Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2 – How to Choose?

Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2 – Which One is Best?

Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you might be difficult with so many alternatives on the market. However, the vacuum cleaner business is dominated by two popular vacuum cleaners.

Karcher WD3 Vacuum Cleaner and the Eureka Forbes WD X2 are the 2 vacuum cleaners ruling this industry. The difficult part is deciding which of these two is the best. So, here’s a quick comparison and guide to assist you in selecting the best one for your requirements.

Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2 – Comparison

ProductKarcher WD3
Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2
Eureka Forbes WDX2
Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2
Motor Power1000 Watts1300 Watts
Suction Power200 Air Watts526 Air Watts
Voltage220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz230 V / 50 Hz
Clean SurfaceWet and DryWet and Dry
Cord Length4 meters15 meters
Run TimeNA60 minutes
Auto-Filter CleaningYesYes
Dust Bag Capacity17 litres8 litres
Dust Bag IndicatorsNoYes
Smart LED IndicatorsNoYes
Onboard StorageNoYes
FilterCartridge typeHEPA type
Total No. of Accessories1513
Water SprayerNoNo
Noise ProductionUp to 75 dBUp to 85 dB
Net Weight6 kg6.67 kg
Dimension388 x 340 x 503 mm330 x 355 x 490 mm
Warranty1 year1 year
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Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2 – What’s the same?

When comparing the Karcher WD3 and the Eureka Forbes WDX2 vacuum cleaners, it’s clear why these two models are so popular. Cleaning surfaces, attachments, modes, blower, and other features are all similar in these two models.

Cleaning Surfaces

Both vacuum cleaners are capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets. Furthermore, they can clean both dry and damp surfaces. Not only that but both of these cleaners may be used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.


When it comes to accessories, both vacuum cleaner models provide about the same number of options. The Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner comes with 13, while the Karcher WD3 comes with a total of 15 accessories. Furthermore, the majority of the accessories included in the box are relatively identical.


Standard cleaning mode, aggressive cleaning mode, long-distance mode (for cleaning stairs), and turbo boost mode are all available on both machines.

The Karcher WD3 differs simply in that it features a “multi-floor” mode for vacuuming carpets and hard surfaces at the same time. However, when it comes to cleaning modes, they are very comparable.

Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2 – What’s so different?

While the Karcher WD3 and Eureka Forbes WDX2 vacuum cleaners have many similarities, they also have many significant differences, making them both unique. Both models differ in terms of motor power, tank capacity, filter type, and LED indications.

Motor Output

The Eureka Forbes WDX2 vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1300-watt suction motor that readily pulls trash in. The Karcher WD3, on the other hand, has a 1000 Watt motor, which is powerful but not as powerful as the Eureka Forbes. In comparison to the Karcher vacuum cleaner, the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner can effortlessly pick up dirt and debris.

Suction Power

In terms of suction power, there is a significant difference between the two vacuum cleaners. The Eureka Forbes WD X2 has a suction power of 526 Air Watts, however, the Karcher WD3 has only 200 Air Watts, which is much less. More the suction power you get better cleaning in a less amount of time.

Tank Capacity

The Karcher WD3 has a 17-litre tank capacity, whereas the Eureka Forbes WDX2 has an 8-litre tank capacity. As a result, there is a significant difference in tank capacity.

This means you can clean for longer periods of time with each blank tank without needing to empty your filthy container. Not only that but just because Karcher’s tank capacity is larger doesn’t mean it’s heavier. It is only 6.67 kgs in weight, while the Eureka Forbes cleaner is 6 kgs.

Filter Type

The HEPA filter on the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is different from the Cartridge filter on the Karcher WD3. The HEPA filter is similar to a metal mesh filter, whereas the Cartridge filter is similar to a foam filter. However, in the actual world, you might not notice a significant difference between the two while cleaning.


Both the Eureka Forbes WDX2 and the Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaners come with a blower. In both versions, the blower function is the same.

The blower’s power has been mentioned by Eureka Forbes (1400 Litre / Minute), but the Karcher blower’s power is unclear. However, in terms of actual usage, they both have comparable blowing power.

Smart LED Indicators

When the dust bag becomes full of dirt, the Eureka Forbes cleaner has a smart LED indicator that will alert you. However, the Karcher WD3 lacks an LED indicator, requiring you to manually check the dust bag multiple times.

Cord Length

The Eureka Forbes WDX2 has a 15-meter long cord, which is useful for cleaning distance from the power supply. The Karcher WD3 comes with a 4-meter short chord, which can be a disadvantage.

Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2 – Pros and Cons

Karcher WD3
Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2
Eureka Forbes WDX2
Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2
● Locking feature
● Detachable handles
● Ample suction power
● Easy to maintain
● Powerful motor
● Auto-stop feature
● Long cord for easy cleaning
● LED indicators
● Wheel quality is average
● Short cord length
● Side clip are of low quality
● No LED indicators
● Noisy
● Small Tank capacity
● No auto cord winder
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Karcher WD3 vs Eureka Forbes WDX2 – Which one’s the best?

The Karcher WD3 offers greater value for money and good features, while the Eureka Forbes WDX2 is your best pick if you require a vacuum with many premium features and comes from a reputable company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Karcher WD3 be used without the filter?

Yes, the Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaner can also be used without a filter for only dry cleaning.

Can you clean Water Tank with Karcher WD3?

Yes, you can clean the water tank with a Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaner. However, you have to remove all the filters from the vacuum cleaner before cleaning the tank.

Does Eureka Forbes WD X2 have Water Sprayer?

No, the Eureka Forbes WD X2 does not have a water sprayer in it.

How to use the blower of a vacuum cleaner?

You can use the blower of a vacuum cleaner by pressing the dedicated button given on the cleaner. You can turn it on and then use it to remove leaves, dust, and large debris from any surface.


The Eureka Forbes model costs nearly twice as much as the Karcher WD3. However, there is a significant difference in terms of features.

The Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner comes with a strong motor, more suction power, increased suction capacity, smart LED indicators, a HEPA filter and other features. But when it comes to greater value for money, the Karcher WD3 takes the lead because it delivers numerous features for half the price of the Eureka Forbes WD X2.

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