Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro – Which One is Best?

Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro – How to Choose?

Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro

Agaro Twister and Philips Pro are two vacuum cleaners that are similar in price and offer superior features and a large number of people choose one of these two vacuum cleaners over the other.

However, deciding between these two can be difficult, that’s why we’ve compared the Agaro Twister and Philips Pro vacuum cleaners so you can make an informed decision.

Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro – Comparison Table

ProductAgaro Twister
Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro
Philips PowerPro
Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro
Motor Power2200 Watts1900 Watts
Suction Power25 kPa33 kPa
Clean SurfaceDryDry
Cord Length5 meters6 meters
Dimensions34.2 x 34.2 x 63.6 Centimeters41 x 28.1 x 24.7 Centimeters
Voltage220 volts220 volts
Automatic Cord WinderYesYes
Dust Bag Capacity6 litres1.5 litres
Dust Bag IndicatorsYesNo
Onboard StorageYesNo
WheelsYes (360-degree front swivel)Yes
Total No. of Accessories66
AttachmentsHose Pipe, Floor Brush, Telescopic Metal Tube, Crevice Nozzle, Multipurpose BrushCreative tool, integrated brush, MultiClean Nozzle, Tubeclip, Turbo brush
Net Weight10.66 kg4.5 kg
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
Noise Production60 to 90 dB82 dB
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Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro – What’s the same?

Speed Settings

Variable speed settings are available on both the Philips Pro and the Agaro Twister. Furthermore, these vacuum cleaners have comparable variable speed options. You can adjust the speed settings to suit your needs. Both cleaners feature three distinct settings to select from, ranging from low speed to high suction, depending on your needs.

Cleaning Surface

Only dry surfaces can be cleaned by the Agaro Twister and Philips Pro vacuum cleaners. You can’t clean damp surfaces with either of these vacuum cleaners because they weren’t designed for it. These vacuum cleaners can clean sofas, floors, and carpets.


Both the vacuum cleaners come with long-lasting HEPA filter. So, both the vacuum cleaners efficiently capture dust, dirt and other polluted particles before releasing the air through the exhaust port.

Cord Length

The Agaro Twister and Philips Pro have cord lengths that are similar. Depending on your needs, you may effortlessly clean medium to large rooms. The Agaro Twister comes with a 5-meter cord, whereas the Philips Pro has a 6-meter cord.


Both vacuum cleaners include attachments that are similar. Both vacuum cleaners come without any additional accessories. You’re short on accessories whether you want to clean your car or clean different areas of your house. Both variants come with only six attachments.

Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro – What’s so different?

Motor Power

While both vacuum cleaners have a strong motor, the difference is in the power output. The Philips Pro features a 1900-Watt motor, whereas the Agaro Twister has a 2200-Watt motor. As a result, the Agaro Twister can produce more output while cleaning effectively.

Suction Power

The Agaro Twister has low suction power than the Philips Pro since it has a 25 kPa suction power compared to the Philips Pro’s 33 kPa. This means Philips will be able to collect more dust particles from your carpet or floor than the Agaro Twister.

Dust Bag Capacity

There is a huge difference between these two vacuum cleaners in terms of tank capacity. Due to its bagless design, the Philips Pro’s tank capacity is only 1.5 litres. The Agaro Twister, on the other hand, has a 6-litre tank, which is ideal for lazy people who don’t like to clean their tanks.

LED Indicators

The Twister comes with a dust bag indicator light. However, the Philips Pro does not. When it’s time to empty the dust bag or replace the filters, the indicator lights will let you know, which is a very important feature. However, the Philips Pro has a transparent bag-less design, so you can easily identify when it’s time to empty the bag.


The Agaro Twister includes a blower that may be used to clean a variety of surfaces. The Philips Pro, on the other hand, lacks a blower, which is an essential part of any vacuum cleaner. You can clean the leaves from your roof or yard with the blower function on a cleaner.


When it comes to warranties, there is a significant difference between the two vacuum cleaners. The Agaro Twister has a one-year warranty, but the Philips Pro has a two-year warranty.

Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro – Pros & Cons

Agaro Twister
Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro
Philips PowerPro
Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro
● Bigger tank
● Long-lasting HEPA filter
● Powerful motor output
● Effective cleaning
● Transparent bag-less design
● Lightweight and portable
● Better build quality
● Good suction power
● Blower is weak
● Attachments aren’t enough
● Blower is not available
● Insufficient attachments
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Agaro Twister vs Philips Pro – Which one’s the best?

In comparison to Philips, the Agaro Twister does not have as strong a market presence. However, when compared to the Philips Pro cleaner, the Agaro Twister is a better option. This is due to the fact that it has a powerful motor, blower, dust bag indications, and a larger tank capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Philips Pro come with Car cleaning accessories?

No, the Philips Pro does not have car cleaning accessories.

Can Agaro Twister be used for cleaning curtains?

Yes, the Agaro Twister comes with attachments that can clean the curtain, sofa, and mattress.


Overall, both have their different advantage but, If you need value for money vacuum cleaner then Agaro is the perfect choice for you. It is very easy to use and comes with a powerful motor, blower and etc.

But, if you like Philips branding and want a lightweight vacuum cleaner for occasional use then the Philips Pro is also a good alternative.

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