Shark AZ1002 vs LA502 – Which Vacuum Cleaner is Best?

Shark AZ1002 vs LA502 – How to Choose?

Shark AZ1002 vs LA502Shark AZ1002 vs LA502

Handheld vacuum cleaners are modern-day appliances that may soon replace older, bulkier vacuum cleaners. The Shark AZ1002 and Shark LA502 are the most popular models when it comes to choosing the best handheld vacuum cleaner.

Both variants are reasonably priced and have similar features. And if you want to pick the best of them, this guide can assist you in doing so.

Shark AZ1002 vs LA502 – Comparison Table:

ProductShark AZ1002
Shark AZ1002 vs LA502
Shark LA502
Shark AZ1002 vs LA502
Motor Power1350 Watts910 Watts
Suction ControlYesYes
Clean SurfaceDry (Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, etc.)Dry (Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, etc.)
Tank TypeBaglessBagless
Dust Cup Size0.88 qts0.89 qts
Voltage120 Volts240 Volts
Cord Length9.1 Meters or 30 Feet7.6 Meters or 25 Feet
Detachable HandheldYesYes
Dust Bag IndicatorsNoNo
Washable FilterYesYes
FilterWashable HEPA & foam filtersWashable HEPA & foam filters
On-board StorageYesYes
Motorised BrushYesYes
Total No. of Accessories43
AttachmentsExtension Wand, Pet Brush, Dusting Brush, Multi-flex under appliance wandExtension Wand, Pet Brush. Crevice Tool
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
Dimensions28.45 cm x 30.99 cm x 1.17 cm11.81 x 10.24 x 46.06 cm
Weight17.1 lbs12.3 lbs
Warranty5 years5 years
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Shark AZ1002 vs LA502 – What’s the same?

Suction Power

Both models have strong suction. Despite the fact that the brand does not specify the suction power on the product page, you will have no trouble using one of the two portable vacuum cleaners to suck dust or debris. The suction power isn’t indicated, but in practice, you’re unlikely to notice a substantial difference between the two vacuum cleaners.

Cleaning Surfaces

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, the Shark AZ1002 and LA502 are both capable of cleaning a wide range of dry surfaces. You may use these vacuum cleaners to clean most sorts of dry surfaces, from carpet, hardwood, tile, and concrete to rug, laminate, and vinyl.

Coverage Area

Both the Shark AZ1002 and Shark LA502 will cover a large portion of your space in terms of coverage. Whether you want to clean a tiny room or a vast dining hall, you will be able to do so with ease because both cleaners have a long cord.

The Shark AZ1002 has a 30-foot cord, while the Shark LA502 has a 25-foot cord, both of which are sufficient for cleaning a large area.


The Shark AZ1002 and LA502 both come with a high-quality HEPA & foam filter. The HEPA filter has the advantage of lasting longer than any other ordinary filter. These filters are also washable, so you may clean them whenever you want.

Variable Suction

The Shark AZ1002 and the Shark LA502 both have adjustable suction power. With the provided settings, you can control the suction power. You have complete control over the speed and can clean the room at your pace.

Both models have a variety of cleaning modes that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. For example, if you wish to clean pet hair, both models have a Pet Hair cleaning mode that allows you to thoroughly clean the area.


The best part about the Shark AZ1002 and Shark LA502 is the warranty. Both vacuum cleaners come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems. If you discover a broken part or damaged vacuum cleaner, contact the manufacturer, and they will repair it without delay.

Shark AZ1002 vs LA502 – What’s so different?

Motor Output

The motor output is the most significant difference between the Shark AZ1002 and the LA502. Both have excellent motor output and will let you clean your space without difficulty. However, the motor output of both vacuum cleaners is noticeably different.

The Shark AZ1002 has a power output of 1350 Watts. However, the Shark LA502 only has a power output of 750 Watts, which may not be adequate to clean all types of surfaces. The motor output of the LA502 cleaner is a significant drawback.

Dust Cup size

Both models have a bagless design when it comes to the cup. However, the Shark AZ1002’s capacity is 0.88 qts, and the Shark LA502’s cup capacity is only 0.89 qts, which may not be enough for everyone. It’s possible that you’ll have to clean both dust cup on a daily basis.


Both vacuum cleaners include attachments that are similar. In comparison to the LA502, the Shark AZ1002 cleaner has an extra attachment. Extension Wand, Pet Brush, Dusting Brush, and Multi-flex are all included with the AZ1002.

While the LA502 includes a Crevice tool, Pet Brush, and Extension wand, it does not include a dusting bag or a multi-flex appliance wand. However, this should not make a significant difference in your purchasing decision.


The AZ1002 can run on 120 volts. However, the LA502 requires 240 volts to operate. Most types require at least 240 volts of power to operate. This is not the case with the AZ1002, which is another advantage of this vacuum.


Because you’ll be holding these vacuum cleaners throughout the cleaning procedure, their weight is crucial. The Shark AZ1002 is 17.1 lbs. in weight, while the Shark LA502 is only 12.3 lbs.

Shark AZ1002 vs LA502 – Pros & Cons

Shark AZ1002
Shark AZ1002 vs LA502
Shark LA502
Shark AZ1002 vs LA502
● Powerful motor output
● Bigger tank
● More accessories
● Effective cleaning
● Affordable Pricing
● 5 years long warranty
● Great suction power
● Durable and robust filter
● Heavyweight
● On the pricier side
● Less power output
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

Shark AZ1002 vs LA502 – Which one’s the best?

If you can only pick between the AZ1002 and the LA502, the Shark AZ1002 is the best option. This vacuum has a HEPA filter, a more powerful motor, and more attachments. The high motor output will effectively clean the surface.

But when it comes to better value for money, the Shark LA502 is a superior choice because it is significantly less expensive than the AZ1002 and has similar characteristics such as bagless design, suction power, and a 5-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Shark AZ1002 and LA502 have an On/Off Switch?

Yes, both models have an on/off switch.

Can you clean the Vinyl tile flooring with Shark AZ1002?

Yes, you can clean Vinyl tile flooring with the Shark AZ1002.

Do you have to wash the filter after every use?

No, you do not require to wash them after every use.


Overall, both vacuum cleaners are excellent choices. However, because of its lower price, we would recommend the Shark LA502. It’s less expensive than the Shark AZ1002. Furthermore, it has similar features and provides excellent value to you.

You can get 910 watts of power output, which is more than plenty when you consider the price. It also has similar attachments, suction power, and a bin bag, as well as a warranty.

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