Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz – How to Choose?

Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz – Which One is Best?

Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz

Are you looking for the best chair for sitting in the office? With so many brands, models and choices of office chairs, we compared the Green Soul Jupiter with the Innowin Jazz.

Two of the most comfortable office chairs on the market that many people use every day. Here are the results:

Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz – Comparison Table:

ProductGreen Soul Jupiter
Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz
Innowin Jazz
Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz
TypeOffice ChairOffice Chair
Capacity125 Kgs120 Kgs
Adjustable ArmrestYesYes
Armrest Type1D1D
Adjustable HeightYesYes
GasLiftClass 4Class 3
Tilt LockYesYes
Rotation360 degree360 degree
Headrest4 Way Adjustable4 Way Adjustable
Lumbar SupportYesYes
Seat MaterialMeshMesh
Frame MaterialNylon & Glass FiberNylon & Glass Fiber
Back MaterialLeatheretteBreathable Mesh
Chair Base Material      NylonNylon
Wheels60 mm60 mm
Weight16 Kg14.5 Kg
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Dimensions27 x 25 x 17 inches26 x 19 x 51 inches
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Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz – What’s the same?


The Green Soul Jupiter & Innowin Jazz are two highly adjustable, premium and ergonomically designed office chairs. They come with lumbar and back support to reduce the risk of back pain. They are also designed for long term use to give you the most comfortable fit at the office or home.

Tilt Options

Yes, you can tilt both chairs, but they don’t support full-recline. Both office chairs have tilt locks that prevent the chair from rolling backwards after a while. This helps you keep your back straight and still have some movement for better comfort.


Both office chairs are available with the same headrest in terms of design and functions. You can adjust the headrest in four different directions, which supports your neck perfectly, and it uses a breathable mesh design to provide customers with decent comfort.


Both chairs are available with lumbar support to maintain the natural curve of your spine and prevent back pain from sitting in the same place for years. Plus, the supports are adjustable and you can move it in 4 different directions to maximize the use of the office chair.


Both office chairs are equipped with the same armrest which reduces muscle strain in your shoulders and neck pain. They work in 1D motion, so one can only adjust the height on both models, not the rotation.


The wheels are the same for both office chairs. They are of the perfect size 60 millilitres to handle loads more evenly and give you complete freedom of movement while sitting in a chair. The wheels also run very durable and can last for decades with yearly service.


Both office chairs come with a 3-year warranty from the date of delivery. This includes everything from defects to shipping damage that people can benefit from. To file a claim, you can contact customer service and discuss the problem and get a replacement or repair without paying an extra charge.

Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz – What’s so different?


People who are heavier should choose the Green Soul Jupiter over the Innova Jazz. The first office chair can withstand loads of up to 125 kg, while the other option has a capacity of 120 kg.


These two office chairs may have a similar design but are made of different materials. The back of the Green Soul Jupiter is made of imitation leather which looks premium and expensive, while the Innowin Jazz is available with a mesh back which is more breathable and comfortable for the user. But the base material is the same (strong nylon) in both chairs.


Another major difference between the Green Soul Jupiter and Innowin Jazz office chairs is the GasLift type. Class 3 GasLift is best suited for the light loads used in the Innowin Jazz, while the Green Soul Jupiter uses stronger Class 4 GasLift to handle more loads with ease.


Both office chairs have comfortable seats, but the Green Soul Jupiter seat has a curved design that provides a better sitting experience. This makes the chair more ergonomic and suitable for sitting for hours without back pain.


The Green Soul Jupiter office chair is taller and offers a much larger seat than the Innowin Jazz. However, the Innowin Jazz comes with a lighter case that doesn’t take up much space in your home, so choose a chair that fits your needs.


The Innowin Jazz office chair is available in a complete form that you can use immediately after shipping. This is not the case with Green Soul Jupiter as it comes in two parts which you need to connect to get started. The installation process is not difficult and one can find videos online to quickly assemble the chair in minutes.

Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz – Pros & Cons

Green Soul Jupiter
Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz
Innowin Jazz
Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz
● Adjustable seat height
● Comfortable swivel
● Higher weight capacity
● Stable & durable frame
● High-quality mesh material
● Heavy-duty base
● Light & portable
● Smooth-rolling casters
● Not fully assembled
● Less powerful GasLift
● Supports less capacity
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Green Soul Jupiter vs Innowin Jazz – Which one’s the best?

The Green Soul Jupiter is a stylish, comfortable and ergonomic chair that we recommend buying. The devices come with higher load capacities, better gas lift and robust build qualities that can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. Other features such as lumbar support, extended warranty and adjustable components make it perfect for everyone.

General FAQs

Q. Does the seat lean forward?

No, only backwards tilt.

Q. Can I remove the headrest?

Yes, on both models.

Q. Is the chair tall enough?

Yes, people over 6 feet can use it.

Q. How long does it take for assembly?

On average it takes about 20-25 minutes.


Choosing between Green Soul Jupiter and Innowin Jazz is entirely up to your own preference. However, we recommend the Green Soul Jupiter over the Innowin Jazz for its greater capacity, better fit, and overall build quality. Those who suffer from back pain or sit for long periods of time can easily overcome this problem by choosing this high-quality chair to improve their posture.

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