Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H – Which One is Best?

Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H – How to Choose the Best AV Receiver?

Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H

An AV receiver combined with a powerful surround sound system can completely change the way you watch movies in your home theater. The Yamaha TSR-700 and Denon AVR-S960H are excellent devices designed to bring detailed, dynamic sound to any screen in your home theater.

In this guide, we compare the two devices to see which AV receiver offers the most impressive experience. Here are the results:

Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H – Comparison Table:

ProductYamaha TSR-700
Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H
Denon AVR-S960H
Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H
Sound5.1 Dolby Atmos5.1 Dolby Atmos
Power Output100W90W
Power Input120 VAC, 60 Hz120 VAC, 60 Hz
Standby Power0.1 W0.1 W
Power Consumption700+ W500 W
Frequency20 Hz to 20kHz10 Hz to 100 kHz
DTSDTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:XDTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X
DolbyDolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby SurroundDolby Atmos, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Surround
ARC (Audio Return Channel)eARCeARC
HDR VersionHDR10, HDR10+HDR10, HDR10+
HDMI Ports (Input + Output)88
DPS Programs17Not Specified
Virtual Surround Back SpeakersYesYes
Phono InputYesYes
Auto Power StandbyYesYes
Rear A/V Ports6 x HDMI
2 x 3RCA Component
2 x RCA Composite
2 x Optical TOSLINK
1 x Digital Coaxial
4 x Stereo RCA
1 x Stereo RCA (Phono) with Ground Screw
1 x USB Front
6 x HDMI
1 x 8K HDMI
2 x Component (Audio)
2 x Component (Video)
1 x Phono
4 x Analog Audio
1 x Digital Coaxial
1 x Digital Optical
1 x USB Front
Other Ports2 x Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
1 x AM Input
1 x FM Input
1 x RJ45 (Ethernet)
1 x RJ45 (Ethernet)
1 x Microphone
1 x FM/AM
Headphones OutputYesNo
Virtual Assistant SupportAmazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Josh.aiAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri
Input SensitivityNot Specified200 mV
Wireless ConnectionsAirPlay 2AirPlay 2, HEOS 
ControlsVoice + RemoteVoice + Remote
Tuner TypeAM, FMAM, FM
Weight11.12 Kg9.53 Kg
4K GamingYesYes
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H – What’s the same?


Yamaha & Denon comes with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Surround and many other similar solutions to create a clean and responsive sound for any home theater system. You get a separate jack for stereo speakers to connect to any TV and experience immersive surround sound at home.


Both AV receivers are capable of streaming 8K video using multiple HDMI ports to connect two or more displays simultaneously. It also offers high frame rates for any movie or game you want to play in a home theater, making the experience truly unique.


The AV receivers offer multiple connections, both front and back, so you always have room to add new components to your home theater and make them better. You can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on any of the above devices to connect to Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Roku, Amazon Fire, or any other Firestick on the market to not only enjoy wired broadcasts but online too – Watch web series and movies with minimal effort.

Tuner Type

Both AC receivers have AM and FM support which changes automatically depending on the environment. You can easily reprogram both devices with clear instructions in the beginner’s guide. For higher bandwidth, use FM sound quality instead of AM, which is slightly lower quality.

Control Options

Both receivers set the bar with voice command options and remote control to change any setting based on room, tone and bass. Each device has dials and switches on the top of the receiver for easy volume control, changing songs, and pausing/playing media running on your system.


The two AC receivers support the latest AirPlay 2 that lets you cast audio and video from your Apple device directly to the home theater screen. Chromecast and Miracast are other alternatives to Airplay for connecting the device with an Android or Windows device and keep streaming on a big screen.

Surround Sound

The surround sound of both Yamaha TSR-700 and Denon AVR-S960H is very similar because of the virtual surround sound systems. The front speakers cover the entire room and eliminate outside noise while the receiver uses an external trigger to convert surround sound into a stereo signal, creating a more vibrant entertainment space.


Input is another area where Denon and Yamaha have similar options, so you don’t have to worry about running out of connections when setting up your device. Each receiver has enough HDMI, audio, video, and analog connections to run multiple displays, speakers, and microphones simultaneously.

Streaming Support

Luckily, setting up family movie nights is easy for both AC receivers, as you get streaming support for shared services like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and more. To watch from other sources, people can connect to the device’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and project their phone’s screen onto a home theater.

Virtual Assistant

You can use both AC receivers with simple voice commands pre-installed in the system to make the experience of watching media in home theater more comfortable. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant are some great home voice assistants that let you run your entire home theater commands with voice.

Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H – What’s so different?

Bass Production

When we compared the Yamaha TSR-700 and Denon AVR-S960H bass, we found that each receiver handles sound characteristics in a different way. Yamaha’s bass performance delivers a complete and realistic product, while Denon’s rock the room with violence. The Yamaha TSR-700’s sound is noticeably quieter and clearer, which is the perfect balance for the everyday gamer.


Whenever you play audio or watch video in your home theater, the channel carries the signal from one place to another using a receiver. The Yamaha comes with 7.1 channels, while the Denon has a total of 7.2 channels, which gives the second device more freedom when control over the other.


100 watts of power is distributed across each channel, increasing the overall performance of your home theater with Yamaha. Denon is more efficient and consumes an average of only 90 W of power to play songs and videos in the same configuration.


Each device has 8 HDMI connections for audio input and output, but many other connections are missing from the Denon AV receiver. There are two Bluetooth and Wi-Fi inputs on the back, which you can use to connect to a terminal antenna and increase the range of the Yamaha receiver. The subwoofer also gets more connection, which strengthens the base of the TSR-700 and makes the whole room stand out.

Sound Formats

Sound format is the main topic that people need to know before deciding to buy between Yamaha and Denon. To create cinema-like surround sound, both devices use AI and process the space around your room to play the sound accordingly. Yamaha offers slightly more customization options, with support for a wider range of sound formats than Denon, particularly for targeting spaces in front of the home theaters.


HEOS is a Denon receiver feature that lets you wirelessly connect speakers, receivers and woofers to your existing Wi-Fi network in your home. Just by sliding or pressing a button on your smartphone, people can play music from anywhere in the house. This feature is unique to Denon users, so Yamaha receivers only support AirPlay.

Customer Support

Initially, Denon’s customer support was great and every customer was happy with all their products, but lately, there have been a lot of complaints about the support you are getting. Yamaha’s customer support isn’t great either, but it’s better than Denon’s as some service options are still available in the company.

Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H – Pros & Cons

Yamaha TSR-700
Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H
Denon AVR-S960H
Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H
● Easy to understand and control
● Very reliable with long-lasting design
● Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
● Aesthetic glass black design
● 4K gaming is possible
● Come with more channels
● Great build quality
● Two years of warranty
● Advance Dolby audio
● Airplay 2 for wirelessly casting
● Uses more power
● Less number of channels
● Voice assistant is required
View on Amazon View on Amazon

Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H – Which one’s the best?

After testing Yamaha TSR-700 and Denon AVR-S960H, we found that the Yamaha TSR-700 offers more connection options with a better signature sound quality, whereas the Denon AVR-S960H uses less power to manage all functions and comes with HEOS and 7.2 channels.

So, we recommended everyone to choose the Yamaha TSR-700 but if you want a 7.2 channels AV receiver that uses less power then the Denon AVR-S960H is the best choice for you.

General FAQ

Q. Are their bass and treble controls?

There are no physical bass and treble controls, but you can do that using Settings.

Q. What is the minimum speaker impedance?

4 ohms is the minimum impedance.

Q. Does the receiver support Dolby vision pass through?

Yes, both devices have Dolby Atmos, which means they must also support Dolby Vision pass through.

Q. Can I connect two subwoofers?

Yes, you can use a separate subwoofer with both devices.

Q. Will this work with Apple TV?

Apple TV is supported by each of the two receivers.

Q. Can you make wireless rear speakers and wired front speakers?

Yes, but you have to buy a separate transmitter.


The Yamaha TSR-700 vs Denon AVR-S960H is a hot topic among AC receiver enthusiasts around the world who want to build a home theater but can’t decide between the two.

The Yamaha TSR-700 is aimed at people who need maximum audio and bass performance with essential home theater audio controls and Denon AVR-S960H has more channels, less power output and easy setup with voice assistant, making each device great in its way.

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