Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782 – Which One is Best?

Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782 – How to Choose?

Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782

Choosing the best portable vacuum cleaner for the home is no easy task. It’s critical to choose one that meets all of your cleaning requirements without breaking the bank. The Shark AZ1002 and ZU782 are two of the industry’s most popular handheld vacuum cleaners.

The Shark AZ1002 and ZU782 handheld vacuum cleaners outperform other basic handheld vacuum cleaners in terms of features and cost. The issue emerges when you must select between these two options. So here is a detailed guide for Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782.

Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782 – Comparison Table

ProductShark AZ1002
Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782
Shark ZU782
Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782
Motor Power1350 Watts1200 Watts
Suction ControlYesYes
Clean SurfaceDry (Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, etc.)Dry (Floor, Upholstery)
Tank TypeBaglessBagless
Dust Cup Size0.88 qts0.88 qts
Voltage120 Volts120 Volts
Cord Length30 Feet30 Feet
Detachable HandheldYesYes
Dust Bag IndicatorsNoYes
Washable FilterYesYes
FilterWashable HEPA & foam filtersWashable HEPA & foam filters
On-board StorageYesYes
Motorized BrushYesYes
Total No. of Accessories43
AttachmentsExtension Wand, Pet Brush, Dusting Brush, Multi-flex under appliance wandCrevice tool, Upholstery Tool, Pet Power Brush
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
Dimensions28.45 cm x 30.99 cm x 1.17 cm30.7 x 30.988 x 116.07 cm
Weight17.1 lbs17.7 lbs
Warranty5 years5 years
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Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782 – What’s the same?

Variable Suction Control

The Shark AZ1002 and ZU782 both have variable suction control, which allows you to modify the suction power of the vacuum to match different surfaces and situations. This is especially useful when vacuuming delicate rugs, hardwood floors, or other surfaces that may be damaged if you apply too much suction.


Both vacuums offer built-in storage for attachments like dusting brushes, crevice tools, and extension wands. The storage container is positioned at the base of each machine, ensuring that all attachments are readily accessible when needed.

Dust Cup Capacity

Both the vacuum cleaner comes with same size dust cup of 0.88 qts, which may not enough for you. So, you have to clean both the duct cup on a daily basis.  

Cleaning Surface

The Shark AZ1002 and ZU782 can clean all types of dry surfaces in your home. The Shark AZ1002 and ZU782 are both capable of cleaning a wide range of dry surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, tile, floor, and upholstery.

The Shark ZU782, on the other hand, is an upholstery cleaning expert. While the Shark AZ1002 assists in the cleaning of tile, hardwood, and other surfaces. However, both are capable of cleaning all types of dry surfaces.

Filter Type

Both the Shark AZ1002 and ZU782 have a washable and replaceable HEPA & foam filter. The HEPA filter can assist in the removal and trapping of dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne particles. The filters for both vacuums are reusable. However, they must be replaced every 6 months or so.


Both vacuum cleaners come with a 5-year brand warranty. If any part breaks or you receive the vacuum cleaner in a damaged state, the brand will replace the model or part without any hassle for the next 5 years from the date of purchase.

Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782 – What’s so different?

Power Output

The AZ1002 produces more power than the ZU782. It has 1350 watts in total, compared to the ZU782’s 1200 watts. This implies it can deliver additional power for a variety of cleaning jobs and tasks.

When cleaning hardwood, tile, or concrete, you will have more power. Furthermore, it will provide more effective cleaning and greater suction power than the Shark ZU782.

Smart LED Indicators

The Shark ZU782 has smart LED indications, which is an advantage of this cleaner. You’ll know when it’s time to clean the tank. It also has smart brush indications to let you know when it’s time to clean the brush.

Coverage Area

In terms of coverage area, the Shark AZ1002 is a slightly superior alternative due to its 30-foot cord over the Shark ZU782’s 25-foot cord.


The Shark AZ1002 has four attachments, whereas the ZU782 only has three. The most significant attachment for cleaning pet hair comes with the ZU782, which is another advantage of this vacuum cleaner.


The Shark AZ1002 weighs is 17.1 lbs, although the ZU782 is slightly heavier at 17.7 lbs. If you like lightweight vacuum cleaners, the AZ1002 is an option, although it may not be a significant concern.

Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782 – Pros & Cons

Shark AZ1002
Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782
Shark ZU782
Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782
● Strong Motor output
● Larger tank capacity
● Efficient Cleaning
● Easy to assemble
● Smart LED indicators
● On the affordable side
● Pet Hair brush included in the box.
● Ideal suction power
● A little pricy
● No Smart LED indicator
● Not suitable for hard floors
● Slightly heavy
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Shark AZ1002 vs ZU782 – Which one’s the best?

Both the Shark AZ1002 and the ZU782 are low-cost, high-quality handheld vacuum cleaners. Both are lightweight, efficient, and have a lot of suction power.

When it comes to greater value for money, the Shark AZ1002 is a superior choice. Although it is slightly more expensive than the ZU782, it has a better motor output, additional accessories, a longer cable, and a larger bag capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which vacuum cleaner is better for cleaning pet hair?

Because of the attachments included, the Shark ZU782 is an excellent choice for cleaning pet hair.

Are Smart LED lights important in a vacuum cleaner?

They are, undoubtedly, one of the most important features because you’d know when to empty the tank and when to clean the brush.


The Shark AZ1002 outperforms the competition in cleaning performance because of its multi-surface brush roll, which cleans both carpets and hard floors. It also has a more powerful motor, more accessories, and a lighter design.

Because of its advanced accessories, the ZU782 achieves outstanding cleaning performance on floors and upholstery. This model is appropriate if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to the AZ1002. In addition, if you don’t want to miss out on the Smart LED indicators, the ZU782 is your best bet.

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