more comfortable and relieve stress on the legs, especially for daily desk work. Green Soul New York beats Jupiter in this regard because the overall size of the seats is much larger in comparison. However, the chair weight is also heavier, making it a little more difficult to move freely.

Armrest Options

Yes, both Green Soul New York and Jupiter come with the same armrest. You can only adjust the 1D armrest in a vertical direction to align with your desk. With the first model, the adjustment range is between seven centimetres, while the other option gives customers eight total centimetres of range.


People who are heavier in weight can choose the Green Soul Jupiter because it supports a capacity of up to 125 kg, while New York can only reach 110 kg. This makes the Jupiter more suitable for people who share a seat with a lot of people or simply need a device that can withstand more pressure.


The seats of both office chairs consist of foam padding and breathable mesh material so you can sit comfortably. However, when the base material of the chair that is attached directly to the wheels is analyzed, it turns out that it consists of different things. Green Soul New York uses metal while Jupiter’s base is made of strong nylon.


The Green Soul Jupiter office chair has larger wheels that run much smoother than the Green Soul New York. This allows the user to have a much better time using the second seat than the first one out of the box at work or any place.

Green Soul New York vs Jupiter – Pros & Cons

Green Soul New York
Green Soul New York vs Jupiter
Green Soul Jupiter
Green Soul New York vs Jupiter
● Improved airflow mesh design
● Not very pricy
● 3 Years of warranty
● High tilt angle
● Adjustable armrest
● Dynamic adjustments
● Simple assembly
● Comfortable headrest
● Powerful gas lift
● Portable & light chair
● Less capacity & tilt
● Small wheel size
● No metal base
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Green Soul New York vs Jupiter – Which one’s the best?

The Green Soul Jupiter is the most stylish, comfortable and ergonomic office chair between the two models. You can go without a metal base, but other perks like greater capacity, better fit, armrests, lumbar support, three-year warranty and larger wheel sizes help you engage in office work with a custom setup.

General FAQs

Q. Can you rotate the armrest?

No, you can only adjust it vertically.

Q. Do I need to assemble it myself?

The chair is available in two parts which you can easily connect.

Q. Can I install an external footrest?

No, the chair does not support extensions.

Q. Is the headrest removable?

Yes, you can remove both headrests.


After comparing the Green Soul New York office chair with Jupiter, you can choose any one of the options. Because both seats are available with height & parts control. Tall people can buy the first office chair, while others who don’t really need some extra inches can select the second option.

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