Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max – Which Projector is Best?

Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max – How to Choose the Best?

Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max

Projectors are better than TVs because you get a cheaper device with bigger screen size and better picture quality. They allow you to learn and take notes in new ways while providing a more comfortable experience without eye strain.

Today we compared the Wzatco S6 with the Wanbo T6 Max, two of the most popular projectors on the market, to find a better device. So, here’s everything you need to know:

Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max – Comparison Table:

ProductWzatco S6
Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max
Wanbo T6 Max
Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max
Body ColorBlackWhite
Picture QualityFull-HDFull-HD
Resolution1920 x 10801920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Projection Size40-250 Inches25.5 Inches
Android Version9.09.0
Brightness8,000 Lumens6,500 Lumens
ASIN715 Lumens550 Lumen
Light SourceLEDLED
Light Source Life50,000 Hrs.20,000 Hrs.
Dust FilterRemovableNo
App ManagerGoogle Play StoreGoogle Play Store
Electronic FocusYesYes
Digital ZoomYesYes
Interface2 x HDMI, 2 x USB, AVAV, Headphone, USB x 2, HDMI
WirelessBluetooth 5.0, Wi-FiBluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi
5G SupportYesYes
4D Keystone CorrectionYesYes
Speakers1 x 5 Watt2 x 5 Watt 
Speaker TypeHi-fi Stereo SpeakersHi-fi Stereo Speakers
Dolby AudioYesYes
Ceiling MountYesNo
Wireless RemoteYesYes
Weight2 Kg1.94 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions305 x 230 x 110 mm195 x 137 x 201 mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max – What’s the same?


The Wzatco S6 and Wanbo T6 Max are two projectors capable of displaying video in Full HD settings. They have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 by default, so playing things like music videos, movies, and YouTube remains smooth. They also maintain the most common 16:9 aspect ratio for watching TV without any problems.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom helps you reduce or enlarge an image to fit your screen size. This feature is available on both projectors, so you don’t lose a lot of quality when enlarging an image. Unfortunately, neither of them supports optical zoom, which is a much better feature for maintaining high pixels.

Electronic Focus

You can access the electronic focus and adjust the image settings remotely without disturbing the projector screen. Also, you no longer need to adjust the device manually because both projectors are equipped with this automatic function.

Wireless Options

You get the latest Bluetooth 5.0 on the Wzatco S6 and Wanbo T6 Max to access the speakers from anywhere in the room. Another wireless option is Wi-Fi that connects to your phone to see the life channel from the projector’s lens.

Dolby Audio

To help you control the playback performance of each video or song, you get Dolby Audio speaker support. They allow you to hear quiet dialogue without the background noise that does not take over the entire playback. Plus, you get a central audio output to cover the entire room and reproduce channels in high quality.

Android OS

You get Android 9 (Pie) on both projectors. Both devices also support the Google Play Store, so you can easily download apps and play games on it and enjoy an up to the mark experience right from the comfort of your own home.

Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max – What’s so different?

Design & Build

There are no design similarities between the two projectors. On the first device, you get a large black frame that is meant to be placed on a table. While the Wanbo T6 Max is a portable white projector that you can take with you everywhere. It also comes with a strap for you to hold while the first device offers no such thing.


Wzatco S6 has a large projection size, which can easily cover a large home screen to deliver a cinematic experience. The projection size of the S6 can reach up to 250 inches wide, while other devices only reach 25.5 inches due to its smaller size.


Both the Wzatco S6 and Wanbo T6 use LED lamps to display videos and photos, but the brightness levels are very different. With the Wzatco S6 you get an impressive brightness of up to 8,000 lumens, while the T6 Max only gets around 6,500 lumens. This made the first projectors brighter and better for daytime use.

Dust Filter

Dust particles can enter the projector and damage the image quality, which is why a dust filter is used. Only the Wzatco S6 is equipped with a removable dust filter which you can clean from time to time and maintain the projector’s image quality.


Since the Wzatco S6 is a larger device, you have a wider choice of ports compared to the Wanbo T6 Max. You get additional HDMI and USB ports on the Wzatco S6 projector, while the T6 comes with a built-in headphone jack, which the former doesn’t have.

Mount & Speakers

You can easily mount the Wzatco S6 projector on the wall/ceiling as it comes with an official stand. This is not the case with Wanabo T6 Max because you have to buy an extra wall mount from some other brand to wall-mount it.

Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max – Pros & Cons

Wzatco S6
Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max
Wanbo T6 Max
Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max
● Seamless video streaming
● Fast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection
● Android 9.0 OS
● Longer lamp life
● Easy to play games
● Remote control
● Supports Full-HD playback
● Quad-core processor
● Supports 5G
● Portable and light
● Dual-band Wi-Fi
● Not portable
● No Headphone jack
● Less brightness
● Lower LED life
● Higher in price
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Wzatco S6 vs Wanbo T6 Max – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the two projectors, we prefer the Wzatco S6. It comes with a large projection range, more brightness, longer lamp life, and Android 9 to download and play all the movies and games from the device alone.

General FAQ

Q. Does it support Fire TV Stick?

Yes, they both do.

Q. Can I use it as a computer screen?

Yes, you can connect your computer directly via the USB port.

Q. Does it support Netflix?

Yes, both devices support Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming apps.

Q. Can I use the IR blaster of my phone as a remote?

Yes, if your phone supports it, it can work.


If you need a home projector with the best features, choose the Wzatco S6. It has all the powerful benefits that will allow you to turn any venue into a home theatre. However, people who need a portable projector to take on parties or outside should opt for the second option.

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