Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch – Which One is Best?

Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch – How to Choose?

Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch

Sodastream makes several popular and well-known sparkling water makers. Perhaps the two most common on the market are Spirit & One Touch. While they may look very similar to each other, they actually have a few differences that customers should be aware of before deciding on one.

So, here’s a handy comparison of the two:

Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch – Comparison Table:

ProductSodastream Spirit
Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch
Sodastream One Touch
Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch
TypeSparkling Water MakerSparkling Water Maker
Available ColorsWhite, Black, Red, Cyan, Blue, BrownBlack, White
Product MaterialPlasticPlastic
Carbonation ProcessManualAutomatic
Selectable levels of fizzNoYes (3 Levels)
Connection TypeQuick snap & lock/ Easy insertQuick snap & lock/ Easy insert
CO2 Cylinder Compatibility60 L60 L
Bottle Connection TypeClassic screw systemClassic screw system
Compatible Bottles1L Slim, O.5 L Fuse, 1 L Classic1L Slim, O.5 L Fuse, 1 L Classic
Dishwasher SafeNoNo
BPA FreeYesYes
Reusable BottlesYesYes
Working Pressure116 psi/8 bar116 psi/8 bar
Operating Temperature104°F/40°C104°F/40°C
Electricity RequiredNoYes
Input VoltageNo24V DC
Power ConsumptionNo12 W
Product Weight3 Kg3.5 Kg
Warranty Period2 Year2 Year
Product Dimensions (W x D x H)13 x 18.5 x 43 cm 14 x 19 x 43 cm
What’s Included60L Co2 cylinders, DWS Bottle60L Co2 cylinders, 1L Slim Carbonating Bottle
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Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch – What’s the same?


Sodastream Spirit & One Touch are two devices that let you make sparkling water at home with one click. You can easily set the level of carbonation you want and turn plain, natural water into a highly flavored drink.

They also function as ordinary water bottles that people can take to work and anywhere to always have a supply of clean water.


Sodastream’s Spirit & One Touch overall capacity seems to be the same as they use the same 60-liter cylinder to store the compressed CO2 gas. Plus, the bottles that the two devices attached are the same size and support more container options, which you can purchase separately.

Connection Type

Another similarity between the two sparkling water makers is the type of connection between the device and the bottle. They use a quick and snap connection mechanism so you can directly connect your bottle and a classic screw system is used for CO2 cylinders.

This makes charging and general use of both devices very easy for anyone new to this product.


Each Sodastream machine is equipped with two sets of accessories, namely a gas bottle and a drinking water bottle, so you don’t have to buy anything. Also, the CO2 gas cylinder supplied with both models is the same size of sixty liters and the water bottle has a storage space of one liter.

For additional flavors, gas containers, and different bottle sizes, be sure to visit the official Sodastream website and buy the one that fits your model.


You get the same two-year brand warranty with Sodastream Spirit & One Touch sparkling water makers. They cover a wide range of things to help you deal with after-sales issues worry-free. You can even order repairs and replacements if you receive a defective part at no additional cost.

Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch – What’s so different?


The designs of the two soda water makers may look similar, but Sodastream Spirit comes in six different color options while the others only offer two.

Also, there’s a single push button above the Sodastream Spirit, but the Sodastream One Touch gives you three different options to choose from.

Power Options

Sodastream Spirit is a portable and easy-to-carry solution for making sparkling water anywhere, anytime, but the One Touch is an electrical device you can only use near a wall outlet.

The Sodastream One Touch uses an AC adapter and gives you 12 watts of power consumption on an average day.

Carbonation Process

Another difference between the two Sodastream devices is the carbonation process. Sodastream Spirit only has a manual mode where you have to hold down each time to make sparkling water while other devices work automatically. You can also choose between low, medium, and high fizz using the tree-circles buttons available above One Touch.


Lastly, when we compared the two Sodastream sparkling water makers, both are made of BPA-free plastic, which is safe for water storage. The bottles are reliable because you can use them over and over again for years.

However, the difference lies in their overall weight and size. Sodastream One Touch is a heavier and bigger device that works on power, making it better suited for home or office use rather than traveling.

Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch – Pros & Cons

Sodastream SpiritSodastream One Touch
● Sleek and portable design
● Long lasting Co2 cylinders
● Cordless device
● BPA free material
● Quick snap bottle lock
● Automatic carbonation
● Three fizz levels
● Two years of warranty
● Reusable bottles
● High mixing capacity
● Manual carbonation process
● Works on electricity
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Sodastream Spirit vs One Touch – Which one’s the best?

The Sodastream One Touch is our recommendation between the two sparkling water makers. This device may use electricity to operate, but you get an automated system that can run continuously to meet demand.

There are also several fizz levels to choose from, and the additional two-year warranty makes for an even better deal.

General FAQs

Q. Do they change the taste of water?

No, for that you need to add flavors separately.

Q. Do they make noise while fizzing?

No, they are relatively quiet.

Q. Can I use it with juice or wine?

No, they can only carbonize water.

Q. Are there any indicators for low CO2?

Not with these two models.

Final Verdict

After comparing the Sodastream Spirit with One Touch, we found a lot of differences between the two models. The Sodastream Spirit is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-carry device that requires no electricity to function.

However, people who need automatic functions and high mixing capacity can choose One Touch but they need to store the device at home or somewhere with a power outlet.

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