LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144 – How to Choose?

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144 – Which One is Best?

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144

There are various techniques to relieve aching feet in the modern world. However, it’s simple to ignore your foot’s pain or find yourself looking for a fix when a simple foot massager might have done so much more.

So, if you are up for a foot massager, then there are a lot of options and brands available in the market. The LifeLong LLM99 and LLM144 are two of the best foot massagers available in the market.

As a result, we have compared the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM144 to assist you in making the best purchase possible.

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144 – Comparison Table

ProductLifeLong LLM99
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144
LifeLong LLM144
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144
Power80 Watts80 Watts
ColorDark BrownGray
Build MaterialRubberPlastic
Voltage220 to 240 Volts220 to 240 Volts
Modes of OperationManual and AutomaticManual and Automatic
Adjustable Seating PositionYesYes
Timer15 Minutes15 Minutes
Warranty1 Year1 Year
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LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144 – Similarities

Power Output

The power output of a foot massager should be the first and primary consideration. You will receive an efficient and relaxing massage depending on the power output.

The 80-watt motor in the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM144 is strong enough to give your tired feet any form of massage.


Because you will be operating and keeping an eye on the foot massager via the display, it is also crucial to take this into account. You can monitor and manage the massage and modes on the LifeLong LLM99, and LLM144 foot massager’s LED display.

Additionally, because these are touch displays, you can operate the machine without a physical control panel.


There are a total of 4 motors in the LifeLong LLM99 and LifeLong LLM144 foot massagers. Two motors are used for each foot massage, giving you the finest massage experience ever. The motors are strong and capable of handling vibrating, kneading, and other types of massages.


Kneading is a basic massage mode that you would anticipate from any foot massager. The LifeLong LLM99 and LifeLong LLM144 both have kneading massage modes.

With either of these foot massagers, you may have a spa-like kneading massage experience at home.


Both foot massages provide you the option of receiving a vibration massage in addition to kneading.

Any foot massager should provide you with this basic massage as well. Your fatigued, achy, or even painful feet can be soothed by the vibrating foot massage.


The rolling foot massage mode is available on both the LifeLong LLM99 and LifeLong LLM144. The motors that are used in the rolling massage will press and roll over the feet’s acupressure points. You can relieve your foot and pain with this massage.

Operating Modes

There are two distinct operating modes for the LifeLong LLM99 and LifeLong LLM144. You can use them in automated mode, which requires no action from you other than to choose the massage.

Each massager also includes a manual mode. For a personalized massage experience, while lounging on your couch, the manual mode requires you to select the massage, duration of the massage, and other settings based on your preferences.

Seating Position

Depending on your seating position, you can adjust the LifeLong LLM99 and LifeLong LLM144. You can choose between 2 different seating positions for the foot massages.


Both the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM144 include a timer that automatically shuts them off. However, you are given the authority to change the timer settings using the manual mode. According to the default timer, the foot massager will shut off after 15 minutes of massage.


The Lifelong LLM99 and LLM144 come with a one-year-long brand warranty. If you face any issues with the machines, you can ask the brand for replacement or repair without paying anything extra.

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144 – Differences

Color Options

LifeLong LLM99 and LifeLong LLM144 only come in a single color, and there are no other color options. Both machines come in a single color only.

Dark brown is an available color option for the LifeLong LLM99, whereas gray is an option for the LLM144. The LifeLong LLM144 has a better design and appearance.

Build Quality

The LifeLong LLM99 has a better build than the LLM144 since it is made of rubberized material rather than soft plastic. Massages will be more comfortable and effective, thanks to rubberized materials.


One of the most crucial massages in any foot massager is the heating massage. The LLM144, however, does not include a heating massage option. If you prefer a heating massage, choose the LLM99 foot massager because it offers that function.


The LifeLong LLM99 foot massager has a heating massage mode, but it lacks the reflexology mode found in the LLM144. Decide on the LLM144 if you like a reflexology massage.

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144 – Pros and Cons

LifeLong LLM99
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144
LifeLong LLM144
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144
● Heating massage
● Rubberized material
● Better blood flow control
● Removable fabric covers included in the box
● Reflexology massage
● Fits in most feet
● LED touch display
● Washable fabric
● Don’t have reflexology massage
● Plastic build
● No heating massage
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LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM144 – Which is Better?

The LifeLong LLM99 is a better option as it comes with better features and justified pricing. For instance, the LLM99 foot massager offers you the best in a class rubberized material, which is soft to touch and feels comfortable during the massage.

Moreover, it comes with 2 removable fabric covers, which you can use when the machine is not being used. On top of that, it has a heating massage option which is not available in the LLM144.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these foot massagers effective for calf muscles?

Yes, both of these massagers are highly effective in calf massage.

Can you use a foot massage if you have a rod in your leg?

Well, you should consult the doctor before using these machines.

Is the power cord detachable?

Yes, both machine offers a detachable power cord for convenience.


In short, the LifeLong LLM99 is a better foot massager among these 2 machines, based on the comparison.

If you want to have heating massage along with rubberized material and removable covers, then the LifeLong LLM99 is a better option. However, if you prefer the reflexology method, then get the LLM144 foot massager.

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