Green Soul Monster vs Vision – Which One is Best?

Green Soul Monster vs Vision – How to Choose the Best?

Green Soul Monster vs Vision

For gamers, chairs that are ergonomic, sturdy and comfortable are the best. With a variety of brands, models and options to choose from, we’ve compared the Green Soul Monster to the Vision. These are outstanding gaming chairs on the market that many use streams in their daily life.

Read carefully to find your next chair with the best features.

Green Soul Monster vs Vision – Comparison Table:

ProductGreen Soul Monster
Green Soul Monster vs Vision
Green Soul Vision
Green Soul Monster vs Vision
TypeGaming ChairGaming Chair
ColourBlue, Red, White, Silver, BlackSlate, Earth, Black 
Capacity135 Kg120 Kg
Wheel TypePU WheelsPU Wheels
Wheel Size66
Tilt Ratio1:11:1
Tilt MechanismDeer MechanismButterfly Mechanism
Tilt LockYesNo
Max Tilt Angle135 Degrees135 Degrees
Adjustable Neck PillowYesYes
Backrest Height88 cm80 cm
Backrest Shoulder Width51 cm53 cm
Height AdjustabilityYesYes
Seat Height (Min/Max)48 – 56 cm50 – 56 cm
Height Suitability5.2 – 5.10 ft4.11 – 5.10 ft
Gas LiftClass 4Class 4
Adjustable ArmrestYesYes
Armrest Height Range7 cm7 cm
Seat Surface MaterialFabric and PU LeatherFabric
Seat Back MaterialFabric and PU LeatherFabric
Lumbar Support MaterialVelour UpholsteryMemory Foam & Velour Upholstery
Frame MaterialMetalMetal
Chair Base MaterialMetal BaseMetal Base
Chair Back MaterialLeatheretteLeatherette
Foam TypeMemory FoamMemory Foam
Package Weight27 kg25 kg
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Seat Dimensions50 x 54 cm49 x 48 cm
Package Dimensions86 x 66 x 32 cm86 x 66 x 33 cm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Green Soul Monster vs Vision – What’s the same?


One thing the Green Soul Monster and Vision have in common is that they are both ergonomic gaming chairs designed to help you do your best. They are made from top-notch materials and are far from cheap. Whoever buys this chair, can expect a solid design, easy setup, and a professional look at home.


Each ergonomic gaming chair comes with a five-wheel setup to move easily from your desk in any direction. The wheels used on both chairs are the same as they have the same size and shape. Also, both wheels are made from polyurethane to give you a long-lasting life at home.

Neck Pillow

Gaming for a long time can definitely cause neck and lower back pain which is why both Green Soul chairs come with a neck and back pillow. This helps users maintain a good posture while sitting and put less strain on the body with maximum blow flow to all parts. 

Armrest & Lift

Both Green Soul seats are available with 4D armrests. This allows the user to adjust the height, width, and position (front and back) of the armrest to ensure you have the perfect fit. Plus, you get a powerful gas lift to adjust the seat height and control everything with a lever at the bottom.

Green Soul Monster vs Vision – What’s so different?


Perhaps the easiest difference between the Green Soul Monster and Vision is their overall design. Unlike the Monster, the Green Soul Vision gaming chair comes with a futuristic look and a perfect colour combination. The Monster may look very premium, but it can’t keep up with the other model.

Colour Options

Another major difference between the two gaming chairs is the colour choices offered. You can buy Green Soul Monster in seven different colours while Vision is available with only three options for all customers.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Green Soul Monster has a greater carrying capacity, giving the user more control over their seat. This means the chair can withstand more weight and function properly without getting damaged even after playing games on end.

Tilt Lock

After testing the two gaming chairs, we found that only the Green Soul Monster came with the tilt lock feature. It helps you sit up straight by adjusting the backrest using the adjustment knobs at the bottom of the seat.

Height Adjustment

The purpose of the gaming chair is to help you sit comfortably and play games with ease. Green Soul Monster does exactly this because it has a better height adjustment range to make the user comfortable in front of any size table. Sadly, Vision can’t go lower than Monster due to its lower range.


Green Soul Monster comes with a larger backrest in both width and height to provide ample space. Both seats also have a metal frame, but the Monster uses a combination of fabric and leather, while the Vision is only available with a fabric finish. Plus, the memory foam makes Vision’s lumbar support more comfortable, which helps you minimize back pain.

Green Soul Monster vs Vision – Pros & Cons

Green Soul Monster
Green Soul Monster vs Vision
Green Soul Vision
Green Soul Monster vs Vision
● Full range of adjustments
● Multiple colour options
● Ergonomic build
● Strong gas lift
● Flat & spacious seats
● Heavy-duty metal base
● Full 180 degrees back recline
● Long warranty
● Lumbar support
● Neck & head support
● Standard design
● Low weight capacity
● No tilt lock
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

Green Soul Monster vs Vision – Which one’s the best?

Green Soul Monster is the way to go. The gaming chair is available with greater capacity, tilt lock, lower prices, and better height adjustment. The only thing Green Soul Monster can’t compete against Vision is the overall design. So you can choose what you want because both chairs do not fail to impress.

General FAQs

Q. Is the installation hard?

No, you’ll get a detailed manual and YouTube video.

Q. Do they have massagers?

No, they are simple gaming chairs.

Q. Is there padding on the armrest?

Yes, there’s padding on both chairs.

Q. Can I replace the base if it breaks?

Yes, you can buy the base from the official site.


Nine out of ten, the decision to buy between two gaming chairs depends on personal preference and overall design. Same as here. Most people who buy Green Soul Vision do so because the design and colour look much better than the Monster. However, if you want more capacity and tweaks at a lower price range, the Green Soul Monster is your best bet.

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