Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta – Which One is Best?

Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta – How to Choose the Best One?

Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta

Morphy Richards is a UK based brand that has gained a large consumer base in India while trading high-quality kitchen utensils & appliances. They sell some of the best OTG ovens at affordable prices for modern kitchens.

Check out this Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta comparison to find the perfect OTG oven with the best features to reduce your daily tasks.

Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta – Comparison Table:

ProductMorphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS
Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta
Morphy Richards OTG 52 Besta
Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta
Capacity52 Liters52 Liters
Body MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Wire RackYesYes
Timer120 Min.120 Min.
Power TypeACAC
Power Requirement50Hz50Hz
Auto Menu10
Crumb TrayYesYes
Control PanelMechanicalMechanical
Mirror Finish DoorYesYes
Range100 – 230 °C0 – 230 °C
Temperature ControlYesYes
AccessoriesTong for Rotisserie Rod, Baking Tray, Kebab Rod Set (2 Discs with 10 Rods), Four Skewer Rods, Tong for Baking Tray, Wire Grill / Tray, Crumb Tray, Rotisserie Rod with Two Prongs1 OTG, Baking Tray, Wire Rack, Rotisserie Rod, Kebab Rod Set, Tongs, Crumb Tray
Heat SelectorYesYes
Keep Warm FunctionYesYes
Dimensions (W x H x D)37 x 34 x 41.1 cm47.5 x 46 x 61 cm
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Weight13.6 Kg10.6 Kg
Bake ModeYesYes
Illuminated ChamberYesYes
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Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta – What’s the same?


Most microwave ovens are available in 15, 20, 30 and 30+ liter capacities for families of different sizes. The larger the capacity, the more food can be prepared at one time. Both OTG ovens have a capacity of 52 liters, which is recommended for more than 4-6 members.


Unlike other companies, OTG ovens from Morphy Richards are made from a stainless steel body to offer the best heat flow and save power that gets lost due to other materials. Another benefit of stainless steel is that people get long-lasting ovens that they can use in the home every day.

Power Consumption

In our comparison between Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta, we found that both ovens consume the same 2000 W of average power. They even run on the same 50 Hz current available in India with any AC output of your house.


People who like to buy frozen food in India are in luck because RCSS and Besta both have a defrost function that allows all kinds of frozen food to be heated immediately. All you have to do is press the defrost button and set the OTG oven to 20 to 30% power and weigh it for10 minutes to start eating again.

Panel Type

You get a hand control panel for heating food in both microwave ovens. There are three dial buttons to control the temperature, function and time on your device, which you can use to select the settings according to your needs.

Touchpads with screen buttons are much better, but these are only available in high-end microwave ovens, which usually cost more money.


Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS and Besta, offer 2 years of warranty with no coverage for accessories of the microwaves. So, if there was a factory defect or any problem in your microwave within these two years you can expect to get a full repair completely free of charge.

Keep Warm Function

Imagine having worked at home with no mealtimes, the OTG RCSS and Besta heat-holding features can help. This function keeps your food warm in the microwave without having to reheat or use additional energy in the background.

Wire Rack

Both ovens have removable grilles that allow your food to heat up completely on each side using less energy. The OTG grill also cooks and heats food quickly, avoiding overheating, so the perfect dish is always ready to eat.

Power Rating

You get 5 stars from these two devices that work to help keep your electric bill to a minimum at all times, even in busy homes or businesses where the microwave is constantly being used. People who cook large meals for family or friends should purchase a 52 liter oven, usually if you are responsible for more than 5 people.

Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta – What’s different?

Temperature Range

Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta comes with a similar end range of 230 degrees C but the minimum range is a whole new story. The RCSS starts from 100 °C of heat while the Besta starts from 0 to give more temperature control in making low-heat dishes.

Auto Menu

The first product from Morphy Richards gives you one auto menu to save any power and time setting to make food that you always eat. This allows you to save time and you won’t have to set the same settings again and again in your OTG oven.


The RCSS OTG offers more accessories than Besta, such as baking sheets, prongs, wire grills and more to help you in the kitchen. Besta offers only the basics, nothing extra you need when cooking.

Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta – Pros & Cons:

Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS
Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta
Morphy Richards OTG 52 Besta
Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta
● Better accessories
● Look great from outside
● 1 Auto menu
● 2 Years of warranty
● More temperature control
● 2 Years of warranty
● Allows defrosting
● Descent power consumption
● No child lock
● No Preheat Feature
● Less temperature control
● Lots of capacity.
● No child lock
● No, preheat feature
● No Auto menu
● Only available in black colour
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Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta – Which one’s the best?

If you are a conservative buyer then the Morphy Richards OTG 52 Besta is an affordable oven available in the online market with similar features to RCSS.

However, those who like the best of the best can choose RCSS because it gives you a little more accessories and functionality to make better food in the kitchen with your microwave.


In this guide, we’ve looked at a comparison between the Morphy Richards OTG 52 RCSS vs Besta Microwave Ovens, which you can buy online. Besta offers similar features in a lower price range, while RCSS is the best choice for many users due to its looks. Both ovens have good quality features to choose from depending on your kitchen needs.

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