Panasonic NA65 vs NA27 – Which Hair Dryer is Best?

Panasonic is a reputable company that consistently produces high-quality products like hair dryers. You can’t go wrong with either the Panasonic NA65 or the Panasonic NA27, two of the greatest hair dryers on the market, because of their reasonable prices and impressive features. Our comparison of the Panasonic NA65 and NA27 should make it easier for you to choose the right one.

Panasonic NA65 vs NA27

Panasonic NA65 vs NA27 – Comparison Table:

Hair DryerPanasonic NA65
Panasonic NA65 vs NA27Panasonic NA65 vs NA27
Panasonic NA27
Panasonic NA65 vs NA27
Voltage240 Volts125 Volts
Wattage1875 Watts1400 Watts
Cord Length2.7 meter1.6 meter
Temperature Settings3
Cool ShotYesYes
Color OptionsReddish-purplePale Pink and Clam Shell (Cream)
Hanging LoopYesYes
Oscillating Quick-Dry NozzleNoNo
Storage HookNoNo
Speed Settings33
Weight0.95 Kg0.37 Kg
AttachmentsConcentrator Nozzle, Diffuser, and Quick Dry NozzleConcentrator Nozzle, Diffuser, and Quick Dry Nozzle
Removable FilterYesNo
Dimensions215 x 231.5 x 91.5 mm157 x 247 x 79 mm
Warranty2 Year2 Year
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Panasonic NA65 vs NA27 – Similarities

Cool Shot

Another similarity trait that both hair dryer shares is the cool shot feature. Both hair dryer comes with a cool shot which allows you to have cool air burst on your hair to reduce hair damage.

Hanging Loop

Apart from the cool shot, a hanging loop is another similarity between the Panasonic NA65 and NA27 hair dryers. Both dryers have a hanging loop that allows you to hand them on the wall or a hook.

Concentrator Nozzle

Both the Panasonic hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle as a separate attachment. You can attach or detach the attachment as you like.

As the name implies, a concentrator nozzle is a component that, when attached, allows you to focus on a specific area of your hair to style it easily. It is extremely difficult to style your hair without a concentrator nozzle.

Oscillating Quick-Dry Nozzle

An Oscillating quick-dry nozzle is one of the attachments that help you infuse moisture particles in your hair to style them with comfort and ease. However, both of these dryers are budget dryers, so they don’t come with an oscillating quick-dry nozzle.

Storage Hook

Most of them premium hair dryer comes with a storage hook that you can use to store your dryer. However, the Panasonic NA65 and NA27 don’t come with any storage hook, which is a drawback.

Speed Settings

When it comes to speed settings, then both hair dryers have only three-speed settings. From low to moderate and high, all the speed settings can be adjusted as per your need.


When it comes to the attachments, then both dryer comes with 3 basic attachments that can be used as per need. There is a concentrator nozzle, diffuser, and quick dry nozzle that you get out of the box.


You will get 2 years of brand warranty with both hair dryers. However, this warranty is only valid when you buy the hair dryer from an authorized retailer or store.

Panasonic NA65 vs NA27 – Differences

Voltage Requirement

There are a lot of differences between the Panasonic NA65 and NA27 hair dryers, and voltage requirement is one of them. The Panasonic NA65 hair dryer requires 240 volts to operate. Whereas, Panasonic NA27 operates on 125 volts of power.


A great deal of difference exists between Panasonic NA65 and NA27 hair dryers. The Panasonic NA65 pulls out 1875 watt output, whereas the NA27 pulls out 1400 watts output. Not just NA27 require less power, but it is less powerful as well.

Cord Length

The NA65 dryer comes with an extra-long cord of 2.7 meters. On the other hand, the NA27 hair dryer comes with only 1.6 meters, which can be a deal-breaker factor for some buyers.

Temperature Settings

When it comes to the temperature settings, the Panasonic NA27 has only 3 settings. On the flip side, the NA65 has a total of 4 temperature settings.

Color Options

The NA65 dryer comes only in a reddish-purple color option, whereas the NA27 hair dryer has two color options: Pale pink and cream color.


When it comes to portability, the Panasonic NA65 weighs around 0.95 kg which is much heavier in comparison to NA27’s 0.37 kg weight.

Removable filter cleaning

Panasonic NA65 comes with a removable filter. You can clean it easily by removing the filter from hair dryer. You need a toothbrush or vacuum cleaner to clean the filter. After removing the filter just clean it gently. Do not clean the nails.

Whereas the Panasonic NA27 doesn’t come with removable filter. So, you have to clean hair dryer with the help of vacuum cleaner and that’s why cleaning the filter is a little difficult.

Panasonic NA65 vs NA27 – Pros and Cons

Panasonic NA65
Panasonic NA65 vs NA27Panasonic NA65 vs NA27
Panasonic NA27
Panasonic NA65 vs NA27
● High performance
● 4 Temperature settings
● Extra-long cord
● 2 Years warranty
● 2 Color options
● Lightweight and portable
● Less power consumption
● 3 Speed settings
● Only one-color options
● Heavyweight design
● Average performance
● 3 temperature settings
● Short cord
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Panasonic NA65 vs NA27 –Which One is Better?

The Panasonic NA65 is a better option as it offers a better value for money compared to the NA27. The Panasonic NA65 offers high performance as it easily pulls out 1875 watts of power output.

Moreover, this hair dryer has 4 temperature settings so that you can precisely choose the temperature you want. The best part about this hair dryer is its 2.7-meter-long cord for added convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Panasonic NA27 hair dryer folds?

Yes, it is a folding hair dryer. However, the Panasonic NA65 doesn’t have a folding option.

Which technology do both of these dryers use?

Both hair dryers are based on Nanoe drying technology, which can effectively and effortlessly dry your hair within minutes.

Can you separately adjust the temperature and speed in the Panasonic NA65 hair dryer?

No, you cannot separately adjust the temperature and speed settings in NA65 or even NA27 hair dryers. When you adjust the speed, the temperature will be adjusted, and vice versa.


So, there is everything to know about the Panasonic NA65 and NA27 hair dryer comparison. Hopefully, you will be able to make your choice based on the comparison above.

The Panasonic NA65 hair dryer is the one that we recommend to you as it is a better bang for the buck due to its excellent features and versatility.

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