Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X – How to Choose?

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X – Which Machine is Best?

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X

Singer & Brother are well-known brands famed for making some of the best sewing machines in the world. Their products come with the latest technology and features every year, but with so many choices, it becomes very difficult to choose one.

Let’s go over why you should choose the Brother CS7000X over the Singer 7258. Here are the results:

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X – Comparison Table:

FeaturesSinger 7258
Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X
Brother CS7000X
Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X
TypeElectric Sewing MachineElectric Sewing Machine
DisplayLCD ScreenLCD Screen
Max-Speed750 SPM750 SPM
Speed ControlYesYes
Accessory StorageYesYes
Stitch TypesStraight Stitch, Buttonhole, Decorative, ZigzagStraight Stitch, Buttonhole, Decorative, Zigzag
Needle Threading SystemAutomaticAutomatic
Number of Stitches10070
Twin-Needle FunctionYesYes
Bobbin Class15J15J
Bobbin LoadingDrop-in TopDrop-in Top
ButtonHole TypeOne-StepOne-Step
ButtonHole Styles67
Foot PedalYesYes
Reverse StitchYesYes
Free ArmYesYes
Inbuilt LightLEDLED
Extension TableNoIncluded
Stitch Length & Width ControlManualManual
Stitch Length4.8 mm5 mm
Stitch Width6 mm7 mm
Drop FeedNot SpecifiedAutomatic
Operating Voltage110-120 V110-120 V
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz
Total Accessories1621
Dimensions14.5″ x 7.5″ x 12″12.2″ x 6.65″ x 16.26″
Weight14.8 ls10.5 lbs
Warranty25 Years25 Years
PriceView on Amazon
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Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X – What’s the same?


The Singer 7258 & Brother CS7000X are two portable electric sewing machines from popular brands with many functions and automatic options to help you sew your clothes.

They are fairly easy to use and manage over the years. Also, you get a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute to sew intricate designs onto garments with precise control and fast movement.

Threading System

Both sewing machines have an automatic needle threading function. Now all you have to do is place a new thread into the kit and it will go through the eye of your sewing needle with a push of a button.

This will help you save a lot of time, especially when doing large jobs that require multiple colors of sewing thread to be put together in one fabric.

Display & Controls

Another similarity between the two sewing machines is the LCD screen, which helps you sew by giving you a choice of multiple styles to custom lengths and widths.

The controls are also simple and anyone with a few days of training can make use of the sewing machine with ease.


Like all modern sewing machines on the market today, the Singer 7258 & Brother CS7000X feature a twin needle function that creates parallel and decorative stitches throughout the fabric.

Not only does it provide a clean, professional finish, it also gives your clothes a store-bought look that will stay intact for years.

Free Arm

Both the Singer 7258 and Brother CS7000X have a free arm located on the bottom of the sewing machine. It helps you easily sew multiple items such as pants, cuffs, sleeves, and other tube-shaped garments.

You can access the free arm by removing the accessory tray from any one of the machines as it covers the lower body.


Every sewing machine comes with an incredible twenty-five-year warranty that is covered by both brands. You can replace and repair the machine free of charge if defects in materials or workmanship are found after delivery.

Also, you must register online for a warranty in order to take advantage of all future benefits.

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X – What’s so different?

Stitch Length & Width

Both machines have manual stitch length and width controls for sewing custom fabrics to satisfy every customer.

However, each has its own different preset stitch length and settings that you can change later depending on the work you have planned for the sewing machine.

Total Stitches

To help you achieve a decorative finish with overlapping threads on any fabric, Singer 7258 & Brother CS7000X sewing machines offer several stitch designs.

However, Singer gives you more options as there are thirty more stitch designs to do all kinds of jobs with a simple click makes the device perfect for professionals.

Button-Hole Styles

One-step buttonhole makers are attached to both Singer and Brother sewing machines to help people create beautiful and distinct buttonhole designs.

The only difference is the total number of styles, which the Brother CS7000X sewing machine wins with the additional style to offer.


Another difference between the two sealing machines is in all the accessories. The Singer 7258 comes with a total of 16 accessories while Brother offers 21 overall.

Brother also gives people more pressure feet and extension tables while the other units don’t.

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X – Pros & Cons

Singer 7258
Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X
Brother CS7000X
Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X
● Twin needle function
● Top-notch design
● LCD display
● Sewing light
● One-step buttonhole
● Fast SPM speed
● Beginner friendly
● Metallic cover
● Long warranty
● Adjustable stitch length & width
● Less buttonhole styles
● Few accessories
● Less stitch design options
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 View on Amazon

Singer 7258 vs Brother CS7000X – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the Singer 7258 to the Brother CS7000X, we have a clear winner. The Brother CS7000X not only comes with more accessories such as an extension table, protective case, and more foot pedal options but also offers customers a great warranty.

Also, the one-step buttonhole maker works like a charm to help you create seven different types of buttonhole styles in one simple move.

General FAQs

Q. Can you do embroidery?

Yes, you can do free motion embroidery.

Q. Do they work for quilting?

They are perfect for quilting.

Q. Can I sew leather?

Yes, you can sew leather and heavy fabrics.

Q. How many speed options?

Overall, three-speed options.


Both the Singer 7258 and Brother CS7000X are affordable, portable, and convenient sewing machines on the market. They are perfect for sewing and quilting, but you can also do embroidery with a few modifications.

The Brother CS7000X should be most people’s preferred choice as it has better options than the Singer 7258 unless you want more stitch design options.

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