Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal – Which Treadmill is Best?

Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal – How to Choose the Best One?

Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal

Durafit introduced some of the leading fitness equipment this year. Durafit Champion and Durafit Royal treadmill are the most liked products that catch the attention of every fitness person in India. But the choice between the two treadmills is becoming increasingly difficult for an average buyer.

That’s why we’ve created a detailed comparison guide here to help users find the perfect Durafit treadmill between the two options. Read on to find the answer below:

Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal – Comparison Table:

Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal
Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal
MaterialAlloy SteelAlloy Steel
TechnologyCopper Mesh Core MotorCopper Mesh Core Motor
ColourBlack, GreyBlack
Display ShowsTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse RateTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse Rate
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz
Input Voltage220 V220 V
Folding SystemHydraulicHydraulic
Load Capacity (Walking, Running)150 Kg, 120 Kg150 Kg, 120 Kg
Music SystemMP3 Player with Loud SpeakersMP3 Player with Loud Speakers
Speed Range1.0-20 Km/hr1.0-20 Km/hr
Incline22 Levels22 Levels
Incline TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Motor2.5-5.0 HP3.0-6.0 HP
Motor TypeDCDC
Running Surface1430 x 520 mm1430 x 520 mm
Temp. For Working0-40℃0-40℃
Net Weight99 Kg88 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Door-Step Warranty3 Years3 Years
Motor Warranty5 Years5 Years
Emergency Stop KeyYesYes
Hand-Rail ControlsYesYes
Portable WheelsYesYes
Shock AbsorptionYesYes
LubricationSilicone OilSilicone Oil
Friction Coating1.8 mm1.8 mm
ConnectionsAUX, USBAUX, USB
In BoxTreadmill, Toolkit, Lubrication, Safety Kit, Aux Cable, ManualTreadmill, Toolkit, Lubrication, Safety Kit, Aux Cable, Manual
Dimensions (L x W x H)185.4 x 85 x 128.5 cm185.4 x 85 x 128.5 cm
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Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal – What’s the same?

Build & Load

Both Durafit treadmills are made of alloy steel and can handle the tough hours of work in a private or public gym. For the sake of simplicity, there are soft pads in the places you’ll touch more often when exercising on both devices. Plus, the machine can carry a load of 150 kg when walking and 120 kg when running smoothly. This makes it easy for anyone to use the treadmill without worrying about their weight.

Display & Functions

Durafit treadmills are equipped with LCD screens that show things like time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate right in the foreground, so you can actively follow the workout on the device. You can also access 48+ functions to change your workout rhythm and perform intense running exercises. 24 of the 48 programs are equipped with tilt mode and the rest work at normal height. So, depending on the intensity, pick the one you want.


Both treadmills can run in India as they support 50 Hz AC power which is available at every home or gym. People in the US and other foreign countries may need to purchase an AC adapter to use the device at home. In addition, the treadmill is powered by a copper-powered motor, which helps consumers save energy and save electricity at the end of each month.

Music System & Connections

Durafit Champion and Royal have an integrated music system with which you can optimize your music during training. There’s an MP3 player paired with powerful surround speakers that can connect to any phone or smart device. The AUX and USB ports also help you connect a pen drive or computer to the treadmill.

Incline & Folding Systems

Both Durafit treadmills feature an automatic incline and folding system to increase the intensity of your workout and lose weight in less time. The tilt system offers 22 levels of adjustments, and the folding system helps you keep the treadmill indoors without taking up too much space.

Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal – What’s so different?

Design & Comfort

The Durafit Champion and Durafit Royal are two great treadmills that look & feel a little different to each other. The screens of the first devices are significantly wider and look more modern overall. There are also handrails on both treadmills, but the Durafit Royal is much more comfortable because the controls are kept closer to the body, so you can reach them with less movement.


The Durafit Royal is equipped with a more powerful motor that produces 3.0 HP in the standard-setting and a peak output of 6 HP in the power setting. However, the Durafit Champion is only available with a 2.0 HP motor that goes up to 5 HP and doesn’t offer as much speed as the first treadmill.


Durafit Royal wins again when comparing Durafit Champion and Durafit Royal net weight. The treadmill is easier to move from one place to another because the weight of the device is 11 kg lighter than the first device. This also makes the installation of the machine much easier than the first device.

Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal – Pros & Cons

Durafit Champion
Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal
Durafit Royal
Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal
● Equipped with BMI calculator
● 48 Built-In programs
● Shakes less while running
● Suitable for small spaces
● Video installation support
● Save space with a foldable design
● Easy to assemble
● Made from steel alloy
● Peak motor power of 6 HP
● Big LCD screen with many functions
● Less motor power
● Heavier in weight
● No Bluetooth
● Uses more energy
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Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal – Which one’s the best?

The Durafit Royal is a better treadmill than the Champion. The treadmill has a better design, lighter weight and a more powerful motor at a lower price than the other device. Plus, the treadmill is easy to use at home because it has 48 unique programs in incline and normal modes to help people lose weight.

General FAQs

Q. Is the assembly process difficult?

No, most parts are shipped pre-assembled in the box. You can also contact Durafit for video call support for an easy installation.

Q. Is there an option for Bluetooth connection?

No, Bluetooth is not supported, but you can connect the phone with an AUX cable.

Q. How heavy can a user be?

The treadmill can withstand loads of up to 150 kg or 330 pounds.

Q. Does the treadmill vibrate when you walk on it?

The treadmill only wobbles a little as you run, but walking on the device is a comfortable experience.

Q. Are their incline options?

Yes, you can incline the treadmill automatically at the push of a button.


After comparing the Durafit Champion vs Durafit Royal, it became clear that any fitness person on the market who needs a treadmill should select the second option. Durafit Royal is the best choice, suitable for most home and general gyms on a budget-friendly basis. Anyone trying to train and maintain their shape can benefit from the Durafit Royal, as it is ideal for running indoors with incline and speed control settings.

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