Will the laptop run with a dead battery? (Explained)

If your laptop’s battery has reached the point where it can no longer be recharged, you may be thinking if you can still use it.

So here are some points to keep in mind when operating a laptop with a dead battery.

What you need to know about using a laptop with dead battery

Yes, a laptop with a dead battery can be used. To get started, all your laptops require is to be plugged into a power source. If the battery has some charge, it will run for a short time without the power source, but without it, it will immediately die.

However, using your laptop with a dead battery is completely acceptable.

Will the laptop run with a dead battery

How to run a laptop with a dead battery?

You might not be able to use your laptop if the battery is fully dead. However, there are a few things you can attempt to get the laptop to work with a dead battery. Here are various options for powering up a laptop with a dead battery:

  1. Charge the laptop for a few hours by plugging the power cord into the power source. Then check if the laptop is charging or not. If the laptop is charging, you can turn it on and begin using it.
  2. If the battery is unable to receive power after several hours of charging, it may be time to replace it. Manufacturers of laptops allow us to use laptops without batteries, so after removing the battery, simply connect the laptop to a power socket, and you can use it. The laptop, however, will turn off as soon as it is disconnected from the power source.
  3. If your battery cells have entered the sleep stage, you can wake them up by placing the battery in the freezer. This frequently occurs when you don’t use your laptop for an extended period of time. Please keep in mind that if your battery is extremely old, this method may not work.
  4. It is recommended that you place your battery in a cloth bag and freeze it for a couple of hours before reinstalling it on your laptop. After removing the battery from the freezer, ensure it is at room temperature before reinstalling it. Connect the charger and test it to see if it works.

What are the disadvantages of using a laptop with a dead battery?

There are major disadvantages of using a laptop with a dead battery. You should replace the battery before your laptop’s other components start malfunctioning. This is due to the fact that different components need different power to run. If they don’t get enough current (amps) from the battery, they will simply not work properly.

Apart from this, if the dead battery is unable to offer proper power to the laptop fan, other parts might get hot and they may get damaged as well. Heating can cause massive damage to crucial parts of your laptop. Hence, it is a big disadvantage of using a laptop with a dead battery.

Is using a laptop with a dead battery safe?

Yes, it’s safe to run a laptop with a dead battery. The main concern is that you don’t use it for an extended amount of time. The temperature of your laptop is the biggest problem, which can arise if you’re using it with a dead battery.

This could cause your computer to overheat and break down. So, you can use an app like Speccy to keep track of it while you’re using it. And if it gets too hot, turn it off right away.

If you need to use your laptop while it’s charging, keep an eye on the power source to ensure you don’t overcharge it.

What are the indicators that your laptop battery is dead?

The following are some signs that your laptop battery is dead:

  1. The first indicator is that when you click the power button on your laptop, it does not turn on. This indicates that your battery has run out of charge and needs to be recharged.
  2. When your laptop gets hot while being used, this is another symptom that your battery is dead. This signifies that the CPU has been throttled down due to a lack of power from the battery.
  3. If your computer takes longer than usual to get 100% charge after being plugged into an AC power source for several hours, it is possible that it is not charging properly, and your battery is coming to a dead end.
  4. Another sign of a dead battery is if your laptop unexpectedly shuts down when you’re not connected to a power source.

What happens if a laptop battery dies?

The first thing that will happen is that your work progress will be lost at this time. As soon as the battery dies, all of your work will be lost. Another difficulty you may have is that your laptop may not power on. Additionally, you may need to use your laptop when it is connected to AC power, which will eliminate the laptop’s portability.

Can you keep using a laptop with a dead battery?

Yes, as long as you are connected to a power source, you can use your laptop even if the battery is dead. You must keep your laptop connected to a power source at all times, as a dead battery can cause it to shut down at any time if you are not connected to a continuous power source.

You are not at risk of a dead laptop battery until you are connected to power, but if you remove the charger from the plug, you may lose all of your work progress. You will be able to use your laptop for a short period if the battery is partially dead. However, it is recommended that you keep your work on Auto save mode.


So, you’ll be able to use your laptop even if the battery is dead. However, you are aware that using a dead battery on your laptop is risky. Most laptop batteries have a long life of two years or more, after which they begin to fail or stop working properly.

As a result, you should consider replacing the battery as soon as it begins to malfunction. However, if you need to submit an office project in a hurry, you can use a laptop with a dead battery. And that it’s only meant to be used for a brief period of time.

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